VIDMAR is home safe and sound

A few weeks ago I hopped on OfferUp when I got up on a Sunday. This cabinet was just listed minutes before at $133. I offered $300 if he could deliver.

He says ok but I need to come over. I get there and it's a short older guy who's back yard is basically a junkyard. Said evertime he went to the dump he brought more stuff back. I believed him. In the middle of mounds of broken plastic toys and household junk is the Vidmar.

I start throwing shit out of the way. I put several drawers in the mini van and we wrestle it into his truck. The tailgate is rigged and he has two wires to hold it half shut.

As he's twisting the wires he's laughing and telling me about recently he had a washing machine fall out of the back right in front of a cop and got fined. Great.

I start leading him to my house as slow as I can go and within two blocks he's disappeared. After a couple phone calls he found his way to my place about 30minutes after I got home.
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