Best Baby Swings Your Baby Will Definitely Love

Your child is only a baby once. Thats why you want to give her all the hugs and kisses. Wrap her around your arms and carry her around all the time. But thats just not practical. You have to put her down for many reasons when you want to get some coffee, work, clean her stuff, prepare dinner, take a shower, or just sit back and rest for a bit. But you know what happens the moment you put her down. Unless shes asleep, chances are, shed be screaming and whining, crying all her might just so you could cradle her in your arms again.

Fortunately, theres a solution to this problem of yours: get yourself a baby swing.This fun tool provides a secure and comfortable place for your baby to have fun while she watches you work, cook, clean, or just sit down and rest. Win-win situation, isnt it?

You can get a good-quality baby swing at a price range of $100-200. Its not always a cheap investment so you better choose the best one for your baby.

Heres a collection of the best baby swingsto choose from.

Top 10 Baby Swings Of 2020 Reviewed

1.Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing, Affinia

Baby Swing For Small Home Spaces

Graco is a leading brand when it comes to baby gear items. Their baby swings, in particular, have gotten thousands of positive reviews from moms all over the world.

When youre looking for swings (and other baby gear items), size definitely matters. One of the advantages of Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing,Affinia is its compact size. Despite having a roomy seat, it features a smart frame that takes 40% less space than other leading brands. This is a great feature to consider when you have limited space at home.

Another great thing about this baby swing is it utilizes two power sources plug-in and battery. Thus, you have a choice, depending on your needs and preferences. The swing also features a timer mode, a cool vibe, and some lovely music to entertain and soothe your baby. Moreover, the swing comes with 6-speed levels and five-point harness.

Age/Weight Recommendations: Babies 5.5 to 30 lbs.

Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing


  • Unique gliding swing
  • Adjustable gliding speed
  • Plug-in and Battery power sources


  • Swings only in one direction (not front and back)

2.Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing, Abbington

Low-Cost Baby Swing

Sometimes, less is more. The Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing is a high-quality choice at a budget-friendly price. This swing features a small frame that perfectly fits into a small room or apartment. There are hanging plush toys above so your baby has something to look up to and enjoy. It has 2 vibration settings and 6-speed levels. Whats more, this swing comes with a removable cover for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

On the other hand, the seat has a fixed recline position. It also has one swing motion and the frame doesnt fold. The building of this gear is pretty compact. But if you want something that can be folded and tucked inside a cabinet, the Graco basic swing doesnt have that, unfortunately.

Compared to other Graco swing models, this model has the lowest level of support and cushioning. Nonetheless, if youre looking for a sturdy and reliable baby swing and youre tight on budget, this is highly recommended.

Age/Weight Recommendations: Babies: 5.5 to 30 lbs.

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing, Abbington


  • Small frame design
  • Music, vibration and nature sounds
  • 5-point harness


  • Fixed recline position
  • Lower level of support than other Graco swings
  • Not portable

3.Fisher-Price My Little Snugabear Cradle N Swing

Baby Swing For Playtime

With over a thousand reviews on Amazon, the Fisher-Price Cradle N Swing is truly one of the most sought-after products for babies. This cute swing features a huggable bear design, which includes a mirrored globe and soft owl mobile toys.

One of the great features of Fisher-Price Baby Swings is that its capable of creating two different types of motion. These are the rock baby side-to-side and head-to-toe swing. You can choose from three seat positions the recline/upright, center, right-facing and left-facing, and at the same time, choose your preferred speed setting. For entertainment, the swing has built-in 16 soothing tunes, nature sounds, and motion in the motorized mobile. The three cute little owls fly overhead to keep your child company and entertain her.

Another notable feature of the Fisher-Price swing is the SmartSwing Technology which automatically senses your babys weight, which means the speed you set will not slow as your baby grows. Furthermore, the deep and cozy Papasan-style seat with a snuggly bear cushion will give your child the best of comfort.

Age/Weight Recommendations: up to15 lbs

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabear Cradle 'N Swing


  • Two swing motions at 6 swing speeds
  • SmartSwing Technology
  • Both plug-in and battery operated


  • Little difficult to assemble
  • Motor not that reliable

4. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing, High-Tech Baby Rocker

Best Bluetooth Enabled Baby Swing

Are you looking for a baby swing with the ability to mimic the parents natural movements? If so, then you ought to buy the 4moms mamaRoo 4 Swing. It has up to 5 different motions, just like you would do. Additionally, the seat is capable of reclining to virtually any position to keep the baby comfortable. What that means is that it can hold the baby in a variety of positions so as to keep him or her as calm as possible.

