Do you like sipping wine, reading a book, and or watching a movie as you have a bath at home? To boost comfort, it is a good idea to install a bath pillow on your tub

You also need a bath tray that can hold your tablet, smartphone, and drinks as you relax in a tub. We have reviewed the best bath pillows in another article. However, if you are shopping for the best bath tray, read on. In this review article, we have identified ten of the best brands in 2019.
Preview Product Price Auramor Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy w/Hair Turban (Black) Wide, Expandable Luxury Bath | Wine,... $42.99 Buy on Amazon Utoplike Extendable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray Bathtub Rack with Stainless Steel Arms Adjustable... $24.99 Buy on Amazon madesmart Expandable Bath Shelf - White | BATH COLLECTION | Non-slip Grip | Fits Most Tubs 30.87"... $19.99 Buy on Amazon Simath Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray - Bamboo Adjustable Bath Tray for Any Size Bath Tub, Free Soap... $38.99 Buy on Amazon Domax Bathtub Caddy Tray with Wine Glass Holder - Adjustable Book Stand with Waterproof Cloth... $32.99 Buy on Amazon Estala Bamboo Bathtub Tray Bathroom Caddy - Bathtub Caddy Organizer Bath Tray for Tub - Durable... $39.98 Buy on Amazon HOMFA Bamboo Bathtub Tray Bath Table Adjustable Caddy Tray with Extending Sides, Cellphone Tray... $32.99 Buy on Amazon DOZYANT Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy Wooden Bath Tray Table with Extending Sides, Reading Rack,... $25.99 Buy on Amazon Bambusi Bathtub Caddy Tray - Bamboo Bath Tray with Extending Sides, Reading Rack, Tablet Holder,... $34.99 Buy on Amazon Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray, One or Two Person Bath and Bed Tray, Bonus Free Soap... $42.97 Buy on Amazon 10. Auramor Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy

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The Auramor is a sustainable tray caddy (bamboo) with a sturdy yet expandable design that fits most bathtubs. Whether you have a small or large tab at home, its luxurious design will better your experience in many ways. Its spacious design, for instance, has compartments for soap, wine, and a book or tablet. The slots are well-organized and within reach of most people, which is desirable. Its book/tablet stand, on the other hand, has a flexible design that you can adjust to fit the size of the book or tablet in your possession.

Books and electronics such as laptops are sensitive to water. While buying a bath tray for holding such as items, therefore, opt for this secure Auramor model instead. The natural bamboo used to make it, for instance, has a moisture-resistant finish that protects it from rotting. It also has a wipe-to-clean surface and a non-slip bottom (suctions and rubber grip) that is secure on tubs. Thus, the risk of Auramor slipping and dunking your book/tablet in water is low.
What We Like Made of sustainable bamboo Sturdy book and tablet shelf Adjustable to fit all bathtubs Has a money-back guarantee Our Verdict
Auramor is a dependable bamboo caddy tray with slots for books, wine, and soap. Even though light, its bamboo frame is not only durable but also has a non-slip bottom that secures it well on tubs.
9. Utoplike Extendable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

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Even though tough, metal caddy trays are not only heavy but also tend to rust or stain easily. To enjoy a similar level of performance without the additional weight, check out Utoplike. The eco-friendly bamboo use to make it has a robust design that supports a lot of weight. You can load a book, a bottle of beer, and your phone on it without its system failing. It also has a stylish look (natural) with a varnished surface that is resistant to rotting, staining, or mildew.

The bamboo section of Utoplike is 17.5-inches long. However, using the slide-out stainless steel wires on its side, you can almost double its size (33.3 inches) without affecting its stability. Like most parts of this tray, both wires are durable and resistant to water.
What We Like Expandable design (17.5-33.3 inches) Long-lasting bamboo caddy tray Functional slots for phones and drinks Heavy-duty book and tablet support Resistant to water and mildew Very easy to set up and use Our Verdict
With Utoplike, access to items such as books, tablets, and phones will never be an issue while having a bath. Made from bamboo, it is a durable product with a charming natural look. It is resistant to mildew and water and has an expandable design that fits all tubs.
8. Madesmart Expandable Bath Shelf

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You might not have an easy time reading a book or watching a movie on this bath shelf from Madesmart. However, if you want a stable platform for soap, bath bombs, or a bathing brush, it is an ideal choice. Made for BPA-free plastic, it is a durable product. You can load a few heavy items on it without it breaking apart. The material is also safe (irritants-free), waterproof, and less prone to growing mold or mildew.

