If you have experienced ironing both with and without an ironing board, you would know just what all the fuss is about

Before the ironing board was invented, families were forced to improvise and create suitable ironing surfaces when the need arose for clothes to be pressed. But thanks to this clever invention, there is no more need for that.

The ironing board satisfies every requirement for an ironing surface to possess, and to add to its convenience, many of them are made to be foldable. As such, knowing how to close the ironing board after use is as much a part of its use as ironing on it.

The board tends to come with multiple parts to aid its function, including a flat metal base covered with a foam pad that allows for more efficient use of steam irons and an iron rest that holds the iron in place when garments are being adjusted.

How to close different types of ironing boards

There are many parts of the board that factor into its folding, from levers to leg mounts, and knowing how each of these works is important in folding the ironing board after use. Below are different types of some of the best ironing boards and steps to aid in folding them.

Freestanding ironing board

The freestanding ironing board usually has a lever, which looks like a straight piece of metal, near the edge of the board. You might need to stoop or crouch to access the lever. The lever could also be L-shaped, and it only needs to be pressed to open and close the ironing board while following these steps:

Turn the board over until it is perpendicular to the floor, with its nose facing downwards.
Hold the board perpendicular to the floor while applying pressure to the lever and slowly pull the legs toward the board.
Turn the board upside down.
Lower the board to the floor and secure its legs in the leg locks.

A good brand of a freestanding ironing board is the Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron rest.

Compact ironing board

Turn the board upside down and fold it with the legs pointing upwards.
Pull the lever that is located where the legs anchor with the board, and while doing so, guide the legs toward the board properly.
Secure the legs in the leg locks to prevent them from popping open unexpectedly.
If the compact ironing board has fixed legs, it doesn’t require folding, and all you have to do is allow it to cool before storing it.

According to reviews, the Leifheit AirBoard Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board is a good bet.

Built-in ironing board

Lift the board at the nose end on both sides to determine which direction it folds in.
Push the board towards the wall in the direction that gives under pressure.
Secure the board to the mounting in the wall using the mechanism built-in for the purpose. Some built-in ironing boards may automatically secure once pushed into the wall.
Once the board has been secured, close the cabinet that houses the folded ironing board.

Tabletop ironing board

The tabletop ironing board is portable and can be used on any sturdy and flat surface. The main advantage is that it can be moved around for better convenience. It usually has a removable iron rest at the flatter end of the board.

Re-insert the iron rest beneath the board.
Turn the board upside down.
Pull the legs out of the safety joints beneath the board and push them towards the board.
Pull the pin located in the middle of the two legs to close the board and fold with one section above the other.
Store away as needed.

A highly recommended tabletop ironing board is the one from Honey-Can-Do.

Ironing board with a broken lever

In the spirit of cost-efficiency and handiness, we can’t have you trashing an ironing board just because of a broken or faulty lever. It is for this very situation that certain ironing boards come with a small tool that can be used to unfasten the spring of the lever. If your board doesn’t have such a tool, a small screwdriver will do.

There are two ways to achieve this:

Applying pressure directly to the pin of the locking mechanism or using the crew driver to apply the pressure. This would release the lock and allow you to pull the legs of the ironing board towards the board for it to be folded.
For the second method, you can remove the cover of the board or go underneath the board to reach the tension rod. Use a screwdriver to release the tension rod, and this would free up the legs of the ironing board to be closed.


Remove the iron or cloth steamer from the iron rest before folding the board.
Allow the ironing board to cool before folding it.
Be sure to secure the legs to prevent them from popping out and causing injuries.
The ironing board should be stored so that it doesn’t slip or fall to cause damage.

Final thoughts

The functionality of the ironing board is a plus and a very big reason for its popularity in many households. However, they could equally prove to be a hindrance to movement in small homes or confined spaces if it is partly because many foldable models exist.

Foldable ironing boards offer more convenience in that the boards can be easily put away after use, freeing up space to be utilized for other things. To properly access its source of extra convenience, it is important to know how to close an ironing board.

This knowledge could still come up short when the ironing board has a faulty or broken lever, and if this happens, you could follow the instructions given above to help fix your problem.

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