compressor help

Hello all new to forum. i am in a search for a new compressor and need some help. my current rig is a cheapy HF 21gal that i bought 10 years ago when i was young and didnt have my own shop. built my 30x40 shop 3 years ago and have been dealing with waiting for air ever since. i do alot of automotive work, mostly impacts drills and die grinders. hardly ever use a da sander or blast cabinet. been looking for a new 60gal compressor. at first i was thinking a husky one from homedepot but they have crappy reviews, then looked at tractor supply and the IR brands there have crap reviews. Im trying to stay under 1g but i keep thinking buy once cry once so ive upped my price to 1300. id like a 2 stage but do i really need it? idk if id notice if i didnt have one. i have 4 machines in mind that im going to post links to. let me know what yall think! thanks #GeneralToolDiscussion