The 65+ Best Gifts to Give Dad for Father’s Day 2021

Whether you’re looking for a way to honor your old man or are shopping for his next birthday milestone, it’s always smart to keep the best gifts for Dad in mind, no matter the occasion. With Father’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time to get shopping for your old man to seek out the best gifts for Father’s Day. Whatever you have in mind, just remember that this thoughtful gesture can serve as a humble thank you, letting him know you appreciate everything he’s done as a parent.

However, searching for gifts for fathers can present challenges, especially if you’re dealing with a super-picky old man or have little clue of what he actually needs. What are the best gifts for a dad who has everything? Something unique.

Giving some thought to his personality, while having Mom snoop around on your behalf to determine the best gift ideas, can help point you in the right direction. But if you’re desperate to find the best gift for dad, fear not. We’ve put together the ultimate list of the best gifts for dads for Father’s Day or any other occasion, with a combination of trendy products plus tried-and-true gift ideas that are sure to win him over. There are a lot of great gift ideas for fathers, and we’re here to make them easy to find.

For dads who love gadgets, we have smart coffee mugs, true wireless earbuds and a pressure cooker/air fryer that can cook up anything. For dads who are a little more old school, we’ve got a refined 12-year-old scotch and our favorite multi-tool. Is your dad a sports fan? Try one of our favorite baseball gifts or the best golf gifts.

If you’ve struck out during previous special occasions, get him something truly useful and unique by shopping our best gifts for dads. And if you need any more Father’s Day gift ideas (or gifts for your other male family members), take a look at our Best Gifts for Him gift guide.


1. A New Streaming Service

Americans love to watch TV, especially on nice, big TVs. We love going to the movies. But more and more, especially over the past few months, we’ve been enjoying movies in the comfort of our own homes. If your pops is a big movie or TV buff, getting him that streaming service he’s been hesitant to add to his monthly subscriptions is a good call. You could go with Netflix, Amazon Prime or the new Disney+, but our top recommendation is the new HBO Max. For just $15/month, your dad can watch his favorite TV shows and hundreds of movies whenever he likes, making this one of the best gifts for fathers that simply keeps on giving.

HBO Max, best gifts for dad


2. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

As he plans his future golf trips, make sure dad is still getting some putts in — even if they are inside his own home. This Putt-A-Bout putting green is an exceptional way for dad to practice his golf whether he’s a long-driver or a mini-golf champ. The mat is kidney-shaped to give the green a bit of pizazz and it measures 9 whole feet in length. It has a non-skid backing so it will stay still as your dad hits. Just, keep one thing in mind, this is made for putting only. Be sure to enforce that into his brain before he gets any wild ideas.

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green, best gifts for dad

Buy: Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green $29.91


3. Sperry Authentic Original Float Boat Shoe

You know how Crocs are just so ugly that they’re actually kind of good-looking? That’s the same thing with these heinously cute boat shoes from Sperry. They’ve got that Croc-like look by featuring a fully rubber make with holes throughout. Each pair is totally lightweight, because, duh, it’s rubber. Additionally, they’re easy to walk in, grip the ground really well and are 100% waterproof. Not only that, these shoes literally float on water, which makes them the perfect shoes for summer fun.

Sperry Authentic Original Float Boat Shoe, best gifts for dad


4. Jackery Explorer Portable Power Stations

Summer storms are just around the corner, so there’s no better time than now to ensure dad doesn’t lose power. We recently tested and reviewed the Jackery Explorer 1500 Portable Power Station, and it’s a mighty impressive power station. At this point, consider us obsessed with this generator. It has three different ways of charging which are solar, through an AC power outlet or via car, meaning dad can even take this on the road. Our favorite model has a 1488 Wh capacity, which is absolutely insane, and can charge up to seven different appliances at the same time. Bonkers. However, the 300W option is much more affordable and still super handy in an emergency, so it will probably work better as a Father’s Day gift.

Jackery Explorer 1500 Portable Power Station Buy: Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Power Station $299.99


5. Zology Folding Camping Chair

Dads that love to fish know that the majority of the time, fishing is a waiting game. That’s why this folding chair is perfect to pack alongside the rest of his fishing gear for a day out on the water. It’s only around 3-lbs total yet can hold more than 300-lbs. It’s even made with a cooler so all of dad’s drinks he packs can stay cool and chill right under his booty. How convenient is that?

Zology Folding Camping Chair, best gifts for dad

Buy: Zology Folding Camping Chair $48.99


6. Kabob Grilling Baskets

Does it get any more dad than these kabob grilling baskets? This summer, have dad ditch the sticks and grill all of his delicious kabobs in these baskets instead. They’re made from steel wire that won’t burn and a hardwood handle so dad won’t hurt himself by touching hot metal. They come in a set of four and priced at just $17, these are one of the best Father’s Day gift deals you can’t miss out on.

Kabob Grilling Baskets, best gifts for dad


7. MEATER Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

Grilling in the snow? Weird, but we never judge dad’s choices. Gift your favorite grillmaster something he will actually use with the MEATER Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer that’ll change the way he cooks his meats. This meat thermometer has a dual heat-reader for both internal and external reading, meaning it can read the inside of your meat’s temp and the level of the grill it’s cooking on at the same exact time. Also, you can expect perfect results each time due to the device’s advanced estimator algorithm. Simply have your pops download the free app on his iPhone or Android and get cooking.