Did you know that this is the best Bluetooth enabled baby swing? If you didnt know, now you do. Thus, you will be able to control sound and motion using a smartphone or other mobile device. You can also control the speed at which the device moves. It comes with interactive and reversible toy balls to make sure that the baby remains entertained. It also has a mirror and a rattle. You dont need to physically hold the baby or sing to him or her.

4Moms mamaRoo 4 Asiento de beb clsico


  • Comes with 5 different motions
  • The seat can recline to any position
  • Bluetooth enabled for easy control of sound and motion


  • Some say it broke after a short time
  • Complaints about poor customer service
  • Reports about the music player breaking down

5.Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle n Swing

Baby Swing For Infants

Another cute and comfy baby swing from Fisher-Price. The Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle N Swing is an inexpensive yet highly durable swing set thats perfect for houses with limited spaces. This swing comes with varying speed levels, from low to high.

As your baby uses it, you will be able to determine which motion and speed your little one likes the most. Fisher-Price Swings are easy to assemble (roughly takes about 25 minutes). The overhead mobile includes a mirrored globe and playful animal plush toys. To soothe your baby, you can play music or some nature sounds that are both calming and relaxing. The mobile has vibration features too.

The swing comes in white color so it complements any existing home dcor. Meanwhile, the soft fabrics are designed to give your baby a great time.

Age/Weight Recommendations: 5.5 to 25 Pounds

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing


  • Two swing motions
  • Small frame design
  • Deep cozy seat


  • Little difficult to assemble
  • Motor not that reliable

6.2015 mamaRoo Infant Seat

Baby Swing For Reflux

If you have the budget, and if youre really after different swing motions, the 2015 mamaRoo Infant Seat makes a lovely choice. In addition to the traditional back-and-forth movements, this one offers four more swing options.

The price might come as a little surprise for you but wait until you uncover the features of mamaRoo Infant Seat. If youre looking for a high-end swing, youve got a great deal at this one. First of all, this model features 5 different swing motions car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, and wave. Known for its incredibly smart bounce and sway motion, the mamaRoo swing will make your child feel as if shes in your arms.

Theres a mobile overhead with reversible toys, sound, music, speed, and volume. Whats more all these features can be controlled from your mobile device, through Bluetooth. The soft and snuggly cushion is made from 100% polyester fabrics. It is easy to remove and is machine washable. This swing comes in a classy grey color.

Age/Weight Recommendations: 5 to 25 Pounds

2015 mamaRoo Infant Seat


  • 5 unique swing motions
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Adjustable seat reclines


  • Very expensive
  • Uses only one power source

7.Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

Baby Swing For Traveling

In this durable, compact swing, your baby will be surrounded by soft fabrics and fun jungle characters. Perfect for traveling, the Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing folds in a snap. So yes, you can conveniently carry it to grandpas house for a weekend sleepover.

This handy portable swing features plush fabrics for a more comfortable seating time, along with music and toys to keep your child entertained. It also features WhisperQuiet technology which accounts for a quiet motor. Thus, your baby (and you) wont be disturbed by the motor sound.

The seat cover is removable and washable and the seat itself can be reclined into different positions. This swing is operated by batteries and provides a high level of safety features, ranging from the 5-point harness to the support strap.

Age/Weight Recommendations: 5.5 to 19 pounds

Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing


  • 2-position recline
  • Deluxe seat and removable head support
  • Adjustable speed


  • Not ideal for bigger babies
  • May have lesser swing power

8.4moms mamaRoo 4 Infant Seat Black Classic

Baby Swing For Distant Supervision

Beautiful in black the 4moms mamaRoo 4 Infant Seat offers one-of-a-kind features all tucked in a stylish, modern seat.

This baby swing moves like you do a unique feature that replicates the natural motions of parents. You can adjust it to different recline positions, speed, and motion type. Like the 2015 mamaRoo infant seat, it combines features of a bouncer and a standard swing, featuring 5 different motions. In addition to its unique style and motion, the mamaRoo Swing has a compact design, making it suitable for small homes and apartments. Whats more, its so easy to use. The controls on the front are easy enough to operate that you can even switch settings using your toes.

