My 2 car garage reclaim project

This is my 50th post so based on encouragement from SWMBO I will start thread on how now that my kids are older I am reclaiming my garage.

Let's start with the mandatory before picture with much shame.
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This is what I am starting with and I have following criteria.

Little if any Tetris as how is got this bad was too much stuff in too small of an area. I have gotten stacked to where I could have 2 cars in there but to find anything required moving other things.

Need to be able to park my 1967 Camaro inside and only move it out when I drive or if I need the space to work another.

Organize my chaos so I can find tools and complete projects faster.

The first step is to upsize my tool storage from a Craftsman 26" stack.

For that I looked at many options and in true GJ fashion screwed up. I was comparing a 41" lower with a side cabinet against a 56" lower. Both would fit easily.

So I bought a 56" MasterCraft 24" lower with a matching side cabinet.

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