MEATER Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

Buy: MEATER Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer $99.00


8. GoSports Flag Series Wood Cornhole Sets

Summer is officially here, so it’s time for dad to get outside. These cornhole sets are perfect for entertaining pops (and the rest of your family, to be honest) all summer long. Cornhole is a summer-centric game that anyone can get into and makes for a great addition to beach days, backyard BBQs and park hangs. This wooden set is coated with an American flag-inspired print to help show off his US pride, too.

GoSports Flag Series Wood Cornhole Sets

Buy: GoSports Flag Series Wood Cornhole Sets $135.84


9. Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

Work, travel or the gym, duffel bags come in handy for many things, and if there’s anything SPY editors love, it’s a good travel bag. And no one constructs a better weekender for the price than Herschel Supply Co. The Canadian manufacturer has an insane collection of bags to choose from, but we strongly recommend the Novel Duffel Bag. It’s light and spacious, offering just enough room to store a weekend’s worth of clothing, while also housing a shoe compartment to carry a pair of sneakers or wingtips. Tough tech fabric makes up most of the Novel’s construction, guaranteeing durability and long-term use. Herschel also sells it in over 37 colors; Raven Crosshatch (pictured below) and Woodland Camo are some of our favorites.

Herschel Novel Duffel Bag - Best Gifts for Dad

Buy: Herschel Novel Duffel Bag, Raven Crosshatch, Classic 42.5L $84.95


10. Roku Express

Although the majority of us are getting vaccinated in hopes that things are going to back to normal soon, we’re still going to be streaming like we have been over quarantine. A streaming stick is a sweet present you can quickly gift wrap before any huge celebration. Roku Express, one of the most reliable streaming devices from Roku, is all the incentive Dad needs to cut the cord in 2021, gaining access to hundreds of thousands of movies and shows across every major streaming platform. Dad still needs a subscription, but Roku Ultra makes it easy to stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Disney+, HBO Max and Apple TV+.

If he’s a true couch potato, then he’ll swoon over the device’s impeccable Alexa voice command performance, which demonstrates great speech recognition and pulls up search results in a jiffy. Its compact size also means he can pack it for business trips to use on hotel TVs.

best gift for dad Roku Express

Buy: Roku Express $24.99


11. Bearback Back Scratcher

Not to be dramatic, but this is the back scratcher of all back scratchers. It’s got a large, ergonomic design that won’t slip out of dad’s hands. It folds into itself so he can store it rather easily, too. Unlike a lot of the best back scratchers, this one is really gentle on skin and uses bristles similar to the ones you’d see on a modern hairbrush. He’s going to love it so much that you’ll probably be convinced to buy one for yourself in due time.

Bearback Back Scratcher

Buy: Bearback Back Scratcher $22.97


12. UGG Ascot Slipper

Though Dad spent the entirety of the early 2010s silently making fun of middle and high school-aged girls for wearing those boofy as hell, smelly UGG boots every single day, all winter long, show him just how comfortable UGGs really are with these super cozy slippers. Never let pops go barefooted on the cold, hardwood floor ever again this winter, ensure those tootsies are always wrapped up with this smartly designed slipper. There are tons of colors to choose from, so whatever you think his vibe is, snag it before it’s sold out. He’ll regret ever thinking they were silly. Trust us.

UGG Ascot Slipper, best gifts for dad


13. Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau de Parfum

You’re doing Dad a disservice by letting him use the same antique bottle of Old Spice Classic he’s had stashed in the medicine cabinet for the past 30 years. He deserves to have one of the best-smelling men’s colognes out there — Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau de Parfum to be specific. This fragrance embodies both a sophisticated yet forever young spirit at the exact same time and gives us a masculine scent your father will absolutely love. It’s a calming and mature cologne with lasting power, making it one of the best Father’s Day gifts for dads old and young.

Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau de Parfum


14. Ruko F11 Pro Drone with Camera

Drones are some of the coolest gadgets made available to the public in the past couple of years — and we know your dad has been eyeing them up since their initial release. What started off as an uber-expensive way to relive your childhood (remember toy helicopters?) became one of the most incredible and inexpensive ways to see the world from a birdseye view. The Ruko F11 is an affordable drone dad will play with for hours upon hours. It comes with a 4K camera that allows for stunning video quality. Whether he’s exploring his own neighborhood or a national park, this is how he needs to do it.

Ruko F11 Pro Drones with Camera

Buy: Ruko F11 Pro Drones with Camera $329.99


15. Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio

What is it with dads and walkie-talkies? Whether it’s 1981, 2001, 2021 or 2041, all dads absolutely lose it when walkie-talkies are included. Whether it be the sense of added authority or he’s still geeked that the machines even exist in the first place, these Motorola walkie-talkies will be his new summer toy. He’ll have it by his side the entire time he’s in the backyard while the other stays in the kitchen. If he needs anything, he’ll simply signal to whoever’s upstairs. Over.

Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio

Buy: Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio $29.00


16. Mofado Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Both elegant and practical, this is the type of drinkware your dad needs sitting on his bar. These distinctive whiskey glasses have a striking look to them, made from ultra-clear lead-free crystal that emphasizes clarity and detail; you’ll definitely notice the legs of a refined whiskey. Each glass is also wide enough to hold a full 11 ounces of his favorite hard liquor, which can be rewarding or consolatory depending on his day. Toast to your dear old dad’s health with these classy glasses, one of the best gifts for dad for Father’s day or any occasion.

