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I posted about the new Craftsman Pro System Tower tool storage system yesterday, and since Facom – another Stanley Black & Decker brand – already has red-accented Dewalt ToughSystem tool boxes in their storage line, I figured it made sense to include some of those images.

Facom also has some unique-to-them mobile tool storage cabinet and ToughSystem integrations, and so in my mind that seemed like an interesting direction Craftsman could potentially go in as well.

Given the seemingly strong interest in those Facom tool storage options, I thought maybe you guys would also be interested in seeing another line of Facom tool box options.

Facom actually has some very appealing tool storage products, but my personal experiences include their metal cantilever-style tool boxes and whatever hand tool organizational products came with some of their sets.

In this post, I’ll be showing you Facom “My Mobile Storage Solution” tool boxes. Yes, that’s really what they named this line of modular tool boxes and accessories – “My Mobile Storage Solution.”

Here’s their 3-drawer tool box, which features a metal frame with polypropylene drawer construction.

The Facom 3-drwaer tool box has full-extension ball bearing slides, and has a set of 5 drawer dividers (1 lengthways and 4 cross-ways), with additional dividers available separately.

The tool boxes are stackable, and each drawer has its own safety latch. A padlock (6mm diameter max) can be used to lock the drawers from opening.

It also features 2 side handles and shoulder strap attachment points, and can also be mounted to the optional hand truck. This is true for their bi-material tool box as well.

The bi-material tool box is more of a traditionally-styled tool box, and it also features metal and polypropylene construction.

When open, you can place the removable tool tote on the lid for easy access. The lid has a maximum load rating of 5kg, or ~11 lbs.

The internal storage compartment features tool holders at the dies for screwdrivers and wrenches, and a dedicated storage slot at the rear for a hacksaw.

The top lid has a retractable carrying handle, side handles, and it comes with a detachable cushioned shoulder strap that can be used with the 3-drawer tool box.

The total load rating is 15 kg (33 lbs). The tool box measures 510mm long, or 21.7″, to give you an idea about its size.

And, on top of all that there’s a v-groove in the top lid for conveniently holding pipes or other such materials for cutting.

From the product video, it looks like the top handle is actually part of the removable tool tray. It’s said to have a retractable handle, and this makes sense in a way.

Given that there’s a hole in the top lid, this probably isn’t the type of tool box you’d want to leave outside in the rain for very long.

The image above also shows how the tool box mounts to the optional hand truck cart.

You can fit up to 3 tool boxes to the hand truck.

Or, you can use the bottom for bulk materials. There’s also a wire basket accessory that’s part of the Facom modular tool box system. The bottom folds up for storage, and the hand truck can handle up to 100 kg (220 lbs) of weight.

Facom’s My Mobile Storage products are all advertised as being made in France.

The Facom tool box system looks to be very efficiently designed, and although versatile, it’s obviously designed with hand tools or the smallest of cordless power tools in mind.

The product line has been available for quite some time now. I have not noticed any expansion beyond the core product offerings, and it seems unlikely that we’ll see any additional tool box options in the future.

Here’s the promo video:

How much do these tool boxes cost, and where can you buy them? I unfortunately have no idea!

As an aside, can you imagine walking into your average home center and asking for this. “Hi, where’s My Mobile Storage Solution?”

If you like drooling over tool storage products that you cannot easily buy, also check out the Ryobi ToolBlox tool cabinet system:

Ryobi ToolBlox Tool Cabinet System!

If that’s not enough, here’s the BluCave modular storage system, which is as neat a concept now as when it launched a few years ago:

BluCave Modular Storage System

As with the Ryobi and BluCave products, the Facom modular tool box system isn’t readily available here. Why not? Who knows.

The older Craftsman modular tool chest products, currently still available via Keter on Amazon, is almost similar in essence to the Facom system, but there’s likely a big difference with respect to price and quality.
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