8 Best Pull Out Baskets for Kitchens (2020)

It took me awhile to get to adding this particular article. The funny thing, is that pull out baskets are one of the top storage accessories to add to your cabinets. They’re one of the most functional in-cabinet add ons you can make to your kitchen.

The best part – is that they’re easy to install, they work with tons of cabinet styles and they make hard-to-reach items accessible.

You might think of a pull out basket as just a plain ol’ wire basket that slides out of the cabinet, but they are so much more than that.

Let’s take a look at what makes these storage accessories so great!

Rev-A-Shelf – Chrome Wire Pull Out Baskets Various sizes: 12″, 15″, 18″ and 21″ widths Full-extension ball bearing slides Installs with just 4 screws Heavy gauge wire construction Check Current Price
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What are pull out baskets
Pull out baskets consist of a few core components one of which is the basket. The basket rests on a frame assembly or structure. Attached to that frame assembly is a pair of slides that allow the basket to slide forwards and backwards.

The slides that the basket is attached to mount directly to the floor of the inside of a cabinet.

The pull out baskets can be made of metal wire, painted metal and even wood. The slides that are used to move the basket out of the cabinet are usually ball-bearing slides that allow for a smooth action.
Where to put pull out baskets
This is one of the great things about storage accessories. You can determine the ideal functionality of what works best in your kitchen, apartment, condo or home. 

Pull out baskets are perfect for both narrow and wide base kitchen cabinets. They can often work and be mounted inside of standard base cabinet widths of 9″, 12″, 15″, 18″, 21″, 24″ and wider.

The idea with pull out basket storage accessories is to have better access to your cabinet items. Things like pots and pans are great to use with pull out baskets. Tupperware and the under sink area can also benefit from pull out storage.
Under Counter Base Cabinets Under Sink Area Pantry Shelves Vanity Cabinets Narrow Cabinets Cabinet dimensions to know about
This should be the main focus when it comes to installing things like pull out baskets inside cabinets. We need to make sure we have plenty of room for the basket to slide in and slide out with no interference.

I would recommend to grab a tape measure and measure the inside width from the cabinet hinge to the cabinet frame. I would also make sure the depth and height allows for room as well.

Here’s an example: If you have a cabinet that is 15″ wide x 19″ high x 24″ deep, you need a pull out basket that is smaller than those dimensions.
Base kitchen cabinet widths
Width measurements are usually standard sizes of 12″, 15″, 18″, 21″, 24″, 30″ and larger
Base kitchen cabinet depths
Depth measurement are usually 22″ to 24″ in depth.
Base kitchen cabinet heights
Some base cabinets might be full height or come with a drawer inside. Full height with countertop is 36″. The height minus the countertop is 34.5″.
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[contact-form-7] Finding The Best Pull Pull Out Baskets for Kitchens
We love pull out baskets and the tons of options that are out there. If you think you’ve landed on one that could work, keep looking, as there’s a chance haven’t touched the surface of what’s available. For a quick breakdown though, check out some of the best pull out baskets we’ve found.
Large/wide pull out baskets Solid bottom pull out baskets Wood pull out baskets Tool-free pull out baskets Mount to cabinet door pull out baskets Pot and Pan pull out baskets Narrow cabinet pull out baskets Under sink pull out baskets Rev-A-Shelf 5WB Series – Large Pull Out Baskets
You might have a larger base cabinet, say 21 or 24 inches, that you need a pull out basket for. It can be harder to find options that utilize this space.

There are some manufacturers that design larger width baskets though. Brands like Lynk Professional makes one that is 20 inches wide and Rev-A-Shelf makes one that is 20-3/8 inches wide.

When it comes to functional storage accessories for inside the cabinet, we want to take full advantage of the space and not leave any big, unused gaps on each side of the pull out. These larger width pull out baskets can be a perfect solution for you and your kitchen.
Rev-A-Shelf – Wire Pull Out Baskets
Some baskets just rise to the top with quality. That’s where these are.
For 12, 15, 18 and 21 inch cabinet openings Chrome heavy-gauge wire 4 screws mounts it to cabinet floor Check Current Price SimpleHuman – Solid Bottom Pull Out Baskets
Unless it’s made out of wood, pull out baskets are typically metal wire. This isn’t ideal for some items that you may not want clanging around in a rigid wire basket. The other problem is that smaller things can sneak their way through to the under-side and then be impossible to reach.

