Over at Amazon, I came across a “shop our exclusive tools” link yesterday, with a Black & Decker cordless drill as the main image

Looking around that link, I found a lot of straight-to-Amazon no-name brands, but decided to dig around a little deeper.

And then I found it – beyond by Black + Decker.

Crossing projects off your to-do list is the best feeling. Get more of that feeling with beyond by Black+Decker, a curated collection of easy-to-use products.

Sold exclusively by Amazon.

Here’s the question that immediately came to mind – is that Amazon’s answer to Walmart’s new exclusive line of Hart cordless power tools, hand tools, OPE, and storage products?

Browsing around, I saw that there’s a Black & Decker 20V Max cordless drill kit, priced at $50.

A 5″ random orbit sander, priced at $35.

A 16′ and 25′ tape measure 2-pack, which seems overpriced at $19 for the pair.

A pair of plastic tool boxes, priced at $35. This also seems steep for what you get.

Here’s a 2-pack of organizers, priced at $17.50 “with deal.”

This Black & Decker 26″ steel 5-drawer ball bearing tool chest and cabinet combo is priced at $187 with shipping.

There are some cordless outdoor power tools, such as this blower kit priced at $124.

And even some power tool accessories, such as this drilling and driving bit set for $22.


There are more beyond by Black & Decker tools than just these, this is just a sampling that I found interesting and representative of their core types of offerings.

It’s not an expansive line of tools, and it wasn’t publicized at all outside of Amazon. Is this a quiet launch? Some kind of experiment?

There’s no home landing page yet, with Amazon’s brand page being mixed in with other Black & Decker tools that don’t seem to be exclusives.

Looking around, some of these new Amazon-exclusive Black & Decker tools resemble current non-exclusive offerings, but there are distinctions.

This will be interesting to watch, to see what comes of it – if anything. Is this the start of something new, or a fixed strategy with limited if not zero plans of expansion?

See More beyond by Black & Decker Tools Here

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