Mofado Crystal Whiskey Glasses - Best Gifts for Dad

Buy: Mofado Crystal Whiskey Glasses $25.00


17. L.L.Bean Carefree Unshrinkable Tee

Dad’s always ruining his shirts. Whether he’s spilling food on top, shrinking them in the wash or ripping them while putting on, his t-shirt collection is dwindling fast. If he needs a couple of quality tees to help replenish his wardrobe a little, L.L.Bean’s Carefree Unshrinkable tees are your best bet for gifting. They’re totally inexpensive and durable, and just like the name says, they’re completely unshrinkable. He’ll take 12.

L.L.Bean Carefree Unshrinkable Tee


18. Therabody Mini Massage Gun

The SPY team loves massage guns, and Theragun is the gold standard of percussive massagers. Recently, Theragun rebranded as Therabody and released a new generation of massagers. In our experience, some massage guns can actually be too intense for the average customer, which is why the Therabody Mini is the perfect gift for older recipients. This premium massage gun is easy to use and lets anyone enjoy a deep tissue massage in their own home. Not only is this one of the top tech gifts of last year, but it’s also a perfect gift idea for dads.

best gifts for dad - Theragun mini


19. The NFL 100: The Greatest Moments of the NFL’s Century

Produced for the NFL’s monumental 100th season, this retrospective book pays tribute to a century of excellence in American football. With contributions from master sportswriters and hundreds of photos, this is the ultimate gift for football fans. This hardcover book takes you on a journey through 100 of the greatest moments in football history, and it will leave you with a new appreciation of this sport.

The NFL 100: The Greatest Moments of the NFL's Century

Buy: The NFL 100 $20.55


20. Outdoor Fellow Candles

Candles don’t have to be a gift solely made for moms. Outdoor Fellow creates a line of candles for everyone that loves the outdoors, including your pops. Each candle has a soothing scent that feels perfect for burning during a rainstorm near the fireplace. They have a number of candles available that range from a fireplace and clove scent to a mountain forest vibe. No matter what Dad’s favorite scents might be, we’re sure these’ll make one of the best gifts for Father’s Day in 2021.

Outdoor Fellow Candles


21. Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Turntable

Let Dad relive his glory days and dust off that record collection with a brand new record player with Bluetooth capabilities. The sound quality on this thing is beautiful, and considering so many modern (and oldie) artists have vinyl records available all over the place, having a record player is a great way for pops to rediscover and discover both old and new favorites again. Considering it’s Bluetooth, the record player doesn’t have a speaker, but pairing it to your dad’s JBL or Amazon Echo Dot is potentially the easiest thing he’ll do all year long. Looking for a record to go along with it? We suggest checking Amazon, Urban Outfitters, FYE, Target and VNYL (a surprise vinyl record subscription service) for oldies and modern picks alike.

Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Turntable


22. Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant


Yeah, Mack Weldon’s Ace Sweatpants might be a little bit pricy for a pair of sweatpants — but holy hell, they’re worth it. We named these sweats the Best Sweatpants of 2020 in last year’s SPY Man Awards for a reason, they’re comfortable, durable and tremendously good-looking. They don’t even come close to as sloppy as dad’s old sweats he’s been rocking since his college days. Do him a favor — give those to God and get him these as one of the best gifts for Father’s Day in 2021. He’ll truly thank you.

Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant


23. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

Buyer beware: if your dad develops a passion for home brewing, he may become unable to talk about anything else. Even so, a home beer brewing kit is the perfect gift for dads. In particular, we like the Brooklyn Brew Shop’s kits. This craft beer kit has everything you need to brew your own delicious IPA beers at home, but you can also choose another type of beer if your father prefers something less hoppy. The IPA beer-making kit is designed by professional brewers for the beginner who loves craft beer. This award-winning kit is made in America and lets Dad get started right away.

Read More: The Best Beer Making Kits for Dads

Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit, best gifts for dad

Buy: Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit $33.75


24. YIERBLUE Rechargeable Spotlight

Now that the weather’s warming up, Dad might want to pack up the car and head on another camping or hiking trip nearby to relive his glory days. If that’s the case, don’t let him out of sight without this rechargeable spotlight. It has a battery life of over 20-hours so Dad will know where he’s going the entire trip. The light has a spot beam distance is over 2600ft/800m and a light so bright he’ll be able to see everything in front of him. With a high, low and SOS setting, Dad will be set for his next adventure.

YIERBLUE Rechargeable Spotlight

Buy: YIERBLUE Rechargeable Spotlight $40.96


25. LUMIN Dark Circle Defense


Mature age and a few grays haven’t stopped Pop from maintaining his appearance. Since he’s due for some new men’s grooming essentials, get him acclimated with this sophisticated dark circle defense from LUMIN. Not only does this stuff help rid of any dark circles Dad’s gathered over the years, but also rids crows feet, frown lines and puffiness he may have, too. We really swear by this stuff, so much so that we named it the Best Under-Eye Treatment of 2020 in last year’s SPY Man Awards.

Dark Circle Defense, best gifts for dad


26. Lettuce Grow Farmstand

Dad will be growing his own foods in no time with the Lettuce Grow Farmstand. This is one of the best gifts for Father’s Day this year because it will be totally unexpected and itch the scratch on his green thumb he didn’t know he had. It works to grow veggies upside down by both self-watering and self-fertilizing itself for fresh indoor-grown food.

