Home Depot’s Klein 7pc Electrical Tool Set Deal is a Great Buy

Klein 7pc Electrical Tool Set M2O41541KIT

Home Depot looks to have an exclusive new Klein Tools 7pc electrical tool set special buy, M2O41541KIT, and it looks to be a particularly good buy.

The “special buy” set comes with everything shown here and is priced at just under $100.

This looks to be like a good starter kit for apprentices, homeowners, or even general purpose use.

Klein 7pc Electrical Tool Set M2O41541KIT Components without GFCI Tester

Home Depot has a similar 6pc tool kit, 94126, which lack the GFCI tester. That kit is also priced at $99.97.

They don’t specify the exact tools you get, but it looks like the 7pc set includes the following:


From what I can tell, the RT250 digital GCI tester is the only difference between the 6pc and 7pc Klein tool set special buys.

By my best estimate – assuming I correctly identified all of the included tools, you get ~$151 to ~$165 in tools for just under $100.

What makes this deal even better is that they’re all great tools – not to mention the cornerstone of any electrical tool kit. There’s nothing I would substitute here, which is a rare thing to say in the context of “special buy” tool sets at Home Depot or elsewhere.

As far as I can tell, this is the same as the “6pc Apprentice Electrician Tool Set,” but with the GFCI added in without any increase in price.

Price: $99.97

Klein 6pc Electrical Tool Set 92906

For further context, consider the Klein 6pc tool set, 92906.

This set, also priced at just under $100, features less expensive wire strippers and lacks the GFCI tester.

This 6pc set is still a good bargain, but hopefully makes it clearer why I feel the 7pc bundle set deal is especially noteworthy.

With all of these and similar electrical tool sets, the more components you cannot use, the less value you get from the bundle savings. This is why I like to price out the individual tools – sometimes they’re still great buys, even if a tool or two are destined for a spares drawer or similar.

I kick-started my own Klein Tools set with a bundle set. If I recall correctly, I started with a multi-bit screwdriver, yellow-handled basic wire stripper, and lineman’s pliers.

Lastly, it’s also worth mentioning that Home Depot’s Holiday 2022 Klein Tools deal is still available, where they have a 3pc multi-bit screwdriver and bit ratchet bundle priced at $24.88.