Snap On 1920s salesman’s cabinet pics

I’ve only seen a few of these over the years and I always thought they were really cool. I love history, antiques, and tools so perfect! This example I picked up an hour north of me in SE Michigan the other day. I knew it was pretty rough, but the lettering/decals still looked pretty good, albeit filthy, and rusty. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do with it yet, besides fill it with era correct tools. I’m up in the air about adding metal and making drawers for it. It’s definitely not a showroom piece. I thought if I didn’t want to go to that trouble, then it’d be pretty easy to cut off the bottom part and just have it as a hanging cab with no drawers. But I’m not sure yet. I have an awesome neighbor who at 85 makes unobtainable gun parts for collectors of old firearms across the world. He would love to get his hands on this to straighten every crinkled corner and whatever else to make it as good as it could be I’m sure (he’s done it to another old cab I had from the 30s) but right now I’ve just enjoyed slowly cleaning it up. Just using mild soap and water to wipe off the grime and then Gibbs oil and very fine steel wool to carefully clean the lettering and remove rust. Any others out there that have one please feel free to share your pics. I’d enjoy seeing the original top, and inside the drawers. A few shots #VintageToolDiscussion