Lettuce Grow Farmstand


27. Bevel Beard Oil


Has that No-Shave November turned into no-shave ever for dad? Given the past year inside, we wouldn’t be so shocked. Let dad live life with his new beard and gift him something to help him maintain it properly, like Bevel beard oil. It will add tons of sheen to dad’s beard and rid of any dry and frizzy issues he might be dealing with. Worried it’ll clog his pores? Don’t be, Bevel doesn’t do that. It’s dermatologist tested and is only made with the best ingredients for a fuller, healthier beard. We love this stuff so much that we named it the Best Beard Oil of 2020 in last year’s SPY Man Awards.

Bevel Beard Oil

Buy: Bevel Beard Oil $14.95


28. “Not Fried Chicken” Ice Cream Bucket

Alright, this is the weirdest ice cream we’ve ever seen, and for that, we love it. Life Raft Treats in South Carolina creates none other than the “Not Fried Chicken” Ice Cream Bucket, which are ice cream-based treats made to look like chicken drumsticks. Although they might look offputting, they’re totally delicious and act as a funny yet delicious gag gift for dad this Father’s Day.

Life Raft Treats


29. CRKT M16-01KS EDC Folding Pocket Knife

Dad can never do without a pocket knife. Whether he keeps one on hand currently, lost his last or has been meaning to get one for some time now, this folding pocket knife is a must-have to keep on his body. It’s totally durable and is made with a stainless steel construction so it will never screw you over when you need it most. It folds in onto itself so the blade (and your body) can stay protected at all times.

CRKT M16-01KS EDC Folding Pocket Knife

Buy: CRKT M16-01KS EDC Folding Pocket Knife $38.71


30. Chef Apron-Cross Back Apron

What’s papa cookin’? Whatever it is, it smells good. But, there’s only one issue: he keeps spilling sauce on his shirt as he’s cooking. That’s why one of the best gifts for dad this Father’s Day is an apron for cooking. With this one from Amazon, dad can place all of his spoons in the pockets provided in the front and cover his clothes at the same time. How neat is that?

Chef Apron-Cross Back Apron

Buy: Chef Apron-Cross Back Apron $15.29


31. Tile Sticker

Tired of your dad always misplacing his valuables? Surprise him by placing a few of these Bluetooth-tracking stickers on each of his treasured possessions. They’re affordable, incredibly thin, and monitor lost items up to 150 feet, which he can keep tabs on via the mobile app. See what his excuse is the next time he loses the Apple TV remote. Trust us, it’s one of the best Father’s Day gifts that dad didn’t even know he needed.

Tile Sticker

Buy: Tile Sticker 4-Pack $58.00


32. Ring Indoor Cam

Eagerly awaiting the wild, new indoor flying drone to hit Amazon later this year? Us too. But, we do have to wait a little longer, sadly. Therefore, for the smart-home dad who values security — and what dad doesn’t? — the Ring Indoor Cam allows any homeowner to monitor the inside of their home from any mobile device (e.g. smartphones, tablets). If your dad hasn’t invested in a smart security camera yet, then this is one of the best dad gifts you’ll ever buy. It’s small enough to secretly hide in bookshelves, easy to set up, has a wide-range view to see an entire room, produces 1080p video in real-time and sends notifications when sensing unexpected activity. None of these are even its greatest attribute. That would be the price, which for $60 each, should convince you to buy these home security cameras in bulk. With his sneaky new spy skills, this will be one of the best Father’s Day gifts that dad has ever received.

Ring Indoor Cam, best gift for dad

Buy: Ring Indoor Cam $59.99


33. Misen Chef’s Knife

For dads that like to cook in the kitchen but can’t afford expensive knives, let us introduce you to Misen. Misen creates top-quality chef’s knives at a quarter of the price traditional professional knives go for. Knives are made from Japanese steel and work to transform preparation in the kitchen.

Misen Chef's Knife


34. Marshall Monitor II A.N.C.


At this point, Dad has grown tired of the fracas that’s surrounded him for decades and wants nothing more than some quiet time with The Beatles. What better way to help him silence the world and enjoy his favorite tunes simultaneously than with one of the best noise-canceling headphones available. Go all out by gifting him the Marshall Monitor II A.N.C., which delivers rich sound and solid noise canceling in a retro profile that will have Dad reminiscing about Grandpa’s home audio equipment. He’ll be grateful for being able to hush everything from airplane engines to screaming grandkids running around the house.

We love these headphones so much that we named them the Best Headphones of 2020 in last year’s SPY Man Awards, so we’re sure this is one of the best gifts for dad you can get him this year.

