Whether you’re a newbie who wants to try woodworking jobs or maybe a pro who wants to have handy and versatile tools, a router is one of the most crucial and inevitable tools that converts a plain boring wood into a beautiful masterpiece

But then, it may be challenging to find quality bits, especially if you’re new.

Not only that, but you also need to consider various factors such as size, style, and price. Another question that you should ask yourself is whether you need a piece or a set. Depending on your need, you will always have a wide range of discretion when choosing one, but you deserve only the best router bits.
6 Best Router Bits Review
In this guide, we will look unto the features of some of the top-rated router bits that you can find in the market today! From materials and styles to usefulness and purposes, you will eventually determine the one that is best for you!
Preview Product Rating Freud 91-100 13-Piece Super Router Bit Set with 1/2-Inch Shank and Freud's TiCo Hi-Density Carbide 125 Reviews Buy on Amazon Yonico 17702 70 Bit Router Bit Set 1/2-Inch Shank 335 Reviews Buy on Amazon Bosch RBS010 1/2-Inch and 1/4-Inch Shank Carbide-Tipped All-Purpose Professional Router Bit Set,... 31 Reviews Buy on Amazon MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set with Carbide-Tipped 1/2-Inch Shanks 538 Reviews Buy on Amazon Whiteside Router Bits 401 Basic Router Bit with 1/2-Inch Shank 78 Reviews Buy on Amazon Router Bit Set- 24 Piece Kit with ¼” Shank and Wood Storage Case By Stalwart (Woodworking Tools... 1,117 Reviews Buy on Amazon Freud 91-100 13-Piece Super Router Bit Set

Featuring a unique set that comes with a shadow box case, you can secure all the tools included therein in one place either by mounting it on a bench or hanging it on the wall.

Each tool is made of heavy-duty construction, specifically a Micro-Grain carbide, thereby ensuring durability and long-term use. Since every cutter contains a high shear angle, using it won’t leave any chatter marks in your works, which further results in clean woodwork.

This will help you save more time as you no longer need to sand the wood. Not to mention, it can stand even the highest speeds of around 22,000 RPM as well as any vibration. With its TiCo construction, specifically a combination of titanium and cobalt, the router bits are undoubtedly the sturdiest.

Much more, its key ingredient is the Micro-Grain carbide, allowing it to perform at its maximum. You can use this for cutting any materials such as plywood, hardwood, and softwood. As mentioned earlier, the storage box already looks like a cabinet, so you no longer need to purchase one.

Since the bits are made to be durable, the entire set can be useful in any router speeds, which makes it a good idea for most expert carpenters and toughest jobs as well. Excitingly, this provides for greater flexibility as it can be hand-held and table-mounted on routers.

Anyway, who would be in doubt of Freud? It is dubbed as one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of saw blades.
Pros Made of heavy-duty shear angle to resist tear-outs Can be used in various materials Tolerates higher speed and vibration Coated with a strong finish for heat protection Constructed with titanium and cobalt Cons Prone to rust when not in use Yonico 17702 70 Bit Router Bit Set

If you want a router bit set that you can comfortably and confidently use in any project either at home or on a commercial scale, this may be a good choice for you!

This set contains bits that are durable, versatile, and easy to use. And if you think about it, Yonico 17702 is one of the most affordable sets that you can find in the market. Both professionals and hobbyists will surely appreciate the 70 pieces bits that can be used on power tools and hand-held routers as well.

Each bit comes with outstanding long shanks to deal with complex cutting, without compromising its preciseness. Since it is made of optimum carbide blades, the edges are sharp enough to satisfy your woodworks. Its coating is heat resistant, too, so that you will be protected from the establishment of resin on its smooth surface.

The bits are balanced to .002 inches to reduce vibrations, which is not only distracting but may also affect your woodwork. The bearings found in the bits are made of high-quality materials and contain lubricants so you can use it with ease. Of course, since it has many bits in one set, it is flexible enough to fit any project.

