My 2019 Ultimate Gift Guide: What I Have and Love, Or Want This Year


Sometimes I feel bad for Brian because Im so hard to shop for until I REMEMBER THAT I LITERALLY PUBLISH A WISH LIST A MONTH IN ADVANCE. To be fair, this list includes a lot of what I already have and LOVE, more as recommendations to you than for me to receive. In fact, all I want from him is our annual family video that hes cut from all our iPhone footage throughout the year. Now THAT is the gift. But since I cant do that for you, and you likely might not have all that footage of your sister, these are all things I love/use/wear a lot and hope some of you might be into.

Emily Henderson Gg Fashion 1 1

1. Alwena Dress, $170: This dress stopped me immediately and I ordered it. I havent received it yet, but this is speaking a lot to my Marie-Antoinette-meets-Footloose style that I want to come out way more this year.

2. Starshine Charm Bracelet, $32: I believe in charm bracelets so much that for Mothers Day, our new tradition is that our kids pick out a charm of something they are into and I add it to mine.

3. Eden Carryall, $198: Im on my third year with this bag as my everyday purse and it still looks GREAT. I love this company and I love this bag for its high quality, versatility (you can wear it as a shoulder bag and a crossbody) and the fact that it can fit my laptop.

4. Dorien Over the Knee Boot, $251: You saw the boot review, but this is a follow up to say that I have worn these boots A TON. For over-the-knee, they are so casual and subtle so they are a GREAT daytime boot, strangely.

5. Frill Turtleneck, $62: I dont have this, but I want. That flamboyant collar and those ruffles and that BRIGHT ASS RED are giving me so many feelings. Could this be my Christmas sweater?

6. Velour Jewelry Pouch, $35: I put this on the list because I need this badly. Im the person who puts my necklaces in my pocket when I travel. I think we know how that goes.

7. Sweetheart Pendant Necklace, $48: Speaking of, I havent seen this in person but I like the vibe, scale and old-lady-old-world vibe of this.

8. Finer Mixed Chain Necklace, $22: I have a splurgier version of this that I wear every day, but for an affordable gift, Ive seen this and love it.

9. Celeste Ring, $85: My love of the Victorian is in full swing, and this French ring has pretty details and just feels so special.

10. Gustav Fannypack, $299: Listen. A $300 fanny pack is not a must-have, but if you want to splurge on someone who might be able to pull this off, I will say that it changes every outfit I put it within a good way. You could wear a sweatsuit and then throw this on and boom, you look cool.

Emily Henderson Gg Fashion 2 1

1. Down for it All Jacket, $198: This will be my third year with this as my go-to winter running jacket. I have the darker version which layers so well with actual coats (so its not just for running). I find it slimming, comfortable, warm, and love the zippered pockets to hold my keys/cash. Its just good.

2. Baller Hat II Soft, $38: I have no idea why this running hat is so good or so much better than others. No idea. The shape is nice around my face, it shields the sun in a way better than others and it stays on whereas a lot of others bounce around and drive me nuts. If/when I cant find it, I throw everything in the house around looking for it.

3. Solal Jumper, $130: SO PRETTY. Dont have, just want.

4. Gorjana Bali Antique Locket Necklace, $65: I bought this for a fashion shoot and am so surprised by how much I love it. Also, Birdie says every day but mama, when are you going to put a picture of me and Charlie in there? SOON. Its just pretty (and $65 is pretty affordable for special sentimental jewelry).

5. Jen Atkin Carry-On Luggage, $285: Ive been rocking (with some shame) mismatched luggage from TJ Maxx from eight years ago that is cheap, beat-up and frankly embarrassing. This year, Im going to be more of a grownup and get a set, and while I havent seen these in person, I love the bright and bold color-block of this red. As a family, we are shopping for a matching set and Brian nixed this one (and it is really expensive and not where we want to splurge right now) so we are opting for this set instead which is far more affordable and subtle. (But technically I want that red one also because its so identifiable).

