Tekton Pliers Rack Review

Tekton Pliers Rack

The Tekton pliers rack seems like a convenient way to organize and store pliers. I posted about the pliers rack previously, and decided to try it for myself.

The organizer is designed to be used inside tool drawers, and features ABS plastic dividers and a soft grippy rubber base made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).


I grabbed a bunch of pliers from my office and electronics workstation, to see how they would fit.

All but one of the pliers, NWS cutters with thicker than average handle grips, fit the Tekton pliers rack comfortable.

Smaller NWS pliers fit the rack, but just barely.

The rack seems to be well-made, and time will tell how well it holds up.


The rack measures 10″ tall, 3.7″ deep, 2.7″ tall, and 0.88″ between dividers.

You shouldn’t have any trouble storing most types of pliers vertically. Pliers with spring-action handles might not be perfectly compatible – one of my precision pliers could cause a drawer clearance issue.

It seems that the the pliers rack was designed to fit 3″ tool drawers.

At the moment, most of my pliers are in shallow 2″ and 2.5″ drawers. Although the rack is designed for use in tool box drawers, I might keep mine on a workbench or in a tool cart for holding pliers needed for particular projects.


It seems possible to cut the rack into two smaller ones, but you’d lose one of the 10 slots in doing so.

The rack is a bit pricey, but feels like it will last. Bent wire racks are cheaper, but I never found them to be appealing.

There are some limitations – the rack won’t hold pliers thicker than ~7/8″, at least not without stress-bending the dividers – but it should hold most common brands and styles.

I’m not exactly using the Tekton pliers rack in the manner it was intended I’m currently using it on my benchtop to save space and reduce sprawl when working on more complex projects. But, I also tested it in a rolling tool cabinet and was satisfied with how stable it was when opening and closing the drawer.

I have also found myself using it for holding other types of tools, such as a small utility knife, trim square, and hex key set. It also holds my smartphone.

I’m pleased with my purchase. It took me a while to talk myself into buying one, mainly due to the price, but I’m glad I did.

Price: $17

The rack is made in the USA.

My test sample was purchased at retail.

Ernst Pliers Organizer

If you want a different color, Ernst (likely the OEM for Tekton) has a similar rack in hi-viz yellow.