By: Jim Pulman

As consumers look for more ways to become not only environmentally friendly but save a couple of bucks in the process, the demand for Energy Saving Devices has quickly grown. “Green Gadgets” as they are called are often marketed as the best tool for your home or workplace, but do they truly live up to the hype? Although many of them do produce the results advertised, many unfortunately don’t. Therefore, we’ve compiled the top 7 Essential Energy Saving Devices that you should have within your home or place of work.

#7 Green/Smart Thermostats

High-tech energy saving thermostats have been around for many years now, but many of and yes even the high-end versions offer basic functions such as timed A/V or heating. Green/Smart thermostats are completely changing the way your home/work temperature is run. Instead of merely programming the device to turn on or off during certain times of the day, these smart thermostats can actually study and learn you and your families patterns. Since data shows that over 40% of a home’s utility bills go towards heating and cooling, this is a must-have for any homeowner. Although these new thermostats are still very pricey, landlords can often work with your rent due to the shared savings the device would provide for both parties.

#6 Solar Panels

Like many once very expensive technologies, solar panels are now starting to come down in price. This price drop and growth in competition means that more and more people can now have the ability to harness the sun’s energy and convert it to energy that can be used for various things in their home. Although there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing solar panels, the good people at can no doubt help you with your purchase. This energy saving technology is definitely worth the investment.

#5 Energy Star Appliances

You might have seen these little stickers announcing that they are certified Energy Star Appliances, but what do they really mean? This label was created and backed by the government to help diminish gas emissions and other pollutants caused by older appliances. Yes, the energy savings are minimal, but over time, they begin to stack up; in addition, these certified devices are incredibly less impactful to the overall environment. It’s good to get energy efficient products whenever possible.

#4 Smart Power Strips

We want to unplug devices that we hardly use, we really do, but more often than not, these power strips are located within hard to reach areas such as behind our refrigerator or large desks. Smart power strips are a great new energy saving technology that literally cuts any phantom electricity coming from a device not being used. These smart power strips come in a variety of prices depending on where you purchase it from, but they are well worth the price.

#3 LED bulbs

Even before the invention of LED or “Green” bulbs, people have not taken kindly to the traditional bulb as many fear the amount of mercury residing within them. Thankfully we now have an alternative that is not only great for the environment but will also save you a great deal of money on your next energy bill. LED bulbs also provide incredible lighting, but better than the traditional fluorescent but will also last you twice as long which is energy saving.

#2 Smartphone Management System

When one begins to think about the various ways to save money on their energy bill, they hardly ever think about the small stuff. The fact is that we’re humans, we’re going to make mistakes such as leaving the TV on or our coffee maker running. Investing in a smartphone management system will allow you to make sure that all your unnecessary devices are shut off and not wasting energy and your money along with it. This is an energy saving device almost no one thinks about but should have!

#1 Energy Usage Testers

Although this might be a one-time use device, it can certainly help you save money in the long run. Energy usage devices work by plugging them into devices all over your home. The device will then begin to estimate how much that appliance or gadget is costing you to run per month. This, of course, will provide you with extremely helpful data that can then justify the replacement of an appliance. We’ve seen these devices run up to $50 online, but they are certainly worth the investment if it can help you lower your energy bill.

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