I wanted to properly thank d42jeep for the SIMANCO screwdriver he generously sent me recently in one of our frequent exchanges by showing it off a little with my other Singer/SIMANCO tools, and I realized we don't have a thread on the topic

I have shown these pieces individually in 2oolhound's 'Oilers' thread, in Unaiu's 'Tape Measures' thread, and in Outlaw's 'DOE" thread, but never all at once.

The Singer Sewing Machine Company oil can doesn't have a part number on it, and neither does the Singer tape measure.

The cabinet screwdriver (225498) and the wrenches are all SIMANCO. The DOE machinery wrench with the reinforced square and hex throat jaws is 8910. The offset/obstruction DOE wrench with the hex throat jaws is 29457. And the little SOE with the factory hanging or keyring hole is 42850.

Some close-ups...

Singer, the sewing machine dynasty, was first established as I. M. Singer & Co. in 1851 and, after operating out of smaller shops for several years, built its first major factory in Elizabeth, NJ, in 1863. Two years later they changed the name of the company to the Singer Manufacturing Company, or SIMANCO. Tools and accessories can be found with the Singer and/or the SIMANCO branding.

Honestly and frankly, I really don't know much about the tools and I haven't really tried to hard to get smart on them, either. I'm not a Singer/SIMANCO guy, if there is such a thing. I know they're considered collectibles, mainly by people who collect antique and vintage Singer sewing machines, and there appears to be a few clubs out there who have started some lists of tools and accessories.

Some of the tools and accessories were kept in a wooden box that slipped into a holder on the door of a 1930’s Singer sewing machine cabinet.

Nine4gmc has one, linked here. And I know there is plenty of interest in old sewing machines by the upholsterers here and occasionally up on the Fab thread. Maybe there is some interest in the tools as well.

I will be slow-rolling the thread for sure. This is one of my more patient collections. These pieces were found one at a time over many years, I am not actively looking for them, and I am content to continue at that kind of accidental pace.

But if anyone has any Singer or SIMANCO pieces, or knows anything more about them, or has any literature, please post. I'm happy to learn more about it casually.

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