Top 22 Best Mechanical Timer



Cute Cartoon Kitchen Timer,55 Minute Visual Analog Mechanical Countdown Timer(White-02) - Mechanical, counts down to 55 minutes, convenient to set the time, no batteries needed. No longer have to worry about boiled water dried up and dishes burnt. Ideal for cooking, games, exercising and so on, reminding you at any time. Cartoon designs, super lovable additional kitchen accessory to include in your kitchen. A good way for your children to manage time about homework, timed tests, reading, etc.


Tomato Mechanical Kitchen Timer,60 Minutes Vegetable Cartoon Timer Ringing Alarm (Tomato) - Mechanical timer, no batteries needed ideal for timing cooking, games, exercising and so on. Cute and functional kitchen timer,works very nicely and alarm is loudly enough. Fashion cute style,so it is not just as a timer,also can decorate your home/office. The right way to set a timer turned clockwise to 60 minutes, then counter clockwise to set to desired time. As a gift for mother’s day,holiday day,valentine’s day and birthday.


Timer – Mechanical, Chicken Shape – White - Fun & functional, mechanical, 60-minute timer (no batteries needed). Note mechanical timers will not be as precise as a digital timer. Wind clockwise to 55 minutes, then turn counter clockwise to desired minutes. Chicken shape -boxed in white gift box, 2 1/4″ in ida x 2 1/4″ high, plastic. Continues to tick approx 1+ minutes after bell to alert you the end of desired time is nearing.


Fan-Ling Kitchen Cooking Countdown 60 Mins Steel/Plastic Mechanical Timer Alarm,Cute Mini Pig Count-Down Up Clock Alarm,Home Kitchen Chef Mini Count-Down Timer,Cooking Time Reminder (Beige) - Brushing teeth lights gym garden gift game grow light shock hose pipe heater hourglass water irrigation system immersion inch oscillating remote control sand jar switches indoor lamp purify health fryer mains night necklace nightlight stink oven outlet oil delay relay rotating projection module lamps toothbrushes tea battery shirt unit visual valve weekly waterproof watch watering bottles low panel great value company convector turbo timer, automatic ice cream maker mart extractor fans zoo. 【 Products include 1x timer】zen meditation car pot kit ac plus mins minutes plugs seconds controller economy second orbit buddy single-port tap book devil part tray dehydrator. 【welcome to “fan-ling”, please read the product description and key product features carefully before buying】. Kids aid large display magnet manual multiple neck owl on rope orange pink purple pig penguin plug quiet round retro red rabbit stopwatch safe silver stainless touch screen tomato triple novelty vintage cord yellow minute soft-touch pack smart rice cooker appliances channels min socket switch autism air freshener analog buzzer bottle bowl bulb bayonet bathroom fan oral pro replacement toothbrush heads countdown candles wall security day dog feeder rail electric extension lead blanket. 【Make cooking fun with this kitchen timertimer can be used not only in the kitchen, but throughout the house】.


Ashley Productions Owl Mechanical Timer - Fun shaped timer for the classroom or at home. Wind-up to a 60 minute countdown, alarm sounds when time is up no batteries required. Measures approximately 3″ tall.


Visual Countdown Timer Mechanical Clock for Kids and Adults Cooking baking Classroom examine Homework Meeting No Loud Ticking and No Need Battery - 【Visual red disc 】as time elapses the red disk disappears large enough to see from a distance easy to keep track of time helps even the youngest to understand how much time is left. 【time management】 help the people who have weak sense of time,poor implementation capacity, procrastination improve their time management and achieve effective work and orderly life,no matter children or adults. 【Quiet counting timer】no big loud ticking ideal for sound sensitive quiet environments, provides the silence and focus for school, homework, and other silent activities. 【Use for many occasions】 mechanical magnetic timer keep track of 60 minutes time in the kitchen home indoor/outdoor activity,office meeting ,houseworks,homework,classroom teaching it assists parents to supervise the children’s time over study and games. 【Magnet mechanical timer】 not need batteries,environmental protection and durable use backside make it very easily to stick on oven, refrigerator, and more metal surface.


