The Top 19 Blesser House Posts of 2019

Happy New Year, yall!

I know everyone says this every single New Years Day, but I truly cant believe how quickly 2019 zoomed by. Like this time last year we had a little baby blob who would barely move an inch when you laid her down and now were in batten-down-the-hatches-this-kid-is-on-the-loose mode!

Its been an absolute whirlwind, and some of my favorite projects of all time happened this past year. So in case you missed any of them, here are the top 19 most popular posts of 2019 (because Im a softie and couldnt pick just 10).

I cant begin to thank you enough for being here on our journey, for sharing in our mistakes and our victories, our moments of tension and our moments of celebration. YOU cheering us on are the reason Robert and I keep making and sharing.

I hope we give back to you what you give to us. Okay, all that sappiness out of the way. Here we go

The Top 19 Blesser House Posts of 2019

19. Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Without a doubt, my favorite bedroom makeover weve EVER done until the master bedroom finally wraps up, that is.

18. How to Find Your Decorating Style

I finally shared about this process that Im asked about frequently. If youre ever feeling stuck on your style, this tips work!

17. DIY Candles from Repurposed Candy Dishes

No cute candy dish or copper cup or pretty bowl in the thrift store is ever safe from me anymore.

16. IKEA Hemnes Pantry Cabinet Organization

This whole system has made our daily life SO much easier in the kitchen. When you dont have a real pantry, you do what you gotta do.

15. Painted Vinyl Siding Pool Shed Makeover

Im still totally amazed at this paint transformation. Its been 6 months of freezing temps, hot/humid days, and major downpours, but so far this painted vinyl siding still looks perfect.

14. Plant Stand from a Repurposed Piano Stool

Im ready to find something else to use this spray painted doily method on. Adorable!

13. Simple Spring Home Tour

No idea why this particular tour was more popular than the other seasonal tours this year, but Im already eager for spring to get here.

12. 3 Items You Can Repurpose Into DIY Throw Pillows

My mom and I crafted these together from random items, and it was so fun!

11. How to Restore Wood Outdoor Furniture

Weve kept our outdoor furniture going strong for several years thanks to this method that makes them like new.

10. Chandelier Makeover & the Best Brass Spray Paint

Ive tried about 8 different brass/gold spray paints, and this one was the clear winner that I used on this chandelier I discovered on OfferUp.

9. 14 Big Impact Ways to Redecorate a Room Inexpensively

Definitely one of the best lists of decorating ideas ever, and some of them are even FREE!

8. How to Paint Laminate IKEA Furniture

Weve had our fair share of experience with IKEA furniture. This is the best method to make a furniture paint job last on a slick laminate surface.

7. How to Dress to Hide Mom Belly Pooch

After I had Regan, I had to learn how to love my postpartum bod again. Im no fashion blogger AT ALL, but these were some of my best tips to hide belly pooch.

6. 6 Tips to Decorate a Boring Hallway

Just another example of paints magical abilities. And there are a few other tips for jazzing up hallways too.

5. My Favorite Tool for Room Design Planning

I was completely stumped on how to design our breakfast nook because it was such a small space with confusing traffic flow. But Modsy came to the rescue. I didnt take every single detailed suggestion, but it gave me the direction I desperately needed.

4. How to Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring Over Tile

Apparently a lot of people hate their tile because this project was a popular one. Still cant believe this floor is vinyl! We dont miss the old tile at all.

3. DIY IKEA Hemnes Pantry Cabinet

After struggling with cramped kitchen storage, we came up with this pantry solution using an IKEA cabinet. And I officially became hooked on that antique mirror film because it rocks at bouncing light to brighten up a dark room.

2. How to Disguise the Ugly Stuff in Your Home

I rounded up a bunch of little ways we pretty up the not-so-pretty things like TV cables, thermostats, dish soaps, cleaning supplies, kids toys, etc.

1. Our Budget Master Bathroom Refresh Reveal

Its no surprise that this was #1 because this makeover even shocked ME in the after! Non-demo budget-friendly refreshes are my JAM!

You were pretty fab, 2019. We cant wait to see what happens in 2020. Which project was your fave? I really dont think I can pick.

Ill share pretty soon all of our house resolutions, and Im dyyyying to get started on all of them!

Do you have any big house goals for 2020? Id love to hear about them! Or better yet, share them in the Blesser House Budget Decorating Community! I might have to start a fun little thread over there. If you put it in writing, itll happen, right?

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