Marshall Monitor II A.N.C., best gifts for dad


35. Word Teasers — Dad Jokes

Who doesn’t love a good dad joke, right? If your pops is a sucker for a good pun or cringe-worthy limerick then get him the gift of new material every day of the year. This set includes 300 dad jokes for your old man to giggle to himself about this Father’s Day, and maybe even share a few with his cringing family members. They’ll make you groan, chuckle and maybe laugh out loud just for old time’s sake when your dad tries to lighten the mood or entertain everyone with these classic lines. You can also make a game out of it by reading the card and giving a point to whoever answers the card with the correct answer first. A little competition never hurt anybody.

dad jokes


36. Instant Pot 8-Quart Air Fryer + EPC Combo

If your dad loves to cook, then this popular pressure cooker is one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can get him. You may have already heard of this machine as the kitchen accessory that can “cook everything” and we’re here to tell you that’s true. You can really create anything in an Instant Pot from roasts to stews, rice and even yogurt. It’s the ultimate dad-chef machine and he’ll be amazed and how many things he can create to perfection with this useful appliance. This particular one can double as an air fryer and includes 11-in-one one-touch cooking programs that all have delicious results. You can sauté, steam, slow cook, air fry, bake, broil and even dehydrate. The whole thing is also dishwasher safe so it won’t create dishes for your dad (mom) to do, and the whole thing can create a fast family meal with ease.

Instant Pot 8-Quart Air Fryer + EPC Combo, unique gift for dad

Buy: Instant Pot 8-Quart Air Fryer + EPC Combo $199.95


37. Caldera + Lab The Good Serum

Is pops practicing a skin routine? Honestly, likely not. Now’s finally the time to get him on track with Caldera + Lab’s The Good Serum. Our e-commerce editor Taylor Galla gifted this to her father post-quarantine and it absolutely changed his skin for the better. In her recent article she mentions that, “his skin feels way more hydrated, and after applying the serum at night, it’s gone by morning rather than leaving a heavy residue. He doesn’t use it with any other moisturizer and it’s been enough to keep his skin moisturized in the dryer climate of Northern California where we live.”

Caldera + Lab The Good Serum


38. The Original Spider Prank Box

Is your dad a practical joker? Then give him the gift of a good “Got you!” If you haven’t seen the spider box prank before, head to Youtube to see some hilarious reactions to this prank gift. It’s a simple concept. The recipient opens an innocent wooden box, and a “spider” springs out directly at them. It’s one of the hilariously best Father’s Day gifts, especially if you owe your old man a good scare.

best gifts for dad - spider box prank

Buy: The Original Spider Prank Box $16.99


39. Groove Life Zeus Edge Midnight Black Ring

Dad’s a ring guy? Then this Groove Life Zeus ring will make of the best Father’s Day gifts this year. This grooved ring is made from strong silicone that mimics the might of your average metal ring but rids of the metal consistency. It’s anti-stretch unlike other silicone rings so it will never warp and slip off Dad’s finger. Because it’s inexpensive, he can even use this as a replacement wedding ring when he’s out and about playing sports, working out or swimming.

Groove Life Zeus Edge Midnight Black Ring


40. The Balvenie 12-Year-Old DoubleWood Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Do you really want to test Dad’s palate for fine scotch? Pour him a glass of this single malt on his day and bask in his elation. The Balvenie 12-Year-Old DoubleWood is a refined expression rich in honey, caramel and smooth oak flavor. If he’s the type who loves sniffing his scotch before taking a sip, then he’s in for a surprise, as the nose is filled with sweet fruit and sherry notes. The subtle, warm finish and creamy mouthfeel should make Dad feel even cozier when kicking back by his outdoor firepit.

The Balvenie 12-Year-Old DoubleWood Single Malt Scotch Whisky


41. Nautica Men’s Long Sleeve Lightweight Shawl Collar Woven Robe

A handsome bathrobe has long been a popular dad gift idea, and that’s as true in 2021 as it was in 1971. Slipping into this comfort robe will instantly activate chill mode. Nautica designed its loungewear with comfort and flexibility in mind, which the elastic closure and knit waistband ensure; the functional drawstring provides a cozy and secure fit when chilling on the couch. Each robe is made from 100% brushed cotton. Dad will also appreciate the signature sailboat print, which should earn him the paperboy’s approval when waking up early to grab the morning journal.

best father's gifts - Nautica Men's Long Sleeve Lightweight Shawl Collar Woven Robe

Buy: Nautica Men's Long Sleeve Lightweight Shawl Collar Woven Robe $44.52


42. Polaroid Go

Polaroid is a brand synonymous with memories, and the company’s newest release is something that will resonate with every photo-loving father. The nostalgic yet brand-new Polaroid Go should instantly transport Dad back to his earlier years of parenthood when he was gleefully snapping pics of his kid’s crowning achievements, from their first wobbly step to their graduation ceremony. It’s a point-and-shoot camera in the classic Polaroid-style and has new features (e.g. autofocus, self-timer) that makes it even more user-friendly. Additionally, it’s a hell of a lot smaller than what he’s familiar with so he can take it on the go. Just remind Dad to keep all printed photos face down as they develop to allow for deeper saturation and sharper details.

Polaroid Go


43. OAKYWOOD Wood Headphone Stand

If you have a pair of headphones, you’re going to need a headphone stand to keep them safe — that’s why this headphone stand is one of the best gifts for dad this Father’s Day. This beauty is made from a pretty wood base and a black painted steel pole to hold your headphones. Dad can keep this on his desk, nightstand or next to his TV.

OAKYWOOD Wood Headphone Stand


44. ASYSTEM Radical Relief Gel Roll-On

Made with USA-grown, hemp-derived CBD, ASYSTEM’s Radical Relief Gel is said to relieve pain at the source with a simple, quick roll. It uses 25% active ingredients that include menthol and methyl salicylate to help aid any pain issues (especially in the muscles) that dad has on his body. Yeah, it does get a bit pricy, but hey — maybe it will be dad’s next go-to.