6. Siro Draped Jogger, $118: Good sleeping pants arent something I typically would spend $118 on, but when I saw the Instagram ad claiming they were the best sleeping pant ever, I had to try them out. As Ive previously stated, Im a matching pajama set gal, but these are GREAT for weekend cute joggers and are indeed INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE.

7. Sorel Out n About Slipper, $80: Dont have, but Im ordering because they look like they would be supportive and high quality.

8. The Robe, $250: Its a splurge, for sure but I love this robe. I wouldnt have bought it but the company sent it to me to try last year and I felt really sexy (ugh I hate this word and you know that its hard for me to use) in it. It drapes in a VERY lovely way, doesnt cling in the wrong places, doesnt add bulk and is so soft and flowy that you feel like a special lady. Therefore, its a great gift for sisters, moms or to put on your wishlist (its not a winter robe, its thin).

9. Clare V. X Demylee Nora Cardigan with Ruffles, $379: My friend has this and I borrowed it and frankly its a special sweater. I wouldnt mind if it were under the tree. (I think the $68 one in the first board is a great affordable version).

10. Desta Belt Bag, $188: Another belt bag because they are my favorite, and again, I love this company.

11. Paolo Bag, $475: Handbags are generally not where I splurge, but I pinned this for my gift guide because I do think this shape and that suede color is really pretty and would complement my wardrobe. (But I dont actually want someone to spend this dough on a purse for me, I just really like).

12. Phrase Necklace, $68: While I dont get my towels monogrammed, I do love a sweet personalized necklace or piece of jewelry. I think I would put Charlie & Elliot on it, or even Bear and Bird, which are their nicknames.

Emily Henderson Gg Beauty 1

I had a facial at Facile recently (that was awesome, by the way, I got the dermal infusion that was insane and made my skin feel like a babys butt) and I asked Cait and Lena, my aestheticians, what is new on the market tech-wise that is actually effective that we can buy and do at home and Cait very firmly recommended 2, 4, and 10 which are now FIRMLY on my mind. I have a real problem buying those for myself, mostly out of vanity shame but yes Id sure love them.

1. Slip Silk Eyemask, $50: The only sleep mask most of my friends wear (and I simply need to order one).

2. LightStim for Wrinkles LED Light Therapy Device, Nordstrom, $249: Word on the street is that it works, either to reduce fine lines or acne (depending on if you buy red or blue light). I wish it werent so expensive, but its one you can do while you are watching TV and everyone is talking about how it works if you do it consistently enough. Santa?

3. The Treat Yourself Box, $100: While all I really want is that genius brush applicator thing, this set is a GREAT gift for anyone wanting to self-manicure (I find this impossible, which is why Sara from Olive and June is a genius and invented that applicator that makes it SO MUCH EASIER).

4. KONA Premium Gua Sha Massage Tool Set, $22: She also did this cool stone massage on my face which is supposed to activate the muscles (thus firming) and drain toxins to your lymphatic systems. All I know is that it felt good and yes, and enough people are doing it to make me think its effective.

5. Skin Gym Face Trainer, $58: This definitely looks like you put this other places than your face, and frankly this might be good marketing (skin gym).

6. Lisse Luxe Hair Turban, $30: I dont know why I dont have that already; it helps dry your hair so much faster (and thus less damage).

7. Kristin Ess Soft Waves Curling Iron, $50: I have a curling iron but its almost dead and Im all too obsessed with how Kristin waves hair and while I know this isnt the key, surely it will help.

8. HUM High-Potency Vitamin D3, $20: Word on the street is that vitamin D (when using the right brands) is pretty transformative. I need this.

9. Weighted Wrist Bangles, $49: I go on a lot of hikes and would love to add this to my regimen.

10. NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device Set, $159: Another device that my facialist said is worth the money because it works. It firms and sculpts your face. This is the mini version because the regular is twice the price.

11. Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, from $24: Ive been using this for years now, once a month and EVERY SINGLE TIME Im shocked at how good my skin looks after. They call it the 15-minute facial, it tightens my pores so much and makes my skin glow (Ive tried a lot of masks but this is my favorite).