Much more, it comes with a wooden case, so it will be more organized and portable, making it easier for you to bring it anywhere you go. Perhaps, its major drawback is that the bits wear off easily when used oftentimes. But then, such a circumstance is inevitable; at least, you can have several bit styles and sizes.
Pros Coated with heat protection Made with optimum carbide blades Not noisy Several styles and sizes to choose from Comes with a wooden storage case Cons Easily wears off when used frequently Bosch RBS010 1/2-Inch and 1/4-Inch Shank Carbide


It may look like Bosch offers the same as any other competitors, but it provides many more features that are loved by carpenters!

The all-purpose router bits can be comfortably and easily used in various woodworking projects featuring shanks with different sizes — ¼ inches and ½ inches. Although it comes with only 10 bits, each of these tools are made with durable Micro-Grain carbide and industrial-grade tips.

Much more, the tips provide excellent precision, which makes them even useable by every carpenter. It is resistant to wear and tear so that you will be assured of its longevity. Not to mention, the cutting edges boast sharpness that stays for longer periods. You will certainly expect a smooth, precise, and flawless finish.

The set is already affordable enough, given its quality. Each router bit is made of a uniformly hard shank with a heavy-duty body, making it resistant to damage. This further means that you will be able to use it even if at higher speeds. Since there are two shank size choices, you will have greater versatility.

If you aim for a more stable and less noisy due to reduced levels of vibrations, you may opt for the ½ inches shank and vice versa. Also, it comes with a long-lasting, sturdy, and reusable case built with a solid wood bottom and plastic top so you can simply carry it anywhere you go.
Pros An ideal choice for different job applications Ensures long life with its micro-grain carbide tips Tips made of sharper edges thereby resulting in a smoother finish Comes with a sturdy and reusable storage case Portable Cons The steepness of the learning curve MLCS 8377 15- Piece Router Bit Set

This all-purpose router bit set is suitable for cutting any type of wood. It is composed of 15 router bits tipped with carbide. If you are hesitant because you’re still a beginner, no worries because this product is suitable for you.

The bit comes in different sizes and style including one cove bit, four straight bits, one round over bit, a hinge mortising bit, a 45-degree chamber bit, roman ogee bit, flush-trim bit, dovetail bit, a rabbeting bit, one V-groove bit, one round nose bit and also a one-panel pilot bit.

This only means that you can convert round over bit to a beading bit. Not to mention, it also contains one bearing and one Allen wrench. If you are still not satisfied with the 15 pieces of bits, you can combine different bits to customize your own profile. This is perfect for simple to more sophisticated projects.

Moreover, the ½ inch shank in the cutter keeps the tool intact. A wood storage box is also included wherein you can organize them and can easily carry your tool from one place to another. But the finish can be an issue in your works; continual usage may cause it to wear off depending on the way you use the tool.

Nonetheless, that will depend on how you use and take care of your tool. Still, I will suggest this to you, especially when you are just getting started on carpentry and are looking forward to using your router bit on both simple and moderate projects.
Pros 15 pieces carbide bits A half-inch shank Comes with a strongly made wooden box Customizable bits Cons May wear off after continual usage Some bits might need to be sharpened after a few cuts Whiteside 401 Router Bits

For over 30 years, Whiteside had been providing customers with quality products, including router bits. It aims to satisfy not just the professionals but also the beginners.

Utilizing this Whiteside 401 set will make your projects simple and easy because it has various shapes that may best fit any of your woodworking activities. These router bits are made out of premium carbide, which is why cutters can be used for a long time without deteriorating effectiveness.

This posits industrial quality, making it suitable for your woodworking project. More so, even on high RPM, it is supported by precision grounding, which is also responsible for keeping its balance. The set is comprised of 7 cutters that can be used on most projects.

It includes a cove bit, a half-inch flush trim cutter, two straight bits, a depth rabbet cutter, a beading bit, a 45-degree chamber fit, and around the rover. These are the basic cutters that are commonly used.

Even if it has fewer cutter pieces than other sets, it is still very useful because they are versatile enough to handle a variety of works.

Furthermore, you can easily store the set in its case after using it. You can organize it well because the items fit exactly in the case. However, if you want more pieces in a set, this might not be the one for you since the set only comes with seven pieces.

But if you just want something small and portable, Whiteside 401 router bits might be the one for you.
Pros Packed in a durable case Carbide constructed premium router bits Precise and balanced  Cons Much lesser variety of bits in a set Stalwart Router Bit Set

Stalwart had been providing its customer’s products that are not only useful but also affordable. Thus with this set, you can expect that it is functional and tremendously durable.

These router bits are made with premium materials to ensure longevity. With its durable construction as well as its wooden case inclusion, you will be assured that your projects will be done with ease. It is multipurpose, making it great for grooving, edging, veining, and trimming your wood projects.

Carpenters at any level, as well as hobbyists, can use this at any woodworking activity. The sturdy case allows you to easily organize the router bits and carry it wherever you would want to do your work. It facilitates convenience, especially when you use it for your job.

At the same time, you can just store it and occasionally use it whenever you have to do some repairs at home. Woodworking will be done with precision with the help of this router set. This is a good idea even if you’re a pro already or someone who is just starting.

Included in this set are a bevel bit, 90-degree V-groove but, mortising bit, dovetail bit, trimming but, a straight bit, round nose bit, 45 degrees chamber bit, slot cutter bit, Roman ogee bit, rabbeting bit, flush-trim bit, cove bit, radius round bit, panel pilot bit, and wood case router but.

It also has a ¼ inch shaft that can fill all the routers. This is perfect for those who need bits of all styles and sizes.
Pros Multifunctional router set Wooden case organizer Durable  Cons Discouraged to be used on heavy projects Things to Look for Before Buying
Here, we have laid out some key considerations while picking top quality router bits for your concerns;
Manufacturers usually use three kinds of materials in creating router bits, including high-speed steel, carbide tip, and solid carbide. This feature is a very important consideration as it affects many factors, including durability, functionality, and effectiveness. Much more, it determines the price of the bits.

Generally, bits made of high-speed steel are employed for softer surfaces. Of course, among the three choices, this material is the softest. You don’t have to expect it to maintain its edges after frequent uses.

But then, this is the most affordable kind of material and may be ideal for someone who wants bits only for recreational purposes.

On the other hand, the cutting edge of the bits may be made of carbide. This material is stronger as compared to high-speed steel. It is capable of keeping its sharpness for a longer period, and it can be applied not only to hardwoods but metal as well.

Thus makes it a good choice for pros who require regular use of routers. However, this may be quite expensive.

Lastly, if you opt for the most durable heavy-duty bits together with your wood router, you should consider having a solid carbide. This is crucial in handling different kinds of jobs, even if they involve the hardest materials that you can ever think of.

The edges are sturdy enough to withstand for extended periods, so you won’t be at risk of buying bits most of the time. Although this may signify higher prices, it will be worth it!
Another feature that you should be considering is the quality of the bits. This is crucial, especially if you think of having longevity in mind when making an investment. Usually, it is determined by the hardness and the balance of the router bit.

High-quality bits are made of carbide cutters that feature sharpness, thereby forming a fine edge to ensure precision when cutting wood. Each bit should also come with appropriate thickness so you can use it for several regrinding.

Much more, you should consider high-quality brazing that can withstand every grinding, so it continues to join the bit and the carbide tip. And to reduce kickbacks, you have to consider a bit that comes with an increased body mass.

This is because the more the body mass, the more likely it will stick and bite deeply in the material.
Shank Size
There are two main sizes of shanks- ½ inches and ¼ inches.

So before you should consider having a bit, you need to know what shank size it accepts. Most of the time, it accepts either of the two. However, there are some router bits that accept both shank sizes. This kind of router bit is beneficial, especially if you are into various woodworking works.

If you are in doubt, it is recommended to choose a shank size of ½ inches. This is because this shank size can provide you better stability without experiencing too much vibration. Also, it can help produce smoother cuts as well as extend the life of the cutter due to its thickness and sturdiness. 
Of course, who would forget this factor, especially that you only allocate a specific amount for purchasing your router bit? This means that a router bit set is only applicable for you if it is within your budget. Don’t worry, though; there are low-priced items that also come with quality.

