Storing blow moulded tool kits/sets

Recently I picked up a few specialist tool sets at a shop that was closing down, mainly getting things that I already have and used but missing parts for. Things like bearing puller or press sets, noid light kit, and rivnut installer etc. All those sort of things that its really useful to keep in a blow mould case and have all together when you need them.

Struggling though to figure out a good way of being able to store the blow moulds neatly. Normally i would just pull the tools out and put them in Kaizen foam in a drawer one of my tool boxes. But here i want to keep all the fiddly accessories in the blow moulds.

I tried stacking them up in a cabinet, but then its annoying to get to the ones at the bottom, and also knowing which is which. Stacking on end worked a bit better but similarly annoying as they inevitably dont fit easily and arent flat on top due to different overall sizes.

Anyone have reasonable suggestions (apart from throw away the blow moulds)? #GeneralGarageDiscussion