Cute Cartoon Pig Kitchen Timer Cooking Timer Cooking Mechanical Home Decor Counters for Cooking Timing Tool(Khaki) - High quality abs material, non-toxic, no smell, durable. Timing range 1-55 minutes mechanical timer products, no batteries, economical and practical. Perfect kitchen time reminder for baking, frying, cooking eggs, cookies, cakes at home. Easy to use, set the number of minutes that you need for cooking and a bell will ring when the set time is up. Cartoon pig shape, with smooth surface, useful and attractive cooking timer no longer worry about boiled water dried up or dishes burnt.


Lavigo Round Mechanical Countdown Timer, Classroom Visual Timer, Kitchen Timer With Magnet, 60 Minutes Max Record For Teaching Houseworks Cooking Baking Office Meeting (Big) - Mechanical countdown timer, up to 60 minutes is marked with red dial decrease as time progresses. Ideal for teacher classroom teaching, workplace timing, home kitchen cooking and oven baking, office meeting time record. No batteries required size is 63 x 63 x 177 inches, big size, stainless steel and plastic materials. Dual colour dial panel, look at the time left quickly use the behind magnet easily to stick on metal board,refrigerator, oven and more metal surface. In order to get the maximum alarm time, the mechanical timer you need to turn the red dial with full circle to the 60 position,then turn back to the time you need.


Golandstar Cute Cartoon Owl Timers Mini Size 60 Minutes Mechanical Kitchen Cooking Timer Clock Loud Alarm Counters Manual Timer (Orange) - Functional kitchen timer to measure kitchen baking, frying, cooking eggs, cookies, cakes at home. When you are extremely busy in the kitchen, this timer will remind you at any time. To set time, first turn clockwise to the max 55-60 minutes to supply enough mechanical clockwork power, and then turn counterclockwise to set the desired time. Timer goes up to 60 minutes mechanical, not need batteries. Adorable wide eyed owl kitchen timer doubles as counter top decor.


Tubeshine Kitchen Timer, Time Manager Learning Productivity Counters, Mechanical Countdown Clock Time Management Reminder, No Batteries Required Cooking Manual Timer with Loud Alarm, 60 Minute. - ⏰ 【Design principle】 the designer uses a mini kitchen design concept to design each timer as a kitchen utensil a variety of cute shapes, dotted with stylish kitchen, become the most dazzling decoration of your loved one. ⏰ 【 Manual timing is more accurate 】 the operation of this timer is very simple turn the spring clockwise until it will take a full turn, which is usually a full turn or up to 55 minutes then anticlockwise until the point on your timer aligns with the time you selected please refer to the product picture for more detailed instructions. ⏰ 【Managment time】 managing time is equal to managing the future this timer focuses on your tasks and activities compared to other manual timers, this timer is designed to provide you with the most accurate, accurate and error-free timing, ideal for cooking, baking, reading, learning, running, beauty and more. ⏰ 【 clear scale, easy timeing 】 the scale of our time timer is very clear, allowing you to easily set the time and work comfortably and study comfortably suitable for learning efficiency, work efficiency, entertainment time, regular reading, health timing, business time. ⏰ 【Working guidelines】 this time manager is pure mechanical design, mechanical movement, mechanical rotation, no need to install, replace the battery, mechanical timer built-in 70db alarm function, simple operation , there is no complicated button, just rotate it to schedule the time, which is easy and convenient.


Valentines Day Kitchen Timer Cute Mechanical Manual Countdown Clock Timers for Cooking Reminder Fun Time Management Alarm for Brushing Teeth Egg Timer Home Decor Visual Timer for Kids (Brown) - ⏲️ Fun and cute unique design the kitchen timer size is 385 x 224 x 224 inches, with loud ring a perfect size fun kitchen gadgets, this fun visual timer with texts content design also make timer a great home decor. ⏲️ Waiting become fun with it cute and fun design, bring joy to the tedious waiting, also relaxed atmosphere to serious occasions, and help children develop their sense of time. ⏲️Great gift choice the timer is packaged by high quality independent gift box perfect gift for any occasions and peoplevalentine’s day birthday, mother’s day for family, kids, mom, housewife, grandma, aunt, teen, student, teacher, chef, baker, doctor, masseur, massages, girlfriend, boyfriend. ⏲️ How to use the kitchen timer is manual and mechanical drive, dose not need battery please first manual turn clockwise to above 55 minutes, (not more than “0” scale) then counterclockwise to set desired time, loud and clear ring sound when set time is up the deviation is +/-5%. ⏲️ various occasions this is a great timer for countless occasions as cooking timers for kitchen, oven timer, study timer, brushing teeth and shower timer for kids, classroom timer for teachers, gym and workout timer when doing home fitness, meditation timer, tea timer, mask timer, timer for family or group activities and used at professional occasions as well, such as office, meeting, and conference you can also use as an auxiliary tool for panoramic rotation time lapse video shooting.


