This $30 Organization Tool Is The Container Store’s Best-Seller

Photography by Michael Wiltbank
Making long-term adjustments to spending more time at home can feel daunting—but you don’t necessarily have to rejigger your apartment’s layout to make your space work. All you need are a few triple-duty pieces that do the heavy lifting for you, and this best-seller from The Container Store is a good place to start: a mint-colored three-tier rolling cart. It rings in at $30 and, according to a store rep, has been spiking in popularity these past few months. 

We can see why: The multifunctional trolley is the perfect catchall organizer. Use it to corral loose odds and ends and get rid of visual clutter. It’s also portable, so you can switch up its job description according to your evolving needs—here are three areas of the home deserving of its attention.

3-Tier Rolling Cart, The Container Store ($30)

On-the-Go Fitness Studio

Looking to replace visits to the neighborhood gym? Bring the equipment to you and store your at-home workout essentials in this nifty cart—each shelf holds 6.6 pounds. All that’s left is a really good playlist. 

Mobile School-Supply Cubby

Use this trolley to keep all homework, books, and crafting equipment neatly tucked away—hang cups for writing utensils over the sides and display important papers front and center with magnets.  

Handy Pantry Extension

As we continue to stock up on longer-lasting dry goods to limit trips to the grocery store, eventually we’ll run out of cabinet space. House the spillover in these shelves and roll it into an empty corner of your kitchen so you always have pasta within reach. 

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