Air Compressor install

Hello, I'm new here. although I've hung out as a non-member reading posts for a few months. Be warned, this post is long. :shocking:

So, what prompted me to sign up for a membership and post is my 25-year-old compressor blew up last week. It shattered the connecting rod on one of the pistons, and of course, you can't buy replacements for those anymore. It was a Craftsman 60 Gal. upright two-cylinder single-stage oil-less compressor that I inherited from my father. It worked well for my needs for all the years I've had it. There wasn't really an air system, just a quick disconnect on the compressor where I hooked up what I needed.

I could probably have one of the guys in the shop make me a new connecting rod (I supervise a tool room that makes fixtures and repair parts for our factory machinery), but I really want to upgrade the compressor and create a real air system (and right now who knows when we'll all be back to work). :)

I thought about using the motor and tank and buying a compressor pump, fabricating a new mount on the tank and like a phoenix the dead compressor would rise again as a new, improved oiled compressor. After doing a little research on that, it seems more daunting than it first seemed, although doable. Not to mention being a whole lot of work just on the compressor before I even start on the rest of the system.

Between that, being trapped at home and the news that there will be a stimulus check on the way, I've started plotting out a new, improved air system for my garage (with a new compressor!) and thought I'd run it by you guys and see what you thought of my plans and where they could be improved.

I'm not quite sure how to present all the information, so I'll just throw it all out there.

Car restoration work.

26 X 30

Tools to be run:
Blast Cabinet
Various Air Tools (Grinders, Impact Wrenches, etc)
Air Fill (Tires, Balls, etc.)
Paint Gun

Compressor/System Equipment:
Quincy 2V41C60VC compressor (5HP, 2 stage, 100% Duty Cycle, 175 PSI, 60 Gal., 15.5 CFM @ 90 PSI)
PneumaticsPlus SAU430-N04G (Filter, Mist Separator, Regulator)
PneumaticsPlus SAL300-N03B (Lubricator)
PneumaticsPlus SAW300-N03BG (Filter/Regulator Piggyback)
PneumaticsPlus SAR300-N03BG (Regulator)
RapidAir Maxline 3/4" Pipe System
MaxWorks 3/8" x 50' Reel
Milton "V" quick disconnects

I will run a short hose from the compressor to the pipe system, which will then run to a (for lack of a better term) control panel about 20' away to allow the air to cool before the filters. It will run into the multi-stage filter first and then into a manifold I will manufacture. The manifold will be set up with four outgoing ports like this:

1) The blast cabinet will be plumbed to one port, with a piggyback Filter/Regulator at the point of use to attempt to remove as much moisture as possible and allow me further control of the air pressure.

2) The hose reel will be plumbed to another port with a Regulator and Lubricator inline.

3) A third port will run to the front of my garage with a piggyback filter/regulator online and a quick disconnect on the end to hook up a hose for filling tires or painting.

4) Finally, a fourth port will also run to the front of the garage with a Regulator and Lubricator inline for when I need to run tools out of the garage that the reel won't allow me to reach.

There will be a drain leg/drop before the first multi-stage filter, and also one at each point of use.

That's it. Hopefully, it's understandable (it is in my head :P). Did I miss anything? Thoughts?

Chris #GeneralGarageDiscussion