Craftsman “Pro System Tower” – ToughSystem Tool Boxes at Lowe’s?

An interesting tip came in earlier this month, asking me to look into the new Craftsman Pro System Tower that Lowe’s recently started listing on their website.

The Craftsman Pro tool box listing still hasn’t been updated, and we’re still waiting to hear back from Craftsman.

The reader’s suggestion makes sense – they believe that this indicates a new line of Craftsman-branded ToughSystem tool boxes, specifically a tool box tower or combo kit. The model number is CMST60420, with the CMST indicating this will be a Craftsman tool storage product.

Facom 3-Drawer ToughSystem Tool Box

Stanley Black & Decker, parent company to Dewalt and Craftsman, already makes Dewalt ToughSystem tool box products with red accent components, for Facom.

At the least, there could be a Craftsman ToughSystem or ToughSystem 2.0 tool box tower/combo stack at Lowe’s.

But beyond that, there is a LOT of potential. Dewalt never launched their 3-drawer ToughSystem tool box here in the USA, and I don’t think I have ever seen the 2-drawer tool box in person yet either, perhaps indicating soft popularity. Might we see these drawer tool boxes with fitted foam trays and Craftsman hand tool assortments, similar to what Facom offers?

Facom Tool Cabinet and ToughSystem Combo

Facom also has a very neat accessory rail system that lets users attach their modular ToughSystem tool boxes to select Facom rolling tool cabinets.

Craftsman has a lot of potential here, for ToughSystem and ToughSystem 2.0 tool box components to be offered in ways that Dewalt has not yet pursued, at least in the USA.

When it comes to modular tool boxes, Home Depot has Milwaukee Packout, Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0, and Ridgid Pro System. AND, they also have a Husky system at a lower price point.

What does Lowe’s have when it comes to modular tool box systems? So far, it’s usually just Craftsman Versastack, which is basically Dewalt Tstak tool boxes with red accent colors instead of yellow. We’ve seen Craftsman bring Tstak designs to the USA that are not found in Dewalt’s own system, such as tool bags previously available overseas but not here.

So, Craftsman-branded ToughSystem tool box options, branded as the Craftsman Pro System Tower will go a long way towards bolstering Lowe’s modular tool box offerings.

If Lowe’s will only carry this tool box combo tower, that’s better than nothing, although there’s the potential for more. Tool box towers typically sell well, and if Craftsman and Lowe’s experience strong sales, who knows what could happen.

There’s also another important question to ask – what if the Craftsman Pro System Tower is a completely different product?

However, Stanley Black & Decker has a long history of cross-branding their tool boxes and organizers, such as between Dewalt and Stanley brands, and so there are a lot of precedents that suggest the Craftsman Pro tool box system is going to be rebranded from ToughSystem 2.0 products.

There’s the potential for Craftsman’s Pro tool storage system to be something different than ToughSystem, but the likelihood is very slim.
Craftsman Pro System Tower Features & Specs Full stackable with auto connect latches 7in wheels for easy transportation Aluminum latch material 22″ width 13″ depth 33″ height 3 trays 9 handles 0 drawers 130 lbs weight capacity
Hopefully we’ll learn more soon.

In the meantime, what do you think this new Craftsman Pro System 22″ Tower tool box combo will mean for users?

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