Harbor Freight Drops Price of US General Full Bank Tool Cart


Harbor Freight has taken $100 off the price of their US General full bank service cart, which first launched around 7 months ago in June 2021.

The new price is now $599.99, from $699.99.

Shipping to my zip is estimated to be $96.95. Harbor Freight offers free pickup if you order in-store and have a truck to move the tool box in.

Is it just me, or has this become a pattern for Harbor Freight, where they significantly discount new products within the first year?

Harbor Freight launched their Icon 56″ roller cabinet at $3,999.99.

Eight months later, Harbor Freight slashed the Icon 56″ tool cabinet price down to $2,799.99 and $2,239.99 “with coupon.”

Today, Harbor Freight has the Icon 56″ tool cabinet priced at $2,199 on their website, which is very far from the original $4,000, and even the 2020 “new price” of $2,800.

Is $600 Harbor Freight’s final price on their still very new US General full bank service cart?

You can learn more about the tool cart here: