Did You Know You Can Make No-Cook Pasta Sauces In Your Blender?

Blenders are one of those appliances that seemingly everyone has but amazingly is rarely used if at all once they have it. It's the preferred appliance of choice for health buffs for its powerful blades that can literally liquify their fruits and vegetables into a smooth but thick drink called smoothies. It's also a fantastic tool for quickly crushing ice for your halo-halo. 

Usually, though, the blender usually gets stored, never to see the light of day again for any other purpose. 

We say, open the cabinet, dust off the blender, and use it for more than these two applications. There are so many ways to use that blender but we have a genius idea for you to try:  
Make no-cook pasta sauces using your blender.  We made a quick spaghetti sauce in a blender! Photo by Majoy Siason
We think it's a brilliant idea, especially when you're too tired to do more than dump everything into a pot and press a button or two. That's why this is a great meal idea to have in mind. You just need to have the ingredients. An instant pasta sauce is ready to toss with some pasta that also doesn't require much effort to cook either. 

Here's what you do: 
1 Gather all your ingredients. 
Once you have ingredients, you know exactly what you can make with what you've got. 
2 Add it to the blender. 
Trim anything that you don't want in your pasta sauce—remove stems, nubs, seeds, and other inedible and undesirable bits—and add in what you do want into the blender jug. Close the lid.  
Look at how smooth that sauce is becoming! Photo by Majoy Siason 3 Blitz away! 
Once you have it all in, press that button and let it run. The blender can create incredibly smooth mixtures at top speed but it can also heat it up slightly. That's because the speed with which it's spinning those blades is super fast, causing friction to occur. This will heat up your ingredients a little bit as the blades super chops everything finely. What you'll end up with a flavorful sauce that has a less raw flavor. 
4 Toss sauce with some freshly cooked pasta. 
Once you have your sauce, a simple toss with some freshly cooked pasta delivers a pasta meal in minutes. You just can't beat that with something more instant.  

Once you decide to ditch the stove for a blender, you'll see there are other things you can do with your blender such as grind coffee beans, make homemade peanut butter, or even make soup. Here are the recipes you need to make any of these no-cook pasta sauces: