When you hear of mirrors probably what comes to your mind is the ability to reflect light

Magnifying mirrors do both reflecting light and concentrating light making images appear larger than the original image.

The magnifying mirrors will illuminate your face while providing different levels of the image to make it easier when applying makeup. The market today has very many mirrors with some being more effective than others. Below is a detailed research consisting of the best available magnifying mirrors in the market. The information can be helpful if you intend to purchase one.
List of Best Magnifying Mirror Reviews 2019: Preview Product Harry D Koenig & Co 15x Magnification Mirror with Suction Cup, Round, 5 Inch Buy on Amazon Vremi 10x Magnified Vanity Mirror - 7 Inch Round Makeup Cosmetic Mirror for Bathroom or Bedroom Table Top - Portable Double Sided Glass Mirror Stand with 360 Degree Swivel - White Buy on Amazon Jerdon JP910NB 6-Inch Tabletop Two-Sided Swivel Vanity Mirror with 10x Magnification, 11-Inch Height, Nickel Finish Buy on Amazon KEDSUM Flexible Gooseneck 6.8" 10x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, Bathroom Magnification Vanity Mirror with Suction Cup, 360 Degree Swivel, Daylight, Battery Operated, Cordless & Travel Mirror Buy on Amazon ELFINA Magnifying Mirror with Lights, 10x LED Magnified Lighted Makeup Mirror, Bathroom Shaving Vanity Mirror, Wall Mounted Shower Mirror, Strong Suction Cup, 360 Rotation, Square Buy on Amazon DBTech Large 10" Suction Cup 5X Magnifying Mirror with Precision Tweezers Buy on Amazon Beautyworks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror 36 LED Lights Touch-Screen Light Control, Tri-Fold 1/2/3X Magnification, Portable High-Definition Clarity Cosmetic Light Up Magnifying Mirror (Arctic White) Buy on Amazon BEAUTURAL 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with LED Buy on Amazon Floxite LED Lighted Travel and Home 10x Magnifying Mirror Buy on Amazon Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror - Lighted Vanity Mirror; 1x/7x magnification; Polished Chrome Finish Buy on Amazon #10 Harry D Koenig & Co 15x Magnification Mirror with Suction Cup

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Want a perfect magnifying mirror? Don’t miss out on this Harry D product. It has the 15 times magnification of regular mirrors. The immense magnification power is good for applying makeup, seeing the result of skin treatment. You will be able to see even the finer details with this kind of magnifying power.

This mirror is large enough for a full view of your body. Magnifying Mirror has a suction cup that makes it easy when mounting on the wall. The two suction cups are enough for holding this lightweight mirror. You should always make sure the suction cup and the mirror are firmly stuck. You need to be at least 4 inches from it in order to see your face. It’s a very strong mirror and can last for long if well taken care of. Those who want to do cosmetics and shaving for the greater experience they should buy this product.
Why you should get one: Has 15 times the magnification of a common mirror superb. Magnifying Mirror uses suction cup back for it to firmly stick to the wall. #9 Vremi 10x Magnified Vanity Mirrors

View on Amazon By: Vremi Magnifying Mirrors
For those who love home décor, this magnifying mirror means a lot. It’s well decorated with round table top mirrors. It mainly comes in classic white or black colors and will make a great addition to your bathroom and bedrooms. With the quality, it possesses it will surely help you adjust hair accessories or get rid of makeup smudges on your face. In addition to that, it is 10 inches size with a built-in form stand is easily portable.

It can travel from cabinet countertop to other rooms and fits in almost any other drawer. This mirror is a standout product with its ability to rotate for 360 degrees you can actually see yourself from anywhere. Fitted with a cordless swivel other than being adjustable it ensures that every angle is covered and glorious.