The weight limit is 25 lbs., which should accommodate your baby until shes ready to sit on her own. On another note, the swing speed is a little slower than other brands. Furthermore, it doesnt have a battery compartment so if the power is out or you have to bring it outdoors, you wont be able to make it swing.

Age/Weight Recommendations: up to 25 pounds

4moms MamaRoo 4 Infant Seat  Black Classic


  • 5 unique motions
  • 5 speed levels
  • Bluetooth enabled


  • Expensive
  • Swinging motions can be too gentle
  • Has only one power source

9.Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing, Stratus

Plug-in Option Baby Swing

Similar to Abbington, the Stratus Simple Sway Baby Swing has a small frame design that fits small spaces. It features 10 songs, 5 nature sounds, and an overhead mobile with engaging plush toys.

Because it has 6 varying speed levels, you have plenty of options to suit your babys mood. It features a side-to-side motion that provides a calming and soothing experience for your little one. The deep plush seat ensures maximum comfort and the 5-point harness will keep your baby secure and give you peace of mind.

Age/Weight Recommendations: 5.5 to 30 pounds

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing, Stratus


  • Small frame design
  • Music, vibration and nature sounds
  • 5-point harness


  • Does not bounce like other Graco swings
  • Swing does not glide from forward to backward

10. Tiny Love Natures Way Bounce & Sway, Meadow Days

Best Stylish Baby Swing

This baby swing from Meadow Days combines two natural motions bounce and sway to calm down the young one. The makers of the Tiny Love Natures Way Bounce & Sway say its design drew a lot of inspiration from nature. You dont have to push hard to get the motion you want. All it takes is a gentle touch. In addition to that, any movement by the child generates soft bounces to keep him or she entertained.

It comes with two attractive rattling toys, perfect for holding the babys concentration where it matters. Using the toys, the baby will learn how to coordinate between his or her hands and the eyes. The best stylish baby swing comes with a sound module with three distinct music categories. In short, this is a complete unit that appeals to the sense of touch, vision, and sound. You dont have to be present to rock and sing to your baby to soothe him or her.

Tiny Love manera Bounce & Sway de la naturaleza


  • Utilizes two motions bounce and sway
  • Comes with two attractive rattling toys
  • Has a sound module with soothing music


  • Has a hard bottom
  • Rocks only to a little extent
  • Doesnt come with clear assembly directions

Choosing The Best Baby Swing The ultimate Buying Guide

Buying a baby seat can be confusing these days because you have so many options. While the design, color, and overall appeal are the first few things you would notice, there are more important factors to consider when shopping for the best baby swings.

How Safe is a Baby Swing?

A baby swing puts your baby in a comfortable position, making them remain calm. Safety is the most important point of consideration when it comes to anything that you buy for your baby, from the baby crib to the bassinet, the baby high chair, and of course the swing set. The safety of your baby should be your number one priority. Never compromise the quality and safety of the swing over the price.

Here are the safety features you should check:

  • 5-point Harness: Look for baby swings that include a 5-point harness. This is the highest safety level available today. Two of the points are at each shoulder, two at the babys hips, and the final point is between your babys legs.
  • Recline Position: During her first few months, your baby has very little to no control of her neck. It is important to choose a baby swing that allows for a fully reclined position. This will give better support to your baby.
  • Size and Weight Limitations: Be sure to check the size and weight limits of the baby swing. Each swing you will find in stores would have a minimum and maximum height and weight requirements. Make sure that your baby is within the specified limits.
  • Materials Used and Overall Construction: Always check for durability. The last thing you want to see is your baby tipping over. The best baby swings have a wide base and low center of gravity. Furthermore, you dont want a swing with legs protruding too far out as it will also cause anyone in your house, including you, to tip over. A great way to ensure that the swing is safe to use and has passed the federal standards is to check whether it has certifications from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
  • Accessory and Toys:some baby swings come with toys to entertain your child. But for safety precaution, be sure that the toys are securely attached to the swing and that they dont have small parts that could be detached and pose choking hazards.

Seat Features

The seat is one of the major components of a baby swing. Its okay to be picky when it comes to the seat. After all, its where the comfort and safety of your baby rely on. Here are a few factors to consider when examining the quality and comfort level of the swing seat:

  • Reclining Ability: It goes without saying that your baby is most comfortable when shes in a reclined position. This will also prevent your child from slumping over and suffocating. Choose the swing which has varying recline positions. The more the better. Some models go as high as having three recline levels.
  • Seat Padding: The quality of the seat pad is important to the overall comfort that the swing provides to your baby. It shouldnt be too thin nor too thick. If possible, get a feel of the seat padding before making your purchase. If youre buying online, check for customer reviews and feedback on this particular aspect.
  • Cleaning Options:Look for a swing with a removable and machine-washable seat cover. This is a great feature that will make your life so much easier.
  • Seat Cover: Some brands include an extra cover, some dont. While you can always purchase one separately, its going to be easier on your pocket if the cover is already included in the package.

