Dewalt 9-Foot Pocket Tape Measure is Amazingly Convenient

This post was originally posted in June 2017 and updated in April 2021. After using this neat little Dewalt tape measure for nearly 4 years, an updated was sorely needed.

If you’re on a mobile device, here’s a quick <60 second video where I (perhaps too enthusiastically) go over its benefits. And if you’re on a desktop device, I’m sorry about the vertical format – YouTube requires this for “shorts.”

In this post, I’m reviewing the Dewalt Pocket Tape Measure, DWHT33028 a 9-foot tape measure that manages to be compact, handy, and inexpensive.
Best Price: $5.97 via Home Depot w/ Free Shipping
This miniature Dewalt tape measure features a metal pocket clip, lanyard loops, and a magnetic back.

At the time of this updated post, the price is $6 with free shipping at Home Depot. It’s unclear as to how long the no-minimum free shipping on this item will last.

The Pocket Tape is larger than the Milwaukee and Stanley keychain tape measures Ben reviewed, but also feels more durable. The extra 3 feet of blade length (50%) adds to its convenience and capabilities. Despite being larger than typical keychain-sized 6′ tape measures, this Dewalt 9′ Pocket Tape is still extremely compact.

The magnet on the back is small, but strong enough to keep it from sliding down painted or coated steel surfaces.

The blade measures 1/2″ wide and is coated with Tylon for durability. (Tylon is a brand name for a variety of nylon and nylon-based materials.) The markings are clear and easily readable.

The hook is small, but proportionally so. It could be larger, but I don’t think that would accomplish anything but to make the tape clumsier to use.

The Dewalt Pocket Tape Measure clips inside my pocket or onto my belt, but it can usually be found magnetically mounted to a wall cabinet at eye level. It have not yet utilized the lanyard loop, and probably never will.

When the Dewalt 9′ tape measure first came out, I predicted I’d buy a couple more the first time I see them in stores. I did buy one more, and I also keep it in the garage. Sometimes I’ll move the second to a piece of equipment, but I make it a point to always replace my primary to its eye-level spot on my wall cabinet so that I can easily find it the next time.

I of course also use 16′ and 25′ tape measures, and this tape is no substitute when I need a longer or stouter tape measure. In a workshop setting, almost all larger-sized tape measures are interchangeable if you stick with a good brand. And, most larger-sized tape measures are also too easy for me to put down and misplace somewhere.

Larger tapes can be cumbersome to clip to my belt when I’m working on a project. So, what usually happens is I’ll put a larger tape measure down, and then have a hard time finding it the next time I need it. This doesn’t happen with my Dewalt 9′ tape.

This tape measure doesn’t have record-breaking standout (I get ~3 feet repeatable), it probably won’t survive a drop from 50 feet, and it doesn’t have a super strong double-action spring return. But it’s convenience, and that’s what’s important.

You know what? We couldn’t find the household-use tape measure the other day – it wasn’t in the kitchen tool cabinet where it was supposed to be. Home Depot has these for $6 with FREE shipping (as of the time of this posting), and so, I just ordered one more. Once it arrives, the new tape measure will have a home on the refrigerator door.

Price: $6

Buy Now via Home Depot
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Thank you to Dewalt for providing the test sample unconditionally. Additional samples were purchased at retail.
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