Di Leo: Liz Cheney and The Big Lie

Liz cheney

By John F Di Leo - 

Liz Cheney was raised as the daughter of a White House Chief of Staff, Congressman, Cabinet officer and Vice President. She has known the ways of Washington all her life.

As a Congressman, she has a decent voting record, and represents a terrific district of American patriots in the United States House of Representatives.

But she is a liar, and for that, she has no business in the Republican leadership.

On May 12, 2021, the House Republican caucus took the unusual step of publicly yanking representative Cheney’s leadership post in the House structure. She is still a Congressman, but she can no longer be properly considered a spokesman for the Republican Party.

The punishment has been a long time coming. She has long been a foe of President Trump, but that alone is not reason for such a penalty.

The Republican party has always been made of at least three wings: the big tent includes conservatives, moderates, even liberals. By the same token, it has been said that the Republican party can be likened to a stool that rests on three legs: the social conservatives, the economic conservatives, and the foreign policy conservatives.  By these measures, representative Cheney should be able to remain a welcome and appreciated member of the Republican party.

Her venture into the dark side began with last fall’s election.

Representative Cheney has clung to a claim, made more boldly, more loudly, and more unjustifiably by the day, that last November’s election - its voting and its counting - was as pure as the driven snow.

The claim that November did not involve vote fraud has become more than a talking point; it's an article of gospel truth for the Biden administration and its acolytes in the media. After falsely claiming for four years that President Trump was illegitimate, they can hardly allow any acknowledgment of their own undeniable illegitimacy.

But for a Republican to join them in this lie is unforgivable.

Consider the types of vote fraud that we know to have occurred in huge numbers, both last year and for many years prior:

  • Massive voting by noncitizens, including both legal aliens and illegal aliens, often facilitated by such corrupt tools as MotorVoter (the program in which recipients of driver's licenses are automatically registered to vote, without checking for citizenship).


  • Targeted dual-voting programs, tied in with aggressive Senate campaigns… such as Democrat efforts to get people from all over the country to register in different states, from friends’ homes, businesses, and post office boxes, in order to vote for other states’ Senate campaigns… In addition to their own home voting locations.


  • Outrageous ballot harvesting schemes, such as the one in Madison Wisconsin, in which Democrat lackeys turned in tens of thousands of ballots, claiming to have collected them from homeless people in Madison city parks... Ballot harvesting has always been illegal until recently, because of the inability to protect the process from tampering or intimidation. Only in the 2020 variety was it expanded to allow completely fraudulent ballots representing nonexistent people to be counted as well.


  • The automatic mailing of tens of millions of ballots to residential addresses, without request, often multiple times per consignee, putting multiple ballots in the hands of people all over the country, enabling both illegitimate and legitimate voters to cast multiple (and therefore illegitimate) ballots, both on their own behalf and on the behalf of others.


  • The erection of thousands of ballot drop boxes, unguarded and uncontrolled, enabling millions of ballots of unknown origin to be cast and counted with neither any rational chain of custody nor voter verification.


  • The hundreds of thousands of ballots delivered by unofficial trucks to counting centers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and elsewhere, in the hours and days following the election… Again with no chain of custody, again with no identification of origin, and therefore most likely, merely photocopied millions of fabricated ballots, mixed in with the real ones to dilute the votes of America’s honest voting public.

All of the above is enough, taken together, to have stolen the election, not only for the Biden-Harris ticket, but also for close federal and state legislative seats as well. All of the above is therefore enough, taken together, to have flipped the House and Senate from Republican to Democrat… Because only a couple of seats in each house needed to be stolen for that change to occur.

These are just a few examples of the outrageous fraud that occurred in 2020.

No private corporation would be allowed to carry out its corporate board officer elections this way. No public awards show would be allowed to select its  award winners this way.  No major college would operate an application process this way.   No responsible bank would give anyone a mortgage with such a shoddy research structure.  No federal agency would allow any company regulated by federal agencies like the EPA, PHMSA, FDA or FCC to manage their processes this way.

And please note, all of the above stands independent of the shocking allegations of computer fraud that surfaced in the hours and days following the election. Whether Dominion or other computer vote-counting systems were corrupt or not (and they may have been, but that is not yet proven), the methods listed above have been taking place for decades, usually on a smaller scale... and have rarely even been denied.

The apologists for vote fraud just say, “well, sure it happens, but it’s not enough to change the results.”

Such has been the response, as the numbers grew, year-by-year.

When it’s one conviction, they say it’s not enough to change the results. When it’s 10 convictions, they say that’s not enough to change the results either. When it’s 100 convictions, they still say that it’s not enough to change the results.…

And they use that argument as justification to shut down every effort to research the matter, to audit the elections, or to tighten our voting processes and protect the nation from such fraud.

In the aftermath of the crimes of 2020, some states, such as Arizona, quickly rose to the occasion and commenced their own audits. Other states are considering their own audits, as well as taking measures to prevent a recurrence in future elections.

This is the battle of 2020. The press and the politicians may talk about budgets and wars, taxes and spending, the incompetence of the administration, the court packing schemes of the DNC...

But under the surface, in State Capitol after State Capitol, the real battle of 2020 is between those who are striving to return America to honest elections, and those who will fight tooth and nail to stop their corrupt gravy train from being taken away by the Rule of Law.

This ought to be a non-partisan issue.  Anyone who claims to believe in republican values (small R) should naturally stand for the fair counting of honest votes.

But that is not the reality of today’s America. Only Republicans will stand for fair elections, so we Republicans must be united... and we must be unyielding on the subject.

Representative Cheney’s constant denials of the plain reality of rampant vote fraud make her a traitor to the conservative movement, and overwhelm her voting record and her accomplishments as an office holder.

The Republican party simply cannot allow one of its own to carry water for the Democrats in this fashion.

There will always be room for disagreement on philosophical issues in the big tent of the Republican party.  This isn't a mere matter of disagreement. 

No, this is about a fundamental flaw in our system that has been tolerated too long, one that simply must be rectified if this nation is to survive.

In the end, Liz Cheney has proven herself to be a liar... and on one of the biggest lies of all, she is doing the bidding of the Democrat party.

We already have one party of liars in this country; we don’t need them on our side of the aisle too.

Copyright 2021 John F Di Leo

John F Di Leo is a Customs broker and international trade compliance trainer, writer and actor. His columns have been found in Illinois Review for 12 years.

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