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Snap On 1920s salesman’s cabinet pics

I’ve only seen a few of these over the years and I always thought they were really cool. I love history, antiques, and tools so perfect! This example I picked up an hour north of me in SE Michigan the other day. I knew it was pretty rough, but the lettering/decals still looked pretty good, albeit filthy, and rusty. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do with it yet, besides fill it with era correct tools. I’m up in the air about adding metal and making drawers for it. It’s definitely not a showroom piece. I thought if I didn’t want to go to that trouble, then it’d be pretty easy to cut off the bottom part and just have...

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I wanted to properly thank d42jeep for the SIMANCO screwdriver he generously sent me recently in one of our frequent exchanges by showing it off a little with my other Singer/SIMANCO tools, and I realized we don't have a thread on the topic

I have shown these pieces individually in 2oolhound's 'Oilers' thread, in Unaiu's 'Tape Measures' thread, and in Outlaw's 'DOE" thread, but never all at once. The Singer Sewing Machine Company oil can doesn't have a part number on it, and neither does the Singer tape measure. The cabinet screwdriver (225498) and the wrenches are all SIMANCO. The DOE machinery wrench with the reinforced square and hex throat jaws is 8910. The offset/obstruction DOE wrench with the hex throat jaws is 29457. And the little SOE with the factory hanging or keyring hole is 42850. Some close-ups... Singer, the sewing machine dynasty, was first established as I. M. Singer & Co. in 1851 and, after operating out of smaller shops for...

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Huot roller cabinet sweeeet!

I love this cabinet. Any idea when it was made? Has what look like factory slots on the right side, what would they be for? Awesome pullout side tray too. Attached Images IMG_20191007_135100783.jpg (111.7 KB) IMG_20191007_135140540.jpg (118.3 KB) #VintageToolDiscussion

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