SF Bay Area Garage Evolution

Hey Guys,

So this is my 2 car garage, although even empty it would of been a very tight fit for 2 small cars, now its a 1 car garage / shop. It has gone through 3 iterations over the past 5 years.

Basic Facts

18 x 20 with a 3 x 7 Inset. Total Sq Ft 381

1960's Ranch Style Home

1st Redo

The first redo was shortly after we moved in, I added a sub panel with 4 20 amp 220V Circuits and 5 15 amp 110 Circuits, installed Roxul Insulation and sheet rocked the walls while leaving the ceiling open, then I built a basic counter top out of butcher block and bought a couple of Lowes Boxes, then moved in the Table saw, Drill pass and Bandsaw. I used this iteration to build out most of my home, Built every cabinet for the Kitchen, furniture for the living room, Library cabinets, bathroom cabinets, full theater build & a variety of other projects to completely redo the home, I did all work myself with he exception of Stone Work where I have no skills.

2nd Redo

This happened about 2 years ago and this time I got a bit more detailed, did a full layer of 3/4 ply on the ceiling then insulated and sheet rocked, built a better counter, added some AV and generally made it look a bit more polished.

3rd Redo

At this point I realized that the majority of major projects were done and while I'll use the space forever I wanted to transition it to a shop / new car storage area insteps of just a dedicated shop space, so I sold the drill press and bandsaw and really started giving some thought to how to finish things from the ground up.

For this phase I

Gutted everything and had the concrete ground down and a new epoxy floor poured

Bought new cabinets from new age and new tool cabinets from Sonic

Upped the AV Side with a new TV, Amps and Speakers (My Profession)

Trimmed out all baseboards and basically covered even piece of the garage that I didn't think looked perfect, including boxing in the garage door opener and compressor, ran new compressor lines, installed peg board and added more lighting.

Added a new sink and AV Rack

Repainted everything, including going so a far as pulling apart the dewalt chop saw and spraying it black, the Yellow was just getting on my nerves.

And that brings me up to where I'm at now, the covid downtime has given me the chance to finish it off, at this point I may come up with some little things but for the most art I'm done with any heavy lifting. Hope you enjoy.

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