As someone who has moved more than 20 times, I know how truly appreciated practical housewarming ideas and gifts are

It can be overwhelming moving into a new home and a practical gift that can make life easier is simply the best gift you can receive.

Not only have I moved 25 times all over the world into all sizes and kinds of homes (thanks to the military), but I’m a professional organizer andthat means I’m a problem solver. I look for items that really do make my life easier.

Let’s be honest, life is too busy for most of us, so a gift that makes life easier is invaluable. And those are also the best housewarming gifts you can give.

So, whether you’re looking for gifts for new homeowners or housewarming ideas for retirees, the practical housewarming ideas are always much appreciated.
How to Find a Practical Housewarming Gift If you know the person, consider their personality and what they already have and don’t have. If you’ve seen their new place, think about what is lacking and what would make day-to-day life in the new home better. Think back to conversations and what the person has complained about the new home. Consider what are basic, everyday tasks that could be made easier with just the right gadget or item. Do your research and look for practical housewarming ideas that are suggested by trusted sources or professionals not just by brand advertising. Practical Housewarming Ideas
A Great Mattress We all know that a good night’s sleep is priceless. My daughter has this exact mattress and I can attest to it being incredibly comfortable. Brentwood Home makes luxury mattresses, pillows and bedding in their California factory. They focus on handcrafting their products with non-toxic materials to provide the best night’s sleep and healthy lifestyle possible.

Fire Extinguisher Let’s all hope that this is a gift that is never needed, but whether it is or not, it will be greatly appreciated. Safety is an invaluable gift and chances are your recipient hasn’t had time to get a fire extinguisher yet.

Amazing Pillows These vegan memory foam pillows have great reviews and are made right here in the USA. Another high-quality Brentwood Home product that will make any new home a palace.

Robotic Vacuum The iRobot Roomba is almost as good as a full-time maid. It works with Alexa and is great for hardwood floors and carpet, and even pet hair.

SockDock ® Whether there is one pair of feet or twenty in a home, it’s a hassle to keep track of socks in the laundry and sorting them after the wash is an additional hassle that no one needs. The SockDock® makes it simple to keep sock pairs together in the laundry and can be taken straight from the dryer to be hung in the closet with no sock matching or folding. It comes in 5 different colors so you can assign a different color SockDock ® to each family member to make keeping track of socks even easier. Check out my video showing how to use the SockDock®.

Motion Sensor Light “I have too many top-quality lights in my home,” said no one ever. There is always a space, a closet or a pantry that is just too dark to be functional. These motion sensor lights are stylish and can be placed almost anywhere since they’re battery operated. They can be attached with screws or by the adhesive that comes with the light fixtures.

CouchCoaster Keep your drink conveniently close and your furniture protected from spills. The CouchCoaster comes in a variety of colors to blend with the upholstery or to make a statement. This is one of those gifts you didn’t know how much you needed until you have one.

Acrylic Organizing Bins These acrylic bins are perfect for organizing the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any space in the home. They are easy to clean, sturdy, stylish and versatile. This 4-piece set is a great starter set or you can choose a larger set with more sizes of bins.

Motion Sensor Trash Can How many times to you head to the trash can with your hands full, just to realize that the lid is closed and you either have to call someone to open it or backtrack to put what’s in your hands down just so you can open the lid? A motion sensor trash can removes one simple hassle from your day, every day. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to match every decor and need.

Front Door Mat Your day starts and ends at the front door and it’s the first impression made on guests. A decorative and hardworking door mat makes a statement several times every day.

Echo Dot A very affordable and perfectly functional way to bring the +convenience of Alexa to any home or to every room in the home. Check out the more than 50,000 skills Alexa brings to the home and daily life.

Instapot A pressure cooker that has become the must-have item to help busy families eat healthy, home-cooked meals. It combines the convenience of 7 kitchen appliances in one; Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Marker and Warmer, allowing meals to be prepared up to 70% faster.

Tool Kit A small starter tool kit is invaluable for most recipients, especially when setting up a new home. This set comes in it’s own case, so nothing gets lost or misplaced. They even come in a variety of color choices.
Pink Took Kit Turquoise Tool Kit Red Tool Kit Black and Yellow Tool Kit Black and Orange
Document Safe Keeping your personal documents secure is an important part of being an adult and having your own home. Having a waterproof and fireproof safe to protect your personal documents and valuables is priceless.

Cleaning Tools that Make the Job Easier Cleaning is never fun, but bending over and cleaning on your hands and knees is even less fun. Trying to reach cobwebs or dust that is out of reach is simply frustrating. And wearing yourself out scrubbing is so unnecessary.
Shower Scrubber with Extension Pole 20-foot High Reach Dusting Kit Under Appliance Microfiber Duster Rechargeable Battery Power Scrubber
I’ve collected all my favorite organizing products in my Amazon shop if you’d like to look for housewarming ideas that are more focused on organizing.

If you’d rather make a DIY gift, there are over 70 easy DIY gift ideas, including many that make wonderful housewarming gifts.

Check out these creative ways to wrap gifts to make these practical housewarming ideas and gifts even more fun.

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