Magnifying Mirrors nonelectric design means that you don’t have to worry about the batteries or too much light that can harm your eyes. For magnification, it uses two-sided compact vanity mirror for desk, dresser or bedroom. Magnifying Mirror has a different level of magnification on either side. This is a mirror of trusted quality with a unique soft finish to protect it from moisture and condensation. Even after a shower, you can still look yourself in the mirror. These are sufficient reasons why you need to get one for better experience.
Extra reasons why I picked Best Magnifying Mirrors: Cordless adjustable swivel that ensures it rotates for 360 degrees. It has a unique soft finish to protect it from moisture. #8 Jerdon JP910NB 6-Inch Tabletop – Best Magnifying Mirrors

View on Amazon By: Jerdon Magnifying Mirrors
This is what I refer to as digital mirror with a reversible magnification option of up to 10 times to make sure you see even the finest of details. This mirror is designed to be a tabletop with its nickel finish adding decoration in any room that is placed in. The nickel finish protects against moisture and condensation perhaps this makes it ideal for use anywhere bathroom, kitchen or bedroom the classic mirror can surely fit.  By use of this mirror, you can see the finest of images with it being double sided and a swivel design you just have to flip over the mirror smooth swivels feature to alternate magnification.
Extra reasons why I picked Best Magnifying Mirrors: Two sides circular mirror with 6 sides. Magnifying Mirror has a smooth 360-degree swivel design. #7 KEDSUM Flexible Gooseneck 6.8″ 10x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

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This more than just a magnifying mirror with an adjustable flexible bendable gooseneck. You don’t have to climb on the vanity to get up close to the mirror for you to adjust the mirror. You can simply adjust it by bending its flexible gooseneck. It has a 360 degrees rotation to enable you to have a perfect view from any angle. The mirror is kept in position by a locking suction cup that holds it firmly furthermore, the mirror is adjustable to any desired position.

Another great feature is the natural daylights LEDs that will last for 50000 hours and provide the natural light that you will encounter throughout. The powerful 10 times magnification with 14 LED lights allows you to focus on specific areas of your body to see the finest of details. Magnifying Mirror can be used as a travel mirror also as it is cordless and portable and operates with 3AA Batteries that when folded takes up very little space.
Extra reasons why I picked Best Magnifying Mirrors: Magnifying Mirror’s powered by three AAA batteries. The natural daylights LEDs provide enough light. #6 ELVINA Lighted Makeup Mirror – Magnifying Mirror

View on Amazon By: ELVINA Magnifying Mirrors
For you to be confident about your look all you need is a makeup and this great mirror will surely help you a lot. With 16 LED lights this mirror provides the best natural light in areas with poor light. This light is enough for applying makeup and checking the pores. In further addition its powerful magnification around 10 times makes it easier to focus on a specific part of your face, this will give you the ability to apply the makeup well.

The use of powerful suction cup makes it convenient to secure on a smooth area. Other than that the suction cup makes it very easy to adjust the position to your perfect angle this is made possible by the 360 degrees free rotation. With the freedom of movement, you can carry it wherever you go as it easily fit in a storage bag.  You have all the reasons to try and use this product as the manufacturer further guarantees a replacement if not satisfied with the product.
More reasons why it’s a good buy: Magnifying Mirror has 16 LED lights to provide the best illumination. #5 JUMBL Large 8″ Suction Cup 10X Magnifying Mirror with Precision Tweezers

View on Amazon By: Jumbl Magnifying Mirrors
This is another quality mirror that comes in a clear plastic case.it has a clearly polished acrylic frame that makes it very beautiful. With a magnification of 5 times optical, this will be given clear details of the place you are focusing too. Just in case you need precision tweezers there are at your disposal.

The tweezers have a soft finger grip for better dexterity. The installation is pretty easy too as you have to attach the mirror to a smooth surface with 3 suction cups that held it firmly in position. If you are looking for a magnifying mirror that you don’t have to hide when you are using it then this is just what you need.
More reasons why it’s a good buy: Magnifying Mirror comes in clear plastic case. It comes with surgical stainless tweezer with a slanted tip just in case you need it. #4 Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror with 36 LED Lights – Best Magnifying Mirrors

View on Amazon By: BeautyWorks Magnifying Mirror
The mirror remains a tool to give you the look that you desire. The backlit makeup mirror offers that with two additional levels of magnification, for perfect tweezing, blackhead removal and detailed makeup application. In addition to that, the Beauty works LED vanity mirror with 36 LED lights has the brightest in the market.

Boasting of its qualities it can be used in the home or on the go. With its lightweight, portable design and dual power, the mirror can be used at any time. You are able to adjust the mirror to your to your perfect position thanks to its 180 degrees rotation. In further addition to its swivel design, the base acts as a handy storage compartment for jewelry and other small accessories. If you have any doubt about the product there is a lifetime replacement guarantee if you have any issues.
Why you should get one: Magnifying Mirror has 36 LED lights boasts the brightest lighting. The base of the mirror also can be used for storage purposes. Lifetime replacements guarantee if you have any issues with your mirror. #3 Beautural”10X Magnifying Lighted Vanity Makeup Magnifying Mirror with Natural White LED

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You will always get your make up right when using this mirror. Magnifying Mirror has a slim jointed frame with small base thus can be placed on any tabletop. Buoyed by its small size the mirror is battery powered to ensure you can carry it wherever place you go. You don’t have to worry about the mounting as it’s pretty easy with the integrated suction cups to lock mechanism to securely mount the mirror.

Place the mirror and rotate the mirror in a clockwise direction then lock it when you rotate it another direction to release the mirror. Fitted with a 10 times magnification you will not struggle to see any detail. In fact, magnification is ideal for every detail such as eyebrow, tweezing and contact placement. You have all the reasons to try this product for much clearer vision and makeup application.
Why you should get one: Magnifying Mirror has a natural white light that helps reflect true colors. The 360-degree rotation makes it easily adjustable. #2 Floxite LED Lighted Travel and Home 10x Best Magnifying Mirror

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You don’t have to carry huge mirrors when traveling when you have a mirror designed for that purpose. Other than travel purpose the mirror is also very useful at home. The mirror measures 9 by 7 inches and folds down easily to me by 6 inches for easier carriage.

The mirror has 8 LED lights to illuminate your face when using it so that you can see even the finest of details. To further boost visibility the magnification is 10 times. One good thing about the product is the bulbs never need replacing and in further addition, it’s powered only by 3 batteries that surely by a great deal.
reasons I picked Best Magnifying Mirrors: Magnifying Mirror can be easily folded for easy packaging. Its fitted with lifetime bulbs that will never replace. #1 Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror – Lighted Vanity Magnifying Mirror

View on Amazon By: Conair Magnifying Mirrors
Want a mirror to help you with your hair? Choose Conair mirror to choose quality. It’s dual-sided with lighted makeup mirror with inch oval design. The mirror is polished with chrome finish with a touch of the class thus matching any decor. It’s fitted with an on/off cord line switch to make sure it’s off when not in use.

Another great feature is the halo lighting provides a beautiful incandescent glow for illumination. You can actually view yourself from any angle with it rotating for 360 degrees. The halo lighting with its elegant design is one of the many reasons why you should choose this mirror. Choose Conair to choose the best.
reasons I picked Best Magnifying Mirrors: Magnifying Mirror provides soft halo lighting for a beautiful design. It’s fitted with a cord switch to put it on and off. It’s a unique design with it being oval design. What to consider when buying magnifying mirrors? Price: The various magnifying glasses range in different prices. You can find a good quality mirror at just fewer than xx dollars. With just slightly above that amount, you can find the desired high-quality lights with many features to fit your needs. Skip to Best Vanity Make Up Mirrors Level of magnification: You should decide the level of magnification that you prefer. With the mirrors available in 3 times to 10times you should choose a magnification with higher ratings as a low-quality magnification might lead to a distorted image. Lighted and unlighted: The mirrors are framed by different multiple lights and LED lights. The lights might run on a very different power supply. Therefore you need to select if you want magnifying mirrors that are lighted or not as not all modes have lights. Tabletop, wall mounted or portable: You should consider the exact place you want to use your mirrors. On a bathroom or dresser then table top can be ideal. Tabletop mirrors are of different styles some are round while others rectangle. There are portable models that can be folded for easy travel. Why you need magnifying mirrors? Different magnification levels: you will have a variety of magnification levels to choose. They have magnification ranging levels 10 times to 20 which allow you to apply makeup in tricky areas. If you use a lip liner then makeup is the best. Better lighting and results: led lights provide better illumination and will highlight your entire face making the application of makeup very easy. Skip to Best Hand Mirrors Portability: The mirrors other than being extremely useful at home, you can carry and use it at whichever place you go. Some designs are also foldable for easy packaging. To wrap it up:
All the mirrors here are of quality. You can choose any for perfect makeup and great illumination. I can guarantee you all your desires will be satisfied.  Depending on your tastes and preference choose the product you can afford.

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