A company called Workshop Solutions LLC has several products centered on easy transport of 5 gallon buckets for uses such as painting, auto detailing and general DIY

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Pailpal Tradesman Cart with bucket organizer. Workshop Solutions LLC was kind enough to send me a product sample of the Pailpal Tradesman Cart with organizer at no cost and as always I will provide my honest unbiased feedback. I am not paid or swayed in any way to give a positive review.

This is a nice little cart that goes above and beyond the ability to carry, push and wheel a 5 gallon bucket. They’ve made it a cart with a much wider base that accommodates lots of room for carrying your tools on the go with a wide area in the center for bigger items and built in non removable bins surrounding the center storage area. These are great for things like nails, screws, small parts and the 4 circle bins are great for things like small round containers and cans of beer. The top section is a flat surface that you can use as a table top. This is great for placing tools within easy reach and also doubles as a place to sit on so you don’t have to bend while working. Shelves and legs are constructed with an HDPE material (Non-Conductive, Non-Corrosive) , which will not stain, scratch, dent or rust. Measures 14 3/4″W x 31″L x 18 1/4″H with a 9″ clearance between shelves. There are 4 castors for easy transport that make transporting a heavy 5 gallon bucket extremely easy and the fixed rear castors, front 360 degree castors and pull handle make it handle just like a child’s radio flyer wagon. One of the 360 degree castors has a lock to park the cart.

You can get the Pailpal Tradesman cart by itself which is priced at $120 or with the additional bucket organizer apron that fits over any 5 gallon bucket as pictured above for $150 (5 gallon bucket not included). Having options is great for example, a painter probably wouldn’t need the bucket organizer apron while a general contractor or electrician would find the bucket organizer useful.

I didn’t have any major projects around the house when I received the Pailpal tradesman cart for review however several weeks before receiving, I did have to mix thinset for a tiling project and full 5 gallon buckets of thinset are heavy and having something like this Pailpal cart would’ve made transporting those buckets to the room so much easier. We do have some more tiling projects coming up along with painting and we have a few 5 gallong buckets of paint as well and this cart will definitely be a life saver when we tackle those jobs.

Overall I really like the Pailpal tradesman cart. It’s well constructed, appears very sturdy and has several features that make it more useful than a bucket dolly alone. Definitely great for wheeling any 5 gallon bucket with additional storage for the other tools you’ll be using on the job. If you opt for the bucket organizer, that too is well featured and very useful for storing hand tools with plenty of x-small, small and medium pockets on the outside with a few small pockets on the inside sleeves in addition to the buckets ability for storage.

I’m impressed with the overall quality of the cart and functionality is excellent. The only faults I could find was that the top surface has a diamond plate pattern mat that while looks great and provides good traction so your tools don’t easily fall off, the mat itself is free floating within the grooves of the top surface. Nothing is stopping your coworkers from picking it up and taking off with it since it’s not fastened in place. I suppose this isn’t a big deal and you can easily fix this by adding some glue or velcro to keep the mat in place.

The next minor issue has to do with the design and use of carriage bolts for installing the 4 legs that connect the top to the base. Carriage bolts have a square base underneath the round head which is designed to go with a square slot to hold them in place while you tighten with a nut. There are no square slots on any of the parts that hold the legs in place. Only the legs themselves have slits that provide two flat sides which you would think could be for holding the square base of the bolts in place however these slots are smaller than the square base of the bolts. The instructions don’t mention whether to place the bottom bolts facing up or down. I tried placing all four carriage bolts on the bottom base with their threads facing down to clean up the look but because of the clearance and design of the parts, was only able to have two bolts with their threads underneath while the other two had their threads facing up which is not visually appealing. It’s obvious that the 4 carriage bolts have their threads facing down on the top section so as to have a flat surface to place the mat. Anyways, the use of carriage bolts and lack of square slots in the design and construction of the cart was in no way a deal breaker, more of a minor fuss issue and slight design oversight. I’m sure this can easily be fixed in future revisions of the product but as it is, it’s no big deal.

Even with these two rather small issues, it’s still a great cart to haul those heavy 5 gallon buckets along with the other tools needed to finish the job all at once.
Tool Organizer / Apron Handle for easy pulling! Seat to save you from bending! Premium 5″ Casters Accommodates standard 5 gallon bucket Non-Conductive, Non-Corrosive perfect for professional use

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