So before you should opt for a router bit set, you need to know more about its features as well as its price. But if I were you, don’t ever sacrifice the quality of the bits just to purchase them at a low price.
The shape of the edge is referred to as – the profile. Each shape comes with unique functionality. This means that the ideal shape of cutting edge that you should buy depends upon your woodworking needs or the result you want to obtain with your router.

Here are some of the common router bit shapes that you can find in the market:
Straight bits Chamfer bits Edge-forming bits Flush-trim bits Rabbeting bits Molding bits Specialized bits Others
You should opt for a set that comes with a carrying case so you can easily and comfortably store the bits or transport them from one place to another. Although it seemed like all set comes with a case, consider its durability. This will ensure the safety and storage of your bits.

Moreover, look for a set that already contains all the bits that you need. Some set only offers a few bits. The more the contents of the set, the many the woodworks you can achieve. You can also save more if you already opt for a complete set.
Top Brands to Consider Freud
This brand is trusted because it features industrial quality, manufacturing technologically advanced woodworking tools that meet the standards. It focuses on innovation and ensures to deliver the highest possible quality, which is meticulously designed to give you modern products that only Freud can provide.
MLCS is another brand that sold more and more of its economical products and had been ranked as one of the top brands when it comes to router bits. They are committed to manufacturing high-quality products and aims to satisfy the target buyer, including you.

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With the aid of technological advancements, Whiteside continuously improves its product’s quality. When it comes to router bits, this brand is among those that can give you the best and of the highest quality. It is a guarantee because it has been striving since then by improving its production techniques.

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Why not consider Yonico, which is among the best brands ever found in the market today. It has always been on the top brands that can provide the best value of router bits, which exhibit balance since those are shaped using machines controlled by computers.

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For many years Bosch has been manufacturing high-quality router bits with carbide cutter that produces precision on its every cut. Their experiences have enabled them to provide their customers with accurate fitting and quality that is worth it.
How to Care and Maintain?
After you buy a set of router bits, knowing how to clean and maintain them is very crucial. This will keep them in nice condition, thereby helping you obtain an ideal result.
Remove the Bearing
First, you should detach the bearing so any lubricant in your router bits won’t be removed if you wash it. In case you find it hard to do so, which you will experience with new router bits, try to use a towel or wear gloves so you will have a better grip. This will also ensure that it won’t slip from your fingers
Cleaning Up
To loosen any dirt and dust therein, you may need to use a small brush and a cleaning solution. Look for a cleaner that is specifically made for resin, gunge, and gunk removal without damaging the components of the router bits.

Most importantly, make sure you clean each bit every after you use it so that it won’t result in a heavy chore. Anyway, it will be easier for you to clean it after you remove it from the router since it will still be warm.

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Store Properly
Lastly, the storage of the router bits also matters, so you must secure them in place to avoid damage. You can wrap each bit in a clean cloth so that it will be protected from damage as well as avoid loss. Don’t just throw them in the drawer after you use them as they will be prone to scratches.
Frequently Asked Questions What is a good router bit set?
An ideal router bit set really depends upon your needs and desires. A few router bit sets that you can choose from, including Freud, Bosch, Whiteside, and Yonico, just to name a few.
How much do router bits cost?
The cost of the router bits depends upon many factors such as quality, materials, brand, features, and many more.
Can I use a drill bit in a router?
A drill is designed to bore holes while a router is created for cutting grooves and shaping edges. Because of the difference, a drill bit is not suitable for a router.
Do all router bits fit all routers?
The standard shank sizes are ½ inches and ¼ inches. Some router bits can only accept either size. However, other router bits can accept both.
Final Words
When it comes to router bits, there are hundreds and thousands available out there, making the process of choosing very much overwhelming. To help you with that hard task, we have discussed it here, the top router bit brands to consider. The next steps rest at your hands.

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