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Sympathetic Abutilon Red Tiger

The “Red Tiger” flowering maple (Abutilon “Red Tiger”) is an attractive shrub or vine-like plant that is not actually related to maple trees (Acer spp.) in any way. : Abutilon ‘Red Tiger’ (Abutilon hybrid) : Garden & Outdoor. . I thought this plant was a ‘one of a kind ‘ was delighted to find it online. Arrived . Abutilon ‘Red Tiger’ (Abutilon hybrid) Dazzling yellow flowers with scarlet-red veining throughout gives Abutilon ‘Red Tiger’ the appearance of colorful Japanese . From spring until fall, flowering maple hybrid “Red Tiger” (Abutilon “Red Tiger”) covers itself in bell-shaped blooms as flashy as its name. Large green leaves . Abutilon Red Tiger is one of those ‘once seen, never forgotten’ kind of plants. It was...

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