ASYSTEM Radical Relief Gel Roll-On


45. Anker Wireless Charger

Is your dad the type to dawn over each and every new gadget and gizmo you present to him as if it is the coolest thing he’s seen since sliced bread? Well, gift him the Anker wireless charger. Yeah, he’s got an iPhone or an Android, but he’s calling you up every single day asking you how to do something. “How do I change my brightness? How do I turn off ‘Do Not Disturb’? How do I charge my phone?” Rid that last question forever, because now, he can wirelessly throw this on the charging dock and let that phone juice up, completely wire-free. There’s no doubt that he’s going to be impressed, so get giftin’.

Anker Wireless Charger

Buy: Anker Wireless Charger $35.99


46. Two Roads Hat Co. Elliston Rancher Hat

Three words: Papa’s got style. Well, he will when he’s got on his Elliston Rancher hat from Two Roads Hat Co., that is. Two Roads is a company that specializes in brimmed men’s hats that actually look quite attractive. Yeah, we were kind of surprised too. They look great for wearing in warmer weather and will most certainly make Dad feel the slightest bit better about that bald spot he’s got.

Two Roads Hat Co. Elliston Rancher Hat


47. MLB Ballpark Traveler’s Map

Oh, so we’ve got a baseball fan on our hands. Although this year in terms of his favorite ball game have looked a tad bit different, support your slugger’s love for the sport with this MLB ballpark traveler’s map made for any baseball superfan. He likely hasn’t had the chance to see his team’s home field or any other home field in quite some time, but if he’s a real fan, one of his bucket list goals is to see them all. Help him mark down each time he gets the chance to kick a new field off his bucket list with this interactive keepsake. It’s something he’s going to cherish and look forward to marking on for years to come.

MLB Ballpark Traveler's Map


48. YETI Hopper Sidekick Dry

According to YETI, this is the “toughest, most over-engineered camp mug out there.” And we believe them. This mug is from the brand’s new Elemental’s line of drinkware, which features mugs, tumblers and insulated cups that come in masculine metal colors. In addition to the Rambler 14oz mug pictured below, we think this YETI 26oz Tumbler is another great gift for dad. No matter which one you choose, YETI drinkware is always a solid gifting decision. Insulated and dishwasher-safe, these make one of the best Father’s Day gifts perfect for a hard-to-shop-for dad.

best gifts for dad - yeti mugs


49. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung’s latest wireless earbuds are the perfect companion to pair with Dad’s all-new Samsung Galaxy S20 (thank Mom for bearing that financial load). The Galaxy Buds Plus features better battery life and sound than the AirPods while packing cool features (e.g. adaptive three-mic system, AKG drivers) into a comfy, lightweight design. The charging case holds up to 22 hours of playtime and supports wireless charging — a feature you would normally have to pay extra for with Apple’s cordless danglers. It also has a companion app that extends functionality, letting users customize the touch controls and personalize sound with different EQ presets. He’ll look cool sporting any of the three bold colorways: Black, White or Cloud Blue.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus - Best Gifts for Dad

Buy: Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus $149.00


50. The Good Hurt Fuego: A Hot Sauce Gift Set for Hot Sauce Lover’s

The big guy likes his food spicy, huh? Well, this seven-piece hot sauce sampler will take care of that. The Good Hurt Fuego set comes with several tasty hot sauces that range from mild garlic herb to scorching-hot ghost pepper. The fact that it’s packaged like a pack of dynamite sticks should already suggest that he’s in for a world of (good) hurt. Who says the best gifts for dad can’t hurt a little?

If you or your dad is a big fan of Hot Ones, here’s where you can buy all the hot sauces from the hit show.

The Good Hurt Fuego hot sauce - Best Gifts for Dad

Buy: The Good Hurt Fuego: A Hot Sauce Gift Set for Hot Sauce Lover's $29.99


51. Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket

A fur-lined denim trucker jacket is all daddy-o needs to stay warm this fall and winter because it seems most dads are quite anti-puffer for some reason. We’ll never understand why. Like, isn’t it nice being warm? Whatever. Nonetheless, pops can keep it cool and casual in this stylish piece of outerwear that’s just young enough for any dad to pull off without looking like he’s trying too hard. The jean exterior will elevate your dad’s going-out-to-dinner look immensely with the long sleeves and spread collar. It’s made of 100% cotton and is machine washable so you won’t be adding to the dry cleaning bill with this stylish and affordable present.

Levi's Sherpa Trucker Jacket


52. Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, which is always a great time to stock up on some of the best tequilas. Whether it’s for your own bar or Dad’s, you can’t go wrong with Hornitos Black Barrel, a triple-aged tequila that delivers amazing taste and smoothness for a third of what most premium tequilas cost. Hornitos’ blend of 100% roasted agave, black pepper, and vanilla is well balanced, while oak notes give it a whiskey-like presence. It goes down smooth when taken neat, and mixes well with any tequila cocktail. It sounds like Dad’s signature margaritas just got a whole lot better, and stronger.

Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila


53. Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver

There are a handful of top-performing electric shavers that can be had for under $100, but none more promising than the Philips Series 6000. This rotary shaver is an ideal option for dads with thick and wild facial fur, equipped with 72 self-sharpening SkinProtect blades that cut hair without ripping. The heads are also designed to move in eight directions, providing enough flexibility to maneuver around contoured surfaces and rough patches. He’ll have the option to use it for dry or wet shaving. The Series 6000 has other unique features too, like a snap-on precision trimmer to style mustaches and quick charging; a dive-minute charge gets you one hour of use.

Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver
Buy: Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver $96.95


54. Champion Powerblend Fleece Hoodie

No list of the best dad gifts would be complete without a good sweatshirt for pops to rock at the neighborhood cocktail party or school fundraiser. Something chill and comfy that he can sport any time of the year with any getup, Champion’s powerblend fleece hoodies are beneficial pickups for any man’s closet. They layer nicely over a tee or underneath a jacket and are cut incredibly well to highlight Dad’s physique. Ribbed finishes on the cuffs and hem are nice touches as well. Champion sells the sweatshirts in a ton of different colors, too, so pick your poison.

Champion Men's Powerblend Fleece Hoodie

Buy: Champion Powerblend Fleece Hoodie


55. Splash Wines Box

Oh, so you’ve got yourself a wine dad on your hands? Can’t say we’re surprised. Why get Dad a bottle or two when you can get him a whopping 15? Probably because you don’t have that kind of money. Well, with Splash Wines, you don’t need that kind of money. This wine box service has quality, curated wine cases at some of the cheapest prices we’ve ever seen. Our e-commerce editor Tyler Schoeber swears by it — he’s shamelessly gotten a box of 15 wines three different times in 2020. Three. Sheesh. With that being said, there’s no way Dad won’t like it and there’s a good shot your wallet might like it even more.

The Ultimate Sampler from Splash Wines


56. Masterclass Subscription

Is your dad retired? Then Masterclass is one of the best gifts he’ll ever receive. We’ve written about Masterclass and our favorite Masterclass courses before, and we’re big fans of this unique subscription service. Master the art of barbecue with grillmaster Aaron Franklin. Explore the mysteries of the universe with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Learn how to write a thriller with best-selling author David Baldacci. No matter what your dad wants to learn, Masterclass can help him develop new skills.

a collage of the famous people who teach courses on masterclass, including serena williams, steve martin and gordan ramsey


57. Smile Direct Club Electric Toothbrush

He’s been due for a new toothbrush, so get him something better than that crusty, plastic Colgate model he’s been using since his last dentist visit. Smile Direct Club just launched an electric toothbrush that cleans teeth as effectively as most premium models, and at a fraction of the cost. Intuitive features like the quadrant timer inform users of how long to brush one area before moving onto the next, while the angled head allows for more thorough cleanings. The tongue scraper on the back of the brush head is an appreciated aspect that removes any lingering bacteria in the mouth. For $25, you might as well throw one in the shopping cart for you and Mom, as well.

Smile Direct Club Electric Toothbrush, best gifts for dad


58. Goodthreads Men’s “The Perfect Chino Pant” Slim-Fit

Does your dad hate shopping? Then buying him a stylish everyday basic in a dad-friendly neutral color is always a good idea. And if you don’t want to buy him another sweater, a good pair of chinos is one of the best gifts for dad. Designed for the weekend warrior, as well as men who value both fashion and function, Goodthread’s selection of slim-fit trousers are exactly what your dad has been searching for since getting his Amazon gift card last Father’s Day. They’re extremely comfy and offer a good level of stretchability, so nothing below his waist will feel cramped. The company also uses wrinkle-free non-iron fabric to keep the pants looking freshly pressed at all times.

Goodthreads Men's

Buy: Goodthreads Men's The Perfect Chino Pants $30.90


59. Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars

There’s nothing that screams “dad” more than a practical gadget. Some gifts never go out of style, and every father needs a sturdy pair of binoculars. Whether he likes hiking, bird watching, or is the self-appointed captain of the neighborhood watch, he’ll love these small but powerful binoculars. These compact binoculars boast 12x magnification and even work in low-light conditions. Plus, unlike some binoculars, they work fine even if dad wears glasses.

Occer 12x25 Compact Binoculars, best gifts for dad

Buy: Occer 12x25 Compact Binoculars $35.99


60. Bellroy Note Sleeve Slim Leather RFID Wallet

There are classic dad gifts, like men’s watches, dad sunglasses and grilling accessories. However, if you’re looking for the best gift for dad idea of all time, then you have to go with a wallet. It’s a standard dad gift for a reason. Just check to see if he’s in the market for a new wallet first.

Old-school types often struggle to detach from their trusty wallets, no matter how battered they might look. The Bellroy Note is a fine upgrade that blends a classic look with modern design elements. The exterior is made of environmentally certified, durable leather to ensure longevity, while the interior has plenty of storage to hold up to 11 cards and a bunch of coins via a secret coin pouch. Cooler yet, each wallet has built-in RFID technology to protect your dad’s credit cards and personal info from hackers. He’ll be grateful for the extra security when standing in a crazy line at the flower shop on Mother’s Day.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Slim Leather RFID Wallet - Best Gifts for Dad Buy: Bellroy Note Sleeve Slim Leather RFID Wallet $95.00

61. Allbirds Men’s Tree Runners

If you’re looking to gift your dad a unique gift to honor the ultimate father figure in your life, this shoe company has created a shoe you can wear in 98% of contexts comfortably out of sustainable materials. Allbirds is an SF startup aimed at making the go-to shoe for the more casual working world, and we’re all for it. These Tree Runners are breathable, come in great colors Dad will love and are ideal for warmer days, so as we head into summer his feet will stay comfortable. They’re machine washable, designed to minimize odor and have a flexible shape that conforms to your feet over time. Give your dad the gift of comfortable shoes he’ll enjoy wearing that your mom won’t scoff at or throw away, it’ll be a treat.