The Swing Motion

How the swing moves is definitely a huge factor to consider. Obviously, it should swing perfectly. After all, the primary reason youre buying this baby gear is that it swings! Baby swings are designed to produce a rocking motion similar to the movement of the womb. Such motion has the ability to soothe a cranky baby and offer deep relaxation.

Below are the key pointers when examining the swing motion features:

  • Speed: The first (and most important) is the speed. Choose the unit which has adjustable speed settings. With the ability to alter the speed, you get to choose which level is most comfortable for your baby. This is important because as your baby grows and get used to the swing, their preference for the speed is likely to change too.
  • Direction: Most models of baby swing offer a back and forth swinging motion. But newer models provide side to side, up and down, and round motions. Whenever youre rocking your baby in your arms, look for signs that will show which swing direction your baby prefers the most. This will help you choose the swing that will benefit your baby the most.
  • Timer: Some swings come with a timer, some dont. This feature lets you choose how long the swing will move.

Whats the Best Power Source of a Baby Swing?

Baby swings are operated either through a wind-up, battery, or plug-in source.

Wind up

The cheapest swings in the market are the wind-up models. But it comes with a painful consequence too. And thats having to rewind the swing every after 10 or 15 minutes! Sure, you dont want that.


Most baby swings at a mid-range price are operated by a battery. This is better than the wind-up versions. But if your baby will be using the swing too often, you might find it relatively expensive to purchase batteries each time. Check if you can use rechargeable batteries for your swing.


Okay, this is perhaps the most convenient power source but swings that use plug-ins tend to be the most expensive. If you have the budget, why not? After all, its going to save you so much hassle and there will be no additional expenses in the future, like in the case of battery-operated swings. However, for convenience and versatility, consider a swing that uses both battery and plug-in as its power sources.

The Frame

The frame will determine the strength and durability of your baby swing. Check out the following features:

  • Material: Dont settle for swings that are made with plastic frame. Go for a sturdier construction, such as those built using steel or metal.
  • Base and Legs: A wider base means a more stable swing. But the legs shouldnt protrude too much, or else, it will be an obstacle for you and your family members.
  • Foldability Feature: If you have limited space at home or travel often, you may consider buying a swing that has a foldable frame. Its also a great feature to have for easy storage and transportation.

Ease of Use

Just as the baby swing should provide your child with a high level of comfort, it should also give you convenience. As a parent, you already have a lot on your plate. Dont add some more by choosing a baby gear thats so complicated to set up and use.

Almost all baby swings need to be assembled before you first use it. Choose the model which has a pretty straightforward assembly process. The manual should include photos and a step-by-step guide.

Extra Features

Once you have carefully examined the overall construction of the swing, including its swing motion features, the next things worth checking out are the extras. Aside from the built-in toys, here are some additional things some baby swings offer:

  • Lights and Music: This is a great added feature to have. Music is very calming and soothing for your baby. If you want a swing with music, choose the model which plays a variety of lullabies for you to choose from. Varying lights are also a great way to entertain your child.
  • Tray A flip-out/Fold: Out tray is definitely something you will find very useful. Having a tray is great when feeding your baby, but you want something thats removable so its easier to lift your baby from the swing, especially when shes already asleep.
  • Canopy: This extra is great to have if you intend to bring the swing outdoors.
  • Otherwise, its something you can forego. Your baby still has very sensitive skin. A canopy will shield her from the harmful effect of sunlight.


Its easy to fall into the trap of wanting them all. However, take note that each of these extras corresponds to an increase in the price tag. Carefully choose the add-ons and limit them to only the ones that you and your child will benefit from.

Sounds like a lot of things to consider. But definitely, this will save you from the stress and anxiety that comes with shopping for the best baby swing. Remember that not all swings are the same. Before you jump into buying the one that captures your attention, take time to examine it from the safety features to the swing motion, seat, frame, power source, and the extras.

Baby gear items arent always cheap. Youd be spending your hard-earned cash anyway, better spend it on the right one!

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