SUPER Easy Way to Cut Crown Molding {Game Changer!}

This crown cutting jig makes cutting and installing crown molding a BREEZE!

When I say this little crown molding tool is a game changer, I mean...GAME CHANGER. 

If you've ever cut crown molding on a saw, you know what a pain it can be. I have to keep examples of the cuts nearby to remind myself every time I do it because it can be so confusing. 

To get the perfect cut, there's a lot of flipping and reversing (anyone else singing is it worth it, let me work it? 😂) and making sure the crown lays just right on the saw.

I've shared how to cut crown molding on the saw and also how to use decorative corners that make crown molding much easier...but THIS, my friends, is the best of them all!

I've been working on finishing up the pantry makeover recently and had to install the crown molding before I could move on to the next step. 

I planned to add it around the cabinet extension I added to the top of those tall pantry cabinets, (you'll see that at the reveal!) and then decided to keep going with it on all of the walls:
butler's pantry with gray cabinets

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This small room has eight corners though, and cutting crown molding is one of my least favorite DIY jobs. Installing isn't bad, the cutting is a pain! 

So I finally looked into a crown cutting tool I've seen a few times online. 

I found this Crown 45 cutting jig and figured I'd give it a try: 
Crown 45 crown molding jig for saw

When you pull it out of the box the tool is intimidating...I had no clue what to do with all the gizmos. But they provide a link to this video that explains how to set it up (super easy), the tools included (very helpful) and how to place it on the saw. 

I watched the video and kept saying to myself...there's no way it's that easy. No way. I was wrong!

First up, they provide these little angle finders that are stored on the jig: 
Crown 45 jig for cutting crown

Place your crown on a flat surface (wall or a table) and place the angle piece inside till you get the right fit. For example, this one is not good:
how to find angle of crown molding

But this one (38 degree angle) is perfect!:
finding angle of crown molding

Crown molding comes in a few "spring angles" so these little angle finders are incredibly helpful!

The spring angle is the angle from the crown when it's installed to the wall behind it. 

Before you start cutting, you'll want to place your jig at the right angle height: 
Crown 45 crown jig tutorial

This is what keeps it at the perfect angle while cutting the crown molding on the saw.

Their video shares where to place the jig for both inside and outside corner cuts, as well as the direction your saw blade should be going. 

I tried my first test cut on a scrap piece, held it up in the corner, and started to believe. ;) 
inside corner crown molding cut

I laughed out loud when I held the first two pieces up next to each other and they matched perfectly. I mean...where has this thing been all my life?? 

To use this jig on your saw, all you have to do is place your crown down first, then push the jig up to it. You'll want to make sure the back of the crown is flush against the saw guard at the bottom: 
cutting crown with jig on saw

Make sure your jig is out of the way of the saw blade, then cut in the direction for your inside or outside cut. 

The instructions are on the jig as well -- it's a bit confusing to remember at first, but after a few cuts you'll get it down quick. 
crown molding jig for easy cutting

You'll want to mark your measurements on the back of your crown, not the front, because all of your cuts will be made from the back of the molding. 

This is nice because you don't mark up the front of your trim!
My first two pieces were for an outside corner and they met up PERFECTLY: 
outside corner gray crown molding

And the inside corner pieces were excellent as well!:
inside corner gray crown molding

I cannot tell you how much time (and crown molding!) this jig has saved me! Even though I've cut crown numerous times, it was usually frustrating and time consuming to get just right. 

I'm shocked at how well it works and how easy it is to use. And I'm KICKING myself for not getting one sooner! 

This probably knocked off half the time of what I would normally spend installing crown molding. 

Total game changer. Now I'm eyeing all the rooms that could use this trim! 

I got this crown molding jig online, but you can find them at Home Depot too.

Have you ever attempted cutting crown molding? If it's intimidated you, I highly suggest using a jig like this!

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