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16 October, 2019

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All over the world, birds are dying in massive numbers, and many species are extinct or endangered. You can help by adding native trees, bushes and other plants that offer food and protection to your garden, balcony, window-box or patio. If you live in the US, the Audobon Society has produced a  a ZIP-code based tool to show you which impacts from climate change are expected in your area and which bird species will be affected.

We need more solar energy. Solar farms are best placed in sunny areas – but that’s also often where food crops are grown. Luckily though, we can combine them! Solar is clean energy (unlike dirty fossil fuels), so solar panels and crops can not only co-exist, but actually help each other! Crops can be planted in between the rows of panels. Or, plants suited to dry climates appreciate some shade, so placing solar panels higher above some crops gives them a few hours shade each day, and stops water evaporation. Crop yields are higher, water use is dramatically reduced, and land productivity is increased!

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The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) is a very influential conservative think-tank in the UK. For decades, it has been undermining climate science, claiming that man-made climate change is exaggerated – even though the science is proven. Sadly, it boasts that 14 members of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet are associated with the group.

With major holidays (and over-eating) on the horizon, a new study is well-timed. How do we always seem to manage to find time for dessert – even if we’re stuffed full after a huge meal? When you eat a lot, it puts pressure on your stomach walls, and so your brain knows you’re full. But sugar (glucose) tells your brain to loosen the stomach walls. That relieves some of the pressure in your belly –  and so, suddenly, you find you have “room” for dessert! Well, that’s nice to know, but it won’t stop the weight gain. The answer, apparently, is to limit dessert to just a taste. That way, you won’t pile on the pounds but you will reduce that “stuffed” feeling. Hmmmm.
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