Enhance your prep space with these essential kitchen islands

Islands aren't just a vacation spot. When it comes to your kitchen, they're that destination that offers extra prep space and storage. With generous work surfaces, roomy cabinets, and useful shelving, they support every mealtime necessity so you can chop, mix, knead, and serve. Placed at the heart of your kitchen, islands must not only be functional, but they must also be a feast for the eyes. So, we've collected the most stylish and practical kitchen islands to optimize your workspace.

Farmhouse fabulous

Hodedah kitchen island

Staff Pick

The charming farmhouse-style vibe of this selection by Hodeah is sure to complement a variety of households with its stark white coloring and butcherblock-inspired top. Though stylish, it's not all about looks. You will not want for storage with its accommodating design measuring 35-by-46.65-by 15.5 inches. It features a large drawer stacked atop a wide cabinet, perfect for housing everything from corkscrews to your favorite hand mixer. Aside from its compartments, this island also boasts a handy towel and spice rack to keep most-used items at-hand. With all of its amazing features, this kitchen essential has one more surprise. It's mobile. The four locking caster wheels allow this piece to be scooted and tucked wherever. Additional color options are also available.

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Kitchen classic

Casual Home kitchen island

Simplicity is bliss, and the clean lines of a sophisticated kitchen island will add a large surface area without the bulk. Its inviting design has a light and airy quality that will complement even the most cluttered kitchens, measuring 36.5-by-20-by-40 inches. With a wooden frame and a wide, contrasting work surface, this design achieves a classic look with staying power. If you happen to have utensils, kitchen gadgets, pots, or bowls without a home, this island has just enough storage, offering a drawer and two sprawling open shelves. It even has a towel rack, so clean-up is a breeze. If you're looking for something a bit smaller, this design is also available in a 22.75-inch incarnation.

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Flip up and flip out

Homestyles Liberty kitchen cart

Give your kitchen some focus with the help of this purposeful island by Home Styles. Crafted from a sturdy blend of natural and engineered wood, this wheeled kitchen essential is a solid and maneuverable structure. As an island and cart in one, it brings workable space and storage with it wherever it goes. In terms of space, this model has storage in spades, measuring 18-by-53.5-by-36 inches. With a cavernous cabinet and a stack of three drawers, there's room for an array of kitchen doodads and whatnots. This classic design also has a spice rack and towel holder. Let's not forget the best part, the countertop. Its accommodating surface makes it possible to whip up anything, especially when the optional leaf is folded up. Choose from two classic color options.

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Small-space approved

Linon kitchen island

Just because your kitchen is on the cozier side, doesn't mean you can't have that dream island. (It just might have to be a smaller dream.) This petite island makes it possible to bring extra workspace to your kitchen layout. Though small in stature, this 15.63-by-22.8-by-33.8-inch wooden design is crafted to bring the storage. It features a drawer (perfect for utensils), wine rack, basket, and an open shelf. Its simple-but-efficient structure is topped with a little bit of luxury, fitted with a sleek granite top. This stone slab is the ideal prep space for all of your top-notch meals. Should the need for travel arise, the island also has four lockable caster wheels. Choose from any of the thrilling color options to finish your space.

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Mighty and minimalist

Mr IRONSTONE kitchen bakers rack

With a streamlined look, this kitchen assistant will help keep you organized without competing with your design. This sleek option has that industrial vibe, built with a little flair and all the function. It features a collection of four open shelves, dispersed at different heights to accommodate kitchenware of any size and shape. Aside from its useful shelving, the rack includes an open drawer and plenty of hooks for your hangable accessories. The island-style rack is made to carry all of your kitchen-y things, constructed of durable MDF and a metal frame. This design, measuring 35.5-by-15.75-by-32.6 inches, is available in several finish options to blend with your unique color scheme.

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Naturally beautiful

Nova rolling wooden kitchen island

Preppin' is easy with the help of this natural wooden island. Featuring an extensive workspace and several storage options, this style will help support your every cooking need. Did we mention its chock full of storage? With everything from drawers to open shelving to baskets, you'll find a spot for every homeless tool and gadget. The diverse storage options are divinely utilitarian, but also offer a dash of style. Nestled at the bottom of the island, a wine rack is also hidden to keep that grapey favorite easily accessible. If all of the fun features didn't make this cart, measuring 26.5-by-14.75-by-29.5 inches, a kitchen must, its last feature will. You can wheel this island wherever it's needed using the casters, which makes it ideal for cooking and serving all at once.

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Island vibes

Counterspace is something every chef can't get enough of. When workspace real estate is at its maximum, assembling, organizing, and preparing ingredients is simple. To easily add essential workspace, a kitchen island is an ideal solution. Kitchen islands provide extra surface area as well as bountiful storage. And who doesn't want that? When it comes to kitchen enhancement, the Hodedah kitchen island is our first choice. It offers that all-to-desirable farmhouse look, a spacious countertop, and accommodating storage. The island features a wide drawer and a fits-just-about-anything cabinet. With additional perks like spice and towel racks, this island was made for convenience. The sturdy wooden structure is even set on four locking casters, so it can be moved easily.

If adding an island to your kitchen has always been a dream, but space is an issue, the Linon kitchen island fits neatly into small places. The petite wheeled island is a versatile addition to any quaint kitchen. It offers helpful storage space, including a drawer, wine rack, basket, and shelf. But its most important feature is its granite work surface for that luxurious finish.