Top 3 Nail Gun DIY Home Projects

Since the first nail gun was introduced to the market in 1950, these tools have become very popular among all handymen. Even if you are not a professional woodworker, there is always a nail to drive into wood now and then. We couldn’t help but notice that nail guns have replaced hammers in many ways.

However, when it comes to using this tool, you should know that no nail gun is the same. According to, there are various types of nail guns, especially when it comes to what makes them work. Most of these devices use compressed air or electromagnetism. On the other hand, some nail guns are driven by flammable gases such as propane or butane, and some even work on small explosive charges.

We can also categorize nail guns by their purpose. Therefore, we have framing nailers, finish nailers, pin nailers, and so on. There are numerous categories, so let’s see which are the most useful DIY projects for different nail guns.

Building a Deck

If you decide to build a deck for your home, it’s strongly recommended to use a framing nailer. Building a deck requires a lot of hammering, and since framing nailers usually weigh less than 8 pounds, they are ideal for this project.

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. At first, be sure not to nail too close to the edge of the framing, since it will probably split the timber. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should use galvanized nails. That way, you will avoid rusting and even weakening the deck over time, especially if you live in areas where it’s frequently raining.

Also, when aligning timber, it’s best not to use knots. These can throw nails out of the proper trajectory, which can be dangerous. It’s especially not recommended if you hold the timber with hand when nailing.

Installing Cabinets in Your Home

Cabinets are beneficial items for any home. There are various types of cabinets to fit different rooms, so there is an unlimited amount of choices. It makes this an exciting project for both beginners and professionals.

For installing cabinets in your home, you should use a finish nailer. Most finish nailers are angled and use high-gauge nails, ideal for this project. If you install floor cabinets, simply put cabinets where they should be installed, and drive screws through the back panel.

However, if you want to install a wall cabinet, keep in mind that it will need additional support. You should install “L” brackets, which provide significant support; otherwise, the cabinet might fall if you over-encumber it.

Building Furniture

Building furniture might seem to be a bit complicated, but still, it won’t be too tricky if you measure everything properly. When building furniture, the best choice would be to use a pin nailer. It comes with some very useful features, such as adjustable depth, jam clearing, dual-trigger, and similar.

If you are not a carpenter, we strongly advise you to start with a simple project. For example, you might start by building a coffee table. It will teach you to cut straight lines and do accurate measurements. If you are doing it for the first time, it’s better to make your mistakes on a simpler, cheaper project.

Before starting the project, you should get an idea of how you want the finished item to look. You can get amazing ideas online, and after you download the pictures, print them, and write dimensions. It will help you realize how much material you actually need, so you don’t waste money on unnecessary wood.

If you opt for perfect, eye-catching furniture, you will probably get exhausted very fast. Accept the fact that you will make mistakes if you are a beginner, and that it is completely fine. It’s most important to have a finished project, which will provide you with a useful experience for the next one.

A Few Words in the End

Using a nail gun can be very interesting, but it’s even better if you spend time being productive. That’s why you should try at least one of these three projects that we mentioned. You will make something useful and still have an exciting time with your nail gun.

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