Hart Stack – Another Modular Tool Box System?

Hart Tools has been promoting their new Stack modular tool box system on social media.

I caught sight of this on Walmart’s website late last year, and now they’re promoting it at the same $79 price.

At this time, neither Hart Tools now Walmart have shared any press or media information, and so we’re left guessing on a lot of things.

For instance, this is the STACK Modular Storage System. But… this 3pc combo is the only Hart Stack product. So is Stack really a system?

It comes with a rolling tool box, a medium, tool box, and an organizer.

There’s even a new slogan:

Pack. Stack. Go.


Looks good, but what if I need two organizers? A smaller tool box?

Walmart doesn’t sell this in stores.

Husky Connect Tool Box System
The Hart Stack modular tool box combo looks a lot like the Husky Connect tool box system. Husky has only added one or two accessories in the years since this system launched – could we expect even that much from Hart?

Not having seen the Hart tool box combo in person, I’d still think it has the potential to serve well as a standalone multi-box rolling tool box setup. But modular? Modular implies interchangeability, but that’s not really possible if Hart Stack tool boxes and organizers are not sold separately, is it?.

I would think that Hart would have sent out press materials or any announcement at all if this was going to be the start of a new product line.

With this, “meet the portable DIY-life!”

Although, in the context of what’s been available for quite some time, this new Hart tool box system doesn’t look to offer anything new or different compared to existing Husky Connect, Dewalt Tstak, or Craftsman Versastack options presently on the market.

Craftsman Versastack Rolling Tool Box Combo
The Craftsman Versastack system, based on the Dewalt Tstak tool box system, is water resistant to IP54 standards and has a weight capacity of 110 lbs (66lbs rolling). There are a couple of different interchangeable tool boxes, organizers, and tool bag options. That’s a modular tool box system.

What’s the weight rating?

Are the Hart Stack tool boxes weather-resistant? Water and dustproof?

Will Hart expand this lineup in the future?

Hart says (on the product page):

Offering the ultimate in-cross system connectivity, this lockable system includes 3 tool storage essentials: a mobile cart, toolbox and organizer.

And then again in the features list:

The ultimate in-cross system connectivity for DIYers, crafters and hobbyists.

Ah, the ultimate in cross-system connectivity!

Because… ah, I found this buried in the marketing copy:

The Hart Stack System has inter-changeable trays that can be used across the cart and toolbox.

Oh, you can use the removable tray in the rolling tool box or in the tool box. Is this what makes Hart Stack the ULTIMATE IN CROSS-SYSTEM CONNECTIVITY?

Hart had promised so much when they launched their partnership with Walmart and showed off their initial product SKUs. I haven’t heard a peep about new tools from them since then, but I’ve still tried to keep tabs.

I really thought Hart would aim to compete with Stanley Black & Decker’s Craftsman brand, competing for DIYer customers in a Milwaukee Tool vs. Dewalt kind of ferocity. But, that’s not what I’m seeing.

With products like this, Hart seems to be going after the entry price point market, targeting hobbyists, crafters, or DIYer that might not look beyond Walmart for their tools, tool storage, and related product needs.

This Hart Stack tool storage setup looks perfectly acceptable for such users, but I find myself thinking it could be more.

If you were to ask “why should I buy this over other similar products,” I’d be at a loss to answer. Keter – the OEM – seems to have started with the Husky Connect design, and threw in some blue plastic accent colors for differentiation. Does that sum it up?

Price: $79

Buy Now via Walmart
See Also: Husky Combo via Home Depot
See Also: Craftsman Versastack via Lowe’s

Dear Hart Tools: Some insights would be appreciated. Are there any competitive advantages or hidden selling points here? Are there more Hart Stack tool boxes or organizers coming out? Will these ever be available in stores? IP water resistance rating? Load/weight rating? How do they latch/lock together?

I tried to find any announcement coverage, and I found something unrelated that might indicate the types of users Hart is marketing towards. Here’s a video, with the caption:

Give your son something nice to look at in between watching TikToks.

I don’t even know what this means.

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