Emily Henderson Gg Home Decor 1 1

1. Nera Bowl, from $115: Ugh. I saw these in person and wanted. As if I need another footed pedestal bowl, but if you know someone into home decor, I can promise theyll like this.

2. Tara Faux Fur Throw Blanket, $138: Imagine this as a bedspread. Such a statement and I love those colors.

3. 46 Natural Frame with Stand, $14: I love how modern and edgy this frame is. Just add photo.

4. Vincent Van Duysen Varnished Oak Tray, $75: Im a tray person, indeed, and this is the size that can go on entry table, nightstand, bathroom or in the kitchen to hold spices.

5. Styled, $19: Now that Im writing my second book, Im referencing Styled all the time and truly cant believe how much I still love it and how proud I am of it. If you or someone you know into styling doesnt have it, I can say that it truly is a great resource for how to do it. (Also if you want to gift it and have it personalized/signed by me, let me know and we can try to figure out a way to do it/price to chargelet us know in the comments, and if there is enough of a demand, well figure out how to do it).

6. Soho Home x Anthropologie Tiera Pillow, $78: The pom poms, dark orange stripe and length make this an easy one to style on a bed or sofa. Modern, with enough boho to add warmth.

7. Ceramic Match Striker, $48: I refuse to buy these because they are always so expensive (why??) which is why its SUCH a great gift. I love a match striker so much in a bathroom, next to a candle.

8. 16oz Lidded Glass Jar Candle, $15: Speaking of candles, Target UPPED their candle game this year and this one looks so high end and smells so good. You know I love a lidded round box, too.

9. Splatter Pot, $18: So cute. Shove a plant in this and I dont know very many people who wouldnt be excited to receive.

Emily Henderson Gg Home Decor 2

1. Nordic Knots Wool Blanket, from $195: For those in cooler climates, this blanket is so warm, but I suppose Im mostly drawn to the block/stripe pattern.

2. Hand Painted Container, $24: Another round lidded box, I know, but its so good for a desk (to hold clips or headphones), bathroom (hair ties, Q-tips, or cotton balls), entry (keys, headphones, change/money). The shaky stripe and the leather top make it special.

3. Banded Porcelain Planter, $48: Ive had this for years and its so little and cute, perfect for a bathroom or on your kitchen counter by the window.

4. 2020 Sandstone Framed Canvas, $35: SO GOOD. For $35, that quiet print looks extremely high end (great choice, Target, with the floating frame).

5. Tripod Accent Lamp, $25: If you need to edge up a room, add a black lamp with a black shape. I do it all the time (in fact, I used this in the mountain house family room).

6. Taj Pedestals, from $36: When you add a foot or a pedestal to any tray or bowl, it makes it become more of a sculptural shape, rather than a flat surface. I would style this out on a countertop, within a bookcase surrounded by collectible objects or on a coffee table with a candle and match striker.

7. Tiny Textured Container, $24: Another. I know. Geez. I suppose I need a line of lidded round boxes, but why when there are so many good ones out there. This one is for change on your dresser or jewelry on your nightstand.

8. Honeycomb Plate, $28: I have a version of this that I love and bring out on all entertaining occasions. Its handmade and feels special (could also go on a nightstand or in the bathroom between sinks to house your lidded round boxes).

9. Faux Rabbit Fur Throw Blanket, $30: My kids fight over this because its SO INCREDIBLY SOFT. Its not one of your fancy living room throws, but your family room will thank you.

Emily Henderson Gg Home Decor 4

1. Supernatural Starter Set, $75: I think the last thing I want to splurge on is cleaning supplies, but when these were sent to me to try, I truly was bummed when I ran out of them. They smell so good, have refillable sprayers that are all labeled, and all-natural of course. It seems like such a boring gift, but I really want it under the tree again, so useful and frankly, you feel like a pulled-together mom when you look in your cabinet.

2. Copper Weather Station, $46: This was supposed to be on Brians list because that man is OBSESSED with the weather. If you run into me in person, have me do my impersonation of him but it usually involves asking Alexa, followed by some sort of commentary to himself or the kids if they are nearby about it. Over the years, Ive laughed to myself so many times at my husbands adorable obsession with the weather. He deserves this (plus it would look great on our patio).

3. Modern Circle Wall Sconce, $80: UGH. I want this. How great would this look hanging over my shelves? Stagger two up your stairway, or one above your bed. Its so simple and elegant in a modern yet old-world way.

4. Totem Pillar Candles (Set of 3): $48: I LOVE styling with these. They are sculptural, yet have a purpose (and they come in a million colors).

5. Woven Linework Throw, $20: For the back of your club chair to dress it up and add a bit of modern edge.

6. Handturned Arched Black & Maple Book Ends, $190: Not sure if people need bookends still, but I love that these have a simple shape and are really heavy.

7. White Covas Planter, $48: Ive had this for years and with a plant in it, its a GUARANTEED great gift.

8. Wooden Matchbox, $105: I didnt realize how expensive this is, but yes, technically I want it for the mountain house because we have to use those long matches to light the fireplace.

9. Citadelle Candle, $34: Lidded, round but that little felt ball on the top takes it to another level.

Emily Henderson Gg Home Decor 3

1. Mad et Len Bloc Pot Pourri, $125: Its so pretty. Smells so good. And perfect for that Francophile in your life (I got one as a gift two years ago and still love it).

2. Halston Pitcher, $110: Its such a pretty pitchermodern, but warm because its handmade (and remember, pitchers are great looking vases for branches).

3. Dash Budvase, $18: This guys is little, but has so much style. Shove a bud in it (or even a tiny twig/branch from your backyard) and put it in a bathroom or nightstand.

4. Malgorzata Bany Tall Trinket Dish, $110: You have to see this in person (I saw it at Garde) but its handmade by an artist and has a really pretty asymmetrical shape. Definitely a splurgey gift for someone you want to impress without looking like you are trying too hard.

5. Rectangular Leather Tray, $25: The tray of 2019. While these are everywhere right now, they are great because of their warm sculptural shape and versatility. Use on a nightstand for glasses/jewelry, entry table for keys/mail, coffee table for remotesI could go on and on.

6. Geometric Glass & Brass Vessel, $110: I have had this for years and it JUST broke. Its incredibly beautiful and special and an absolute GREAT gift again for someone who you want to quietly impress.

7. Hourglass Pot, from $135: The black version of what I lovea pedestal bowl. Add a plant, put on your kitchen counter or credenza. Its just great.

8. Round Wooden Box, $18: OMG IVE GOT TO STOP. When I did this guide, I just pinned everything that I loved and now that its all together, Im realizing how redundant I am, but I suppose its proof that something is good (besides this one is affordable).

9. Blue Sea Jacquard Blanket, $150: This bedspread will transform your bedroom in a quiet way. Its pretty, looks old-world in a modern way and that quiet blue is so pretty.

Emily Henderson Gg Fun Stuff

1. Feminist Key Ring, $22: I have this keychain on my everyday keys and frankly love it.

2. Polaroid Originals Photo Printer Lab, $130: We put this on an earlier guide because its genius. I have a Polaroid camera but I dont know how to take GREAT photos with it. Finally, the best of both world: a printer that takes your digital photos and prints them as a Polaroid.

3. 8GB Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof, $105: So boring I know. I just dont have one and I dont want to buy myself one because Im afraid that Ill miss books so much and not use it. I really hate being on another form of tech in bed, but my book light keeps Brian awake, so it might be time.

4. Bamboo Charging Station, $58: Im so over my phone sitting on the floor, plugged in next to my bed (I know it shouldnt be in my bedroom anyway).

5. Mrs. Doo Toilet Bowl Freshener, $7: Stocking stuffer?

6. Custom Ornament Doll, from $40: I GOT THESE FOR MY FAMILY AND THEY ARE THE CUTEST THINGS EVER. You send them photos of you and they hand paint them in your likeness and send them back. What a great family gift and memento to pull out every year.