The Madesmart has a 21.80-inch long shelf, which fits most of the standard bathtubs people have at homes. However, if you have a giant tub or want to create space for more items, it is expandable to 30.87-inches. The process is seamless and not compromise the stability and performance of this tray in any way. Finally, like the Utoplike tray that we have reviewed, the risk of Madesmart slipping from your tub and ruining your items is low. Both handles are wide and have non-slip contacts, which secure it well on most bathtubs.
What We Like Wide and non-slip handles Made from BPA-free plastic The tray has self-draining holes Expandable to 30.87-inches Secures most bath essentials Our Verdict
With Madesmart at home, securing items such as soap, essential oils, and bath bombs is easy while bathing. Its plastic shell (BPA-free) not only supports a lot of weight but also has sturdy, non-slip handles.
7. Simath Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

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Simath is a luxurious caddy for bathtubs made from natural bamboo. Unlike some wooden models that are not sustainable or metallic ones that rust over time, the quality of this product is admirable. When in use, you can secure a tablet, book, or magazines on its backrest without it topping over. You also get two round slots for your candles and slots for cups, wine glasses, and soap. Whenever you are bathing, thus, you will have easy access to such items and more.

People have bathtubs of different shapes and sizes at home. If you have a small or broad one that some caddy trays cannot fit, we have found a good option for you. Simath, even though sturdy, has adjustable slats that you can extend up to 43 inches. The process is tool-less and does not compromise the structure or performance of this bath tray. Simath is a non-slip tray. Once secured it on the walls of a bathtub, your items will be safe for as long as you like.
What We Like Extendable to 43 inches Long-lasting bamboo shell Water-resistant finishing Cost-effective bath item Our Verdict
With Simath, you will have easy access to soap, drinks, and even your phone as you enjoy a warm bath. It is a long-lasting product with dedicated slots for different items and a secure base (non-slip).
6. Domax Bathtub Caddy Tray

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What makes Domax a recommended tray for men and women who have long and warm baths at home? Apart from keeping your bathtub organized, it will grant you easy access to books, phones, candles, and wine. Moreover, you can use it to entertain or host “bathroom dates” while maintaining a comfortable posture. Like most bath trays we have listed herein, Domax is a durable item. The natural bamboo (100%) used to make it has a hard-wearing structure that lasts for long. It does not chip not breaks easily and has a waterproof coat (varnish) that protects it from staining/rotting.

Will Domax fit the bathtub in my home? If you are a first-time buyer and worried about fit, read on. In addition to its unique style and its stability, Domax’s extendable 29.4-inch design benefits most people. If you have a bathtub that measures up to 44.2 inches, you can set it up and use it for hours without issues. The tray’s removable boards retain their stability when fully extended.
What We Like Adjustable board (44.2 inches) Waterproof coat (varnish) Natural bamboo frame (100%) Has versatile storage slots Our Verdict
Domax is a stable bathtub caddy tray made from a water-resistant bamboo. Its natural theme is not only stylish but also resistant to staining. You also get versatile slots for soap and books, to name a few.
5. Estala Bamboo Bathtub Tray Bathroom Caddy

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Are you tired of balancing drinks, books, or your phone in your hand whenever you are having a long bath? Instead of cluttering your bathroom with a stool for securing such items, buy Estala now. Its heavy-duty design (bamboo) has storage slots for tablets, books, a wine glass, and soap, which you can use on-demand. It also has a sturdy structure with a non-slip base that secures it well on most types of bathtubs. If you have a ceramic or porcelain tub measuring up to 43 inches wide, you can adjust this 30-inch bamboo tray to fit.

Regular wood tends to rot or warp when exposed to water and or steam. However, because Estala is 100% bamboo, this will never be an issue for you. The material is less prone to warping when in use in a damp environment such as a bathroom. It is also less likely to crack and has a protective coat of varnish, which protects it from rotting over time. Used as an everyday bathroom caddy tray, therefore, an original model will serve and family well for years.
What We Like Natural bamboo tray A protective coat of varnish Non-slip grip on the bottom Adjustable (30-43 inches) Less-prone to cracking or warping Our Verdict
Made from varnished bamboo, Estala will not rot, crack, or warp after months of regular use at home. It also has a spacious design (30-inches) that you can adjust to fit up to 43-inch wide bathtubs.
4. HOMFA Bamboo Bathtub Tray

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Do you enjoy drinking wine and or reading books as you relax in a bathtub at home? To create a secure storage area for such items without breaking the bank, add a HOMFA caddy to your bathroom. Its versatile design has sufficient storage space for a wine glass, a cell phone, and toiletries such as soap. It also as a cell phone tray and tablet stand that position such devices at a comfortable angle. Thus, when needed, you can browse, work, chat with friends, or watch a movie in the bathroom without straining your back or neck.