So what’s the solution? Well, along with using various flat inserts on top of the wire basket, you can look at using a solid bottom pull out basket. This one from SimpleHuman is already pre-assembled with a drop-in plastic insert. They have baskets in various widths too!
SimpleHuman – Pull Out Baskets
Sometimes wire bottoms aren’t ideal. SimpleHuman baskets provide a solution.
Sizes are 9, 14, & 20 inch widths Removable tray insert Integrated handle pull Check Current Price Lynk Professional – Wood Pull Out Baskets
Wire just might not cut it for your style. For those of you who agree to that, it can be hard to find a solution as most pull out baskets are chrome wire. Wood (often times melamine) can be easier to clean and look like it fits more naturally into the environment of a traditional kitchen. 

Although wood pull out baskets can be a bit pricey, they have a certain appeal and still have all the great features that wire baskets offer us. Things like various sizes, easy installs and ultimately…full access to what we keep inside our kitchen cabinets.
Lynk Professional – Pull Out Baskets
Beautiful wood might work in your kitchen aesthetic even better than chrome!
Sizes are 11, 14, 17 & 20 inch widths Low profile for easy reach-in and visibility Smooth gliding ball-bearing slides Check Current Price DecoBros – Tool Free Install Pull Out Baskets
Maybe you are an outstanding tenant and rent where you live. Not wanting to damage cabinets is absolutely understandable and your landlord should appreciate that.

Luckily you can find some good pull out basket options without having to drill unsightly holes in your beautiful cabinets. These DecoBros baskets are able to just “drop-in” to your cabinet base with no installation necessary.

Ideally, you want to find a pull out basket that is low profile, so you can gain access to it if it’s sitting inside the cabinet and not outside.
Simple Trending – Tiered Pull Out Baskets
No screw driver or drills needed! Just find a home for it and start organizing.
10 inch wide x 16 inch deep x 13.5 inch height Stackable with multiple units Anti-slip pads on each foot Check Current Price Rev-A-Shelf – Cabinet Door Mounted Pull Out Baskets
There are lots of door mounted products that I’ve talked about on the website before. Things like trash pull outs and other storage accessories often mount to an existing cabinet door.

To do this, we need a door mounting kit. These kits are either integrated into the pull out product itself or offered separately by the manufacturer.

The door mount kit easily attaches on the front left and right structure of the pull out basket and then screws to the existing cabinet door. Keep in mind that the existing cabinet door will need to be un-hinged beforehand.
Rev-A-Shelf – 5WB2 Pull Out Baskets
Two-tiers are even better, right? Get even more storage with this basket.
Sizes for 12, 15, 18 and 21 inch wide cabinets Mounts to cabinet floor Door Mount Bracket offered separately Check Current Price Rev-A-Shelf 5CW2 Series – Pot and Pan Pull Out Baskets
Hands down, pot and pan pull outs are one of the most-used storage accessories. We list some of the best pot and pan organizers throughout the website too. It’s hard to choose just one product as your needs can vary depending on your type of cookware used and the cabinet space you have.

The Rev-A-Shelf pull out baskets for pots and pans is an ideal starting point. The two-tier version allows you to store lids on top and pots and pans on the bottom.

The shelves independently slide out for quick access. This comes ready-to-install and mounts to the cabinet floor and to the back walls of the cabinet.
Rev-A-Shelf – Cookware Pull Out Baskets
A pull out designed specifically for easy access to your go-to pot and pans. 
Sizes for 12 and 21 inch wide cabinets Mounts to floor and back wall of cabinet Door Mount Bracket offered separately Check Current Price Household Essentials – Best Narrow Pull Out Baskets
Got a small or narrow cabinet? There are a few options for these scenarios including pull out baskets that can work in cabinets less than 12 inches wide.

Believe it or not, often times it is the smaller cabinets that can benefit from the use of pull out storage organizers. Yes, they can be hard to mount inside, but they can allow you access to the back of the cabinet way easeir.

This pull out two-tier basket is only 5 inches wide! It comes as a kit, so you just need to do some quick pre-assembling and then you can mount it to the base of the cabinet floor!
Household Essentials – Wire Pull Out Baskets
Have a small cabinet? The Lynk pull out baskets are just what the doctor ordered.
5 inches wide for narrow cabinets Heavy-duty with chrome finish Installs in just minutes Check Current Price Lynk Professional – Under Sink Pull Out Baskets
The under-sink area, in my opinion, is one of the easiest areas to improve organization. We tend to throw lots of random things under the sink and it can quickly become a crazy mess.

There are lots of great storage pull outs designed for the under sink cabinet. Many of which are like the Lynk Professional pull out wire baskets. These cool pull outs mount to the far side of either the left or right of the cabinet. The roll out towards you and provide quick access to everyday items.
Lynk Professional – Wire Pull Out Baskets
They can mount on the far right or far left of the cabinet avoiding plumbing.
Works on either the left or right side Removable tray in top basket (Great for sponges/rags) Design easily avoids plumbing Check Current Price More Blog Posts… 10 Awesome Ways to Add Pull Out Storage in Your Kitchen Cabinets
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