7. Walnut Wireless Charger, $99: Wait, maybe Ill get this one so I can just set my phone to charge on it

8. Leather Trimmed Everyday Garden Gloves, $32: I wouldnt mind feeling a bit more pulled together as a lady gardener with these gloves.

9. Lovebox Messenger, $100: I cant tell if this is weird, but when I saw it, I thought it would be so cute for couples or friends that dont get to see each other enough. Instead of texting, you connect to this box/device and when opened, its a little love message. I love this stuff so much (college student? long-distance relationship? partner with an office job that could use a pick me up?).

Emily Henderson Gg Kitchen 1

1. Hurom HP Slow Juicer, $300: Juicers that work are always expensive, but at least this one doesnt take up too much space, is pretty enough to sit on the counter and doesnt have that many parts (I havent used it though, so I cant vouch).

2. Copenhagen Salt & Pepper Mills, from $24: I love a sculptural pepper mill that can sit on your counter. These are so pretty.

3. Five Two Ultimate Apron, $45: I havent tried this but Food52 does most things in the kitchen right so Im curious about how great this apron is.

4. Copenhagen Cake Stand, $59: A pretty cakestand for all your holiday (or year-round) cakes.

5. Edge Salad Servers, $59: Please note the brass tips. I am desperate for pretty salad servers as Im using mismatched wooden spoons right now, and am going to buy these, wrap them and shove them under the tree. Merry Christmas, Brian!

6. Staub Vertical Chicken Roaster, $170: Eek. I didnt realize how expensive this is, but I roast a chicken every Sunday (we eat it for Sunday supper and then I make bone broth for my week of soups) and Im curious if this does a better job than laying flat. Does anyone know?

7. Nordic Ware Cozy Village and Train Baking Pans, from $42: HOW CUTE IS THIS CAKE VILLAGE. Im going to buy these and try them out and will likely fail to make them look as beautiful as any photo but I think making a village with trains out of cake is something my kids will ABSOLUTELY get behind.

Emily Henderson Gg Kitchen 2

1. Dry Farm Wines Friends of the Farm Wine & Social Club, 6 Curated Natural Reds, $159: Another gift I want for myself badly. Ive been trying to buy/drink natural wine (less processed, less sugar, less alcohol, less hangover, fewer sulfites) but very few places carry them (we go to Silverlake wines). So obviously I need a delivery service and my friend has this and loves them.

2 & 3. Five Two Essential Cookware, from $89: I now opt for that pan everyday for eggs or quesadillas. Its truly non-stick and so easy to cook/clean while not having those chemicals we dont want. And the larger pot has a built-in collander like thing in the ling so it makes straining super easy without having to grab another thing.

4. Stainless Steel uKeg Carbonated Growler, $149: I dont know, it just seems like a fun gift for Brian, but maybe only if we lived in Portland where every grocery store has local brewery drafts for you to fill. Certainly would be less wasteful on bottles. Hilariously in LA grocery stores have kombucha on draft obviously.

5. Pocket Farmers Market Tote, $53: DONE AND DONE. Ive been bringing a bunch of janky bags, without pockets and inserts and inevitably some vegetables get CRUSHED. No longer. This is my bag. Putting in my cart waiting for Black Friday (hopefully it wont sell out).

6. Copenhagen Serving Boards, $39: You are pretty. Just add cheese.

7. Meatball Maker & Storage Container, $25: I like to prep my meatballs for my favorite soup at night (see herethe turkey meatball and kale soup) so this would solve all my plate-in-the-fridge-full-of-raw meat-wrapped in-plastic-wrap problems.

Well, there we go guys. I literally want or have every single one of these things, so I hope you got some good ideas. xx

P.S. in case you missed it above, let me know if there is any sort of demand for autographed/personal messages from me in my book, Styled, and we can figure out logistics and cost. I feel like most people who would want the book already have it, but weve been getting more requests for this lately so wondering if we can make it a thing.

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