CDN MT4-BK Compact 60 Min Mechanical Timer-Black, Black - 25 h x 2. Features counts down, long 3-sec alarm measurement range-1 hour by min 2-inch/5. Dimensions 2. Available in array of colors. 87 w x 1. 1 cm diameter face non-slip rubber magnet) 430 stainless steel housing abs plastic face. Note the further the knob is turned clockwise, the longer the alarm will sound when it reaches 0. Featuring a non-slip rubber magnet, it sits securely on a countertop or attaches to any metal surface. Operating instructions turn knob clockwise to 50 and then back to the desired time. Cdn compact mechanical timer (mt4) counts down by minutes for up to an hour, and has a loud 3-second alarm. 87 d (inches) 5-year limited warranty.


MSC International 89611 Joie Rooster Mechanical Timer, DoodleDoo, White - Easy to use and clean wipe with a damp cloth. Rotate rooster all the way clockwise while holding the base, then turn back counter-clockwise to the desired amount of time, up to 60-minutes. Joie doodledoo mechanical kitchen timer makes cooking fun and easy. Made from stainless steel and plastic. Great for people of all ages, especially baking and cooking with kids works as an activity timer for board games and fun family activities.


HOME-X Stainless Steel 60-Minute Mechanical Kitchen Timer (Apple), Unique Home Décor - Highly functional device while highly useful in the kitchen as one of the tools in a chef’s arsenal, this 1-hour timer is also useful for other tasks, such as putting your children in time out or making sure your teeth brushing lasts a full 2 minutes make sure to place the timer nearby so that you can hear the alarm bell ring when it goes off. Matches any kitchen decor theme this small, minimalist timer will accentuate a wide variety of different colors and decor styles it’s sure to complement the look of your kitchen supplies and looks great alongside modern, farmhouse, retro, and vintage decor placing one atop your counter adds a sleek touch to your current kitchen gadgets. Simplifies cooking & baking you just spent an entire day baking confectionary goods, only to forget them in the oven, leaving them to burn this frustrating situation can be prevented when you use a reliable timer that doesn’t rely on batteries this mechanical timer can be set for up to 60 minutes and will help you cook and bake without the worry, as it doesn’t require electricity or batteries. Makes a cute contemporary home decoration this adorable apple-shaped mechanical timer is sure to add class and charm to your home, especially if you have a taste for fruity-themed decorations the circumference of the apple displays black numbers that contrast beautifully with the sleek stainless steel brush background so that you can set the timer with ease. Dainty & compact this fun-sized timer by home-x is just the right size for your kitchen supplies regardless of whether you live in a small apartment or a spacious home, you’ll appreciate having such a useful kitchen gadget set it on the counter by the stove or keep it in a storage cabinet until you need it.


NSi Industries LLC 403B2 24 Hour Powerful Compact Mechanical Timer, 1 Polarized Outlet, 2-Pack, White - Tork has been a pioneer in the mechanical time switch industry since 1922. The 125-volt timers have a 1875-watt capability and plugs directly into a wall outlet. The easy-to-use, plug-in timers features multiple on/off settings. The tork 403b2 general purpose timers allows you to set your lighting or small appliances including televisions, fans and coffee makers to automatically turn on and off, helping you to save energy and money, while adding convenience to today’s busy lifestyles. The red slide button on the side allows you to slide to the timer position to follow the programmed setting or to slide to the on position for the timer to always keep the appliance on, no matter how it is programmed. The timers feature a sleek, modern design and are available in white with black dial and red button. You can program your lights and appliances to turn on and off in as little as 30-minute intervals and once programmed, the setting will repeat daily. The timer can also provide home safety and security by turning lights on while you are away.


AIMILAR Tumbler Mechanical Kitchen Countdown Timer – 60 Mins Mechanic Count Down Timer 1 Hour for Cooking Barbecue - ✔️ Max time up to 60 minutes. ✔️ mechanical timer you will never have to worry about replacing batteries. ✔️ Easy to use winding the timer a full round clockwise, then back counter clockwise to the time you want. ✔️ Ideal for different uses in cooking in the kitchen and on the barbecue. ✔️ Fun design tumbler center of gravity design mechanical kitchen timer.


Generic Cute 1-60min 360 Degree Rotating Tomato Shape Timer, Mechanical Kitchen Ring Alarm Tool for Cooking Food Countdown Timer Clock(Battery not Included) (Red) - School teachers can also use this during classroom activites for preschool and kids. Usagecute and functional kitchen timer,works very nicely and alarm is loudly enoughmechanical transmission, no need batterywidely used in home use, kitchen, school, medicine etc. Designfashion cute style gives you actively atmospher,so it is not just as a timer,also can decorate your home and officeit is not only a lovely timer, but also a home decoration. Features and usage100% brand new and high qualitymechanical timer, no batteries needed ideal for timing cooking, which keeps your cookies, cakes, roasts, and casseroles from burning to measure kitchen baking, frying, cooking eggs, pancakes, cookies, cakes at homealso suitable for play games, exercising and so on. How to use turned clockwise to the count on it to60 minutes, then counter clockwise to set to desired time.


60 Minutes Cooking Egg Timer for Kitchen,Panda Mechanical Rotation Alarm Timer (Pink) - Instruction1at first, rotate the time with clockwise to the time 55 minutes point 2anticlockwise rotate to time point you want to set up. Please rotate clockwise to the 55 minute point to produce the enough energy for alarm ring. Ideal for home kitchen cooking,sports,kids’s homework,beauty. Cute panda 60 minutes mechanical kitchen cooking timerblack,blue,pinkmaterial plastic and metalsize65x65x7 cm. No batteries required the bell will automatically ring when it rotates to setting time for a mechanical drive.


One Hour Orange Kitchen Timer, Mechanical Timer, Winding Fruit Timer - Timing range 1-60 minutes. How to use turn the timer clockwise one turn to zero scale, then turn counterclockwise back to the required time the timer will emit a crisp ring tone never reverse the direction otherwise the movement inside is not used no battery. Tip easy to use and clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Features cute orange shape, smooth surface, attractive cooking time reminder no longer worry about boiled water or dishes being burned. Material plastic, non-toxic, no smell, durable.


Taylor Precision Products Pro Stainless Steel Mechanical Timer - Simply turn the dial to the desired time setting and the alarm rings once it reaches the zero mark. Bold black graphics on the large dial face make setting times easy. Easily hear the alarm around the home with a loud 9-second ring. Keep track of time in the kitchen and more with this mechanical timer. Count down times up to 60 minutes with the twist of a dial.


60 Minutes Mechanical Timer – Magnetic Visual Countdown Timer With Alarm for Kitchen Cooking Baking Sports Kids (Red) - Durable & well made classy-looking,nice feel. Powerful magnet you can stick the timer to the oven, stove or refrigerator, and more with its magnetic backing it will ring when the time is up. Easy to see how much time is left the red overlay which provides a nice visual of how much time you have left in a session. Keep track of time in the kitchen and more with this mechanical timer. Easy to use turn clockwise rotation to 55, then back it down to your desired time.


Jayron Kitchen Timer Cooking Timer Count Down Timer Mechanical Timer 60 Minutes Count Down Timer Chef Shaped - After the time arrives, there is a loud buzzer reminder. Up to 60 minutes countdown. Simple and practical, easy to operate. The chef’s timepiece is cute and fun, perfect for parents and children to make biscuits, cakes, salads, etc. Mechanical timer, no battery required.