Allbirds Tree Runners Shoes


62. Leatherman Wave+ Multi-Tool

Father Time has made it more difficult for Dad to lug a whole toolbox around the house. Whether he enjoys playing handyman on the weekends or has picked up a new hobby during retirement, he’ll greatly benefit from having an EDC accessory like the Leatherman Wave+ in his arsenal. Whether it’s Father’s Day, birthday or Christmas, this multi-tool is always one of our best gifts for dad. Up to 18 tools are built into its compact design to accomplish quick fixes around the house or on the go. A 25-year limited warranty makes the multi-tool a potential family memento that you and your kids could share someday.

Leatherman Wave+ Multi-Tool

Buy: Leatherman Wave+ Multi-Tool $99.95


63. Amazon Kindle (2019)

Getting dad to transition from paperback to digital reads hasn’t been easy, but the Amazon Kindle is an amazing gift that does all the convincing. An attractive screen, multiple fonts and formatting options, and a built-in front light (finally!) afford bookworms one of the most comfortable reading experiences known to man. Each model carries up to 4GB of internal storage, which is more than enough memory to download hundreds of boring history books or John Grisham novels from Amazon’s vast collection.

Amazon Kindle 2019

Buy: Amazon Kindle (2019) $89.99


64. Barney Genuine Crazy Horse Leather Electronics Organizer

Aging has made it more difficult for Pops to remember where he stores all of his portable gadgets. This vintage-looking organizer can help him keep everything secure, and most importantly, in one place. It has several compartments, mesh pockets, and Velcro straps to carry everything, from wired earphones to passports to portable chargers. The genuine leather is durable and gives the organizer a mature look that accessorizes well with any men’s travel bag.

Barney Genuine Crazy Horse Leather Electronics Organizer Buy: Barney Genuine Crazy Horse Leather Electronics Organizer $49.99

65. Sonos Move Speaker

A Sonos is a must-have dad gadget for a few reasons. The sound quality is superb but more importantly, the ease of use means your dad won’t be calling you with tech questions all the time. It’s got Amazon Alexa built right in which might freak out your parents at first, but after a while, they’ll love the convenience. The setup takes a few minutes and all it takes is a WiFi connection to stream their favorite music easily. This speaker from Sonos is durable and battery-powered so they can bring it anywhere with them and enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous play time. It’s also made to last, so an accidental knock off the table shouldn’t take it out of commission.

Sonos Battery Powered Speaker good gifts for dad


66. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Okay, this is a cool gadget. We’ve written about our favorite Bose speakers, but this audio gadget stands apart. These Bose sunglasses have built-in speakers that produce rich sound for you while those around you hear nothing. They also block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays making them perfect for Dad zoning out on the beach during your next family vacation. They’ve got open-ear audio so Dad will still be able to hear what’s happening around him while enjoying the music, except when your family members are nagging him about something. It’s got an integrated microphone for him to take calls on, and the battery life lasts about 3.5 hours — a perfect beach day or afternoon by the pool. Give Dad the gift of relaxation and solitude with these two-in-one audio sunglasses.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses, unique gift for dad

Buy: Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses $169.00


67. Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva

Rum is on its way back. For whatever reason, rum hasn’t hit the same way it used to, but brands like Diplomatico are proving rum is still packed with flavor and will spice up any Coca-Cola can Dad is sipping from. Our copy editor James Schiff has been obsessed with this bottle as of recent whether he’s sipping it straight or mixing it up into a cocktail and he’s sure your dad will love it, too.

Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva


68. OURA Heritage Ring — Silver

OURA is a performance-tracking ring that will tally up a whole slew of metrics for your dad about his sleep, workouts, balance between strain and recovery and long-term trends, among other things. If he’s into his own body, self-improvement and the science of performance, this is a great gift. It’s on the pricier end of things but it’s super high-tech and he’ll get a lot of use out of it. It’s got advanced sensors that capture a variety of body signals from heart rate to temperature, is durable and water-resistant up to 100m and has a weeklong battery life. It comes in a few different colors to choose from. You can read more about this ring and all of its features here on the OURA website.

OURA Heritage Ring — Silver


69. Tissot Tradition Bracelet Watch, 42mm

It will be a few more years before Dad passes down the family Rolex, but that doesn’t mean you can’t thank him in advance with a luxurious gift of your own. SPY is a big fan of watches, we’ve even gathered the best men’s watches on the market in another piece for you to check out, if that’s your thing. That’s why a timepiece from Tissot is a classic pick for a nice watch for the next time you’re gifting dad.  If you’re looking for an affordable, nice wristwatch for your old man for his birthday, Father’s Day or another dad-centric day, this one’s a great pick. It’s simple, a little understated, but boasts the same Swiss craftsmanship you want in a high-quality wrist adornment. It’s got a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face and a polished bracelet to hold onto it. The whole thing is made of stainless steel and it’s adjustable so you can find the perfect, comfortable fit.

Tissot Tradition Bracelet Watch, 42mm


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