The Eco-friendly bamboo used to make the HOMFA caddy (100% natural) not only looks good but also lasts for long. Unlike steel, that rusts or stains over time, it retains its timeless look for years. Moreover, because HOMFA has a water-resistant finish (varnish), it is less susceptible to rotting or warping compared to natural wood. The tray’s 29.5-inch design fits most bathtubs. However, if yours is slightly larger, you can expand it to 43 inches by stretching its arms.
What We Like Expandable arms (29.5-43 inches) Warp and rot-resistant design Natural bamboo tray (100%) Eye-catching brown theme Our Verdict
HOMFA is a stylish bamboo tray that does not rot or warp over time. It is a spacious caddy with adjustable arms that fit most tubs.
3. DOZYANT Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy

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Bamboo bathtub caddy trays from DOZYANT are in demand due to their versatility. If you have lost a few phones or books because of poor storage in your bedroom, this is an excellent remedy. Its 27.5-inch design has sufficient space for books, phones, and even drinks. It also has a stylish design with extendable sides that fit up to 42-inch wide bathtubs. With on, the risk of your phone or book falling into the water as you have a bath is slim. You can also adjust its angle and watch a movie from a tablet without straining your neck.

DOZYANT is a cost-effective product that will transform your tub into a functional space. After a long day at work, you can set up to candles in it and have an enjoyable alone time. Its varnished surface, on the other hand, is not only charming but also protects it from damage. Exposed to the water, it does not warp, stain, nor rot as natural wood always does. It also has rounded edges, which makes it a safe bathroom caddy tray for people with children and or pets.
What We Like Natural bamboo material (100%) Rot, stain, and warp-resistant Dedicated space for books and phones Fits most 42-inch wide bathtubs Our Verdict
Do you have a 42-inch wide bathtub at home? DOZYANT can fit and work seamlessly on it without any modifications. It is also a durable tray (bamboo) with sanded and rounded edges for safety.
2. Bambusi Bathtub Caddy Tray

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Backed by a money-back guarantee, Bambusi is a dependable tray caddy that can satisfy the needs of most people. Whether you like reading in the bathroom or sipping on wine as you watch a movie, this caddy is for you. It has a sturdy iPad stand that positions devices ergonomically on the tray. It also has slots for phones and wine glasses, and an open tray for soap and candles. With one, therefore, you will have a versatile storage area for your items as you have a relaxing bath.

Bambusi’s expandable design fits bathtubs and Jacuzzis measuring between 27¾ and 41½-inches. Its handles stretch easily and retain their stability, even when stretched to the limit. You will also like the style (varnish) and the quality of the bamboo used to make it. Bamboo is not only robust, but also less prone to rotting/warping.
What We Like Long-lasting bamboo tray Eco-friendly design (100%) Adjustable (27¾-41½ inches) Money-back warranty Good-looking tray (varnished) Our Verdict
Bambusi is a recommended caddy tray for people who read, drink or want easy access to toiletries as they bathe. Even though it is costlier than standard metal caddies, you receive a robust product made from bamboo. It is stylish, adjustable, and water-resistant.
1. Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

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Royal Craft is a premium bamboo caddy tray guaranteed to serve you well for many years. If you have bought brands that have rusted or broken down under a load of your books or tablet, this is a better option. Its wooden frame is not only stylish but also designed to lift heavy items such as books and tablets without breaking. Its handles stretch to fit up to 43-inch bathtubs, while the accessory slots on offer secure phones and wine glasses, to name a few. Thus, it is a perfect choice for bookworms and hosting romantic dates in bathtubs.

Warping, staining, and rotting are non-issues for this brown theme bath tray from Royal Craft. Even though made of wood, its surface has a coat of lacquer that protects it from water. Both handles are removable for safe storage and have silicone strips on the bottom, which prevents it from slipping on bathtubs. Your items are safe on it.
What We Like Removable handles (two) Non-slip silicone strips Expandable to 43 inches Wood has a protective lacquer Secure slots for phones/glasses Stable book/tablet support Our Verdict
Royal Craft has slots for smartphones and wine glasses and a secure stand for your books or tablet. Even though made of wood, you will never worry about this bath tray staining or rotting over time. The thin film of lacquer used to finish it creates a waterproof barrier.
Shopping Tips for Bath Trays Material
What is the material used to make your bath tray of choice? While shopping online, you will come across bath trays made from four main types of materials – plastic, wood, bamboo, and metal. Even though plastic is cheap and naturally water-resistant, it is not as durable as wood, bamboo, and metal are. Metal is susceptible to rust, while wood and bamboo can rot if they are not protected with varnish or a coat of lacquer. Buy a tray that will serve you for long.
Do you have a 40-inch wide bathtub? A premium bath tray with a 30-inch platform will not serve you well. Instead, look for a tray that is at least 40-inches long. Models with adjustable handles are also ideal because of their adaptability to most types of bathtubs.

Conclusion: With one of our reviewed bath tray, you will never lose a phone again or struggle to read as you bathe. Made from bamboo, wood, plastic, and or metal, they are durable items. They are spacious and adjustable to fit bathtubs of all shapes and sizes and even Jacuzzis.

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