7 Best Tools Bags [2020 Review]

The best tool bags are as essential as any tool in your shelf or drawer. These bags ensure everything is always in one place and on hand during your project, and that you dont need to go back and forth your tool storage area and the jobsite just to retrieve something you forgot. Theyre lightweight and compact, while some have plenty of compartments and pockets.

They are also versatile. Some have open tops and have handles that you can carry around like a caddy while you are doing some projects, such as basement remodeling or home addition. Some look like (and can double as) duffel bags, while others are designed to double as daypacks. But if you want something more minimalistic, then you can get one of those roll-up tool bags that can accommodate fewer tools but can save space.

Your old toolbox has been your constant companion over the years, but it has become so hopelessly disorganized that youre planning on giving it up for good. You also have some tools that would not fit inside your good old toolbox. Maybe its high time to switch to a larger tool bag.

Before you say sayonara to your old toolbox, lets check out some of the things you need to consider before you buy a tool bag online.

XtremepowerUS Rolling Tool Bag with Wheels Organizer Telescoping Handle 18" Wide Storage Organizer Bag tool box with wheels
  • Ideal for storing your toolsets and individual tools, including hand tools and small-sized power tools within the well-designed compartments and dividers
  • Durable material thick, ballistic material makes this rolling tool bag a strong and durable way to store your most-used tools
  • Large main compartments with 10 internal and 9 external pockets for easy tool access and storage
  • The rolling bag is equipped with an telescoping handlebar and wheels to provide easy transport of your tools. No more carrying tools up and down the work space, just simply go with your tools
  • Includes: 18"-inch jobsite rolling tool bag, carrying handles, dual-zipper top with pull strings, 2 external tape measure loops and 3 plastic feet on bottom
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Rugged Tools Tradesman Tool Backpack - 28 Pocket Heavy Duty Jobsite Tool Bag Perfect Storage & Organizer for a Contractor, Electrician, Plumber, HVAC, Cable Repairman (Black/Orange)
  • RUGGED TOOLS BACKPACKS ARE BUILT TO LAST Our tool bags have reinforced pockets and zippers to withstand the toughest abuse. Constructed of 1680D polyester, our tool backpacks are engineered to work in the toughest environments.
  • 28 POCKETS TO STORE ALL YOUR GEAR Organize all of your tools in one convenient place. The 28 different pockets are designed to hold your screwdrivers, wrenches, measuring tape, level, drill, electrical fish tape, electronics & more.
  • HEAVY DUTY TOOL BACKPACK DESIGNED FOR ALL TRADES Whether you are a contractor, carpenter, HVAC repairman, plumber, framer, electrician, or cable & audio visual installer, this backpack has you covered. If you need to organize your tools and transport them from site to site, this is the tool bag for you.
  • MOLDED HARD BOTTOM TO KEEP YOUR TOOLS SAFE The molded bottom provides a flat surface to stand the tool backpack upright in any environment and elevates your tools so they do not become damaged. Water, mud, or snow, you can be sure that your tools remain safe and dry.
  • BACKED BY THE RUGGED TOOLS 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE If you are not satisfied with you Rugged Tools purchase for any reason, please contact us, and well make it right.
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ToughBuilt - 12" Modular Tote Tool Bag | 61 Pockets and Loops, Electrical/Maintenance Tool Carrier, Durable Padded Handle, 3 Removable Pocket Dividers, Storage Organizer/Tool Box (TB-81-12)
  • CONVENIENT - Reinforced 61 Pocket Toolbag, Tape measure clip, 3 Removable Pocket Dividers with Kickstand on 1
  • HEAVY DUTY - Rigid plastic HardBody lining protects everything inside, Premium Rivet Reinforcement
  • QUALITY - Contractor/DIY Tool Bag - Widest Bag on the Markets with a Lockable zipper for security & safety
  • DURABLE - Durable Mesh Pockets with Carrying Straps, Multi-Pocket & Open Main Compartment, Maximum Space
  • VERSATILE - Great for electrical, electrician, construction, contractor, carpenter, framer, plumber, handyman
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32 Pocket Tool Roll Organizer - Wrench Organizer & Tool Pouch - Wrench Roll Includes Pouches for 10 Sockets - Roll Up Tool Bag for Electrician, HVAC, Plumber, Carpenter or Mechanic - From Rugged Tool
  • KEEP ALL YOUR TOOLS ORGANIZED - 22 pockets to organize your tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, allen wrenches, and more. 10 additional socket holders to keep all your sockets organized.
  • COMPACT AND EASY TO CARRY - Measures 28" X 14" when unrolled. Rolls up to a compact size with a top handle for easy carrying. Perfect whether you are a contractor, carpenter, HVAC repairman, plumber, framer, electrician, or cable & audio visual installer.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION KEEPS YOUR TOOLS SECURE - Constructed of 600D polyