These 9 Useful Products Will Help You Fix Anything

To be honest, I was never all that “handy” before I had kids. My dad was an electrician, making him a professional fixer in my eyes, and then once I got married, I left the handyman stuff to Dave.

But once I was raising kids as a stay-at-home mom, the job of “Mr. Fix-It” fell to me more often than not! After a while, I realized that choosing the right product or material to fix something is often half the battle!

And my hope is that today’s post makes that battle a whole lot easier, because today I’m sharing 9 of my favorite products for household repairs and fixes! No matter what you’re called on to fix around the house, these products are sure to make it easier. :-)
9 Of The Best Products For Quick Household Repairs

1. Sugru Moldable Glue
Price: $15.99 (pack of 8)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has tried to use superglue to repair something, only to end up spilling it everywhere. That’s the problem with liquid glues and epoxies—they work well, but they can also make a huge mess!

But Sugru is like superglue meets play-doh, and you can use it to repair everything from shoes to charging cables! Just mold the material wherever you want to apply it, and after 24 hours, it will harden into strong silicone rubber. (Check out this video to see Sugru in action!)

2. Mr. Grip Screw Hole Repair Kit
Price: $4.60

When doors or cabinet doors become loose or wobbly, be sure to check for loose screws. Loose screws can wear down the screw hole to the point where it’s too wide to keep the screw in place!

But these handy screw hole repair strips can fix the problem in a flash. Just insert one or two of the repair strips into the hole, and the teeth along the strips will grip the screw so it stays put.

3. Kampel Seam-Fil
Price: $11.00

Ever wondered how to fix a crack or chip in laminate material, such as flooring or countertops? Look no further!

Seam-Fil is a simple cream-like repair material that bonds permanently with laminate. It’s a bit sticky, but it blends so well that you might forget there was ever damage in the first place!

4. 3M Wall Repair Kit
Price: $9.39

I haven’t had to repair any walls lately (knock on wood!), but I was no stranger to process when my kids were little. From doorknobs to baseball bats, our poor walls used to take a beating!

I probably wouldn’t have worried about it so much if I had had this 3M Wall Repair Kit back then! It has everything you need to repair a hole: a self-adhesive patch, spackling, a putty knife, and a sanding pad.

The spackling even has primer mixed right in. So once the area is dry and sanded, you can paint right over it!

5. Ginmic Magnetic Wristband
Price: $8.99

Keeping track of washers, screws, nuts, and other small pieces can be a real pain, and can turn a repair as simple as replacing a lightbulb into a juggling act!

But for less than $10, you can get this magnetic wristband and solve that problem for good. Just strap it on your wrist, and use it to hold all those little pieces while you work!

6. J-B Weld KwikWood
Price: $4.84

This epoxy putty is the ultimate tool for any household repairs involving wood. You can use it to repair broken furniture, dry rot, insect damage, and more.

It dries to the same density as wood, and forms a strong, permanent bond. From picture frames to chairs, this putty can help you fix it all!

7. Shepherd Hardware Wedge-It Plastic Shims
Price: $4.24 (pack of 6)

If you have a piece of furniture or an appliance that won’t stop wobbling, try one of these plastic shims! Just jam one into the gap beneath the item and say goodbye to the wobble.

8. URPOWER Motion Sensor Closet Light
Price: $14.44 (pack of 3)

These motion sensor lights don’t necessarily “fix” anything, but they did fix the problem of me not being able to see anything in my poorly lit hall closets! Installing these lights couldn’t have been easier—I just peeled the backing off the adhesive on the back and stuck them to the walls!

Now when I open my closet doors, the lights come on automatically and I find what I need easily. I stocked up on AAAs so I could replace the batteries, but they’re still going strong after several months.

9. Arm & Hammer Moisture Absorber
Price: $7.58 (pack of 2)

Musty smells and dampness are extremely common problems for many homeowners. If you’re struggling with either of them, check out these Arm & Hammer Moisture Absorbers!

Just hang one in the smelly or damp area, and the upper pouch will absorb moisture and odors for up to 60 days. The moisture collects in the lower pouch over time, so you can actually see how well it’s working.

Tell me about one of your go-to products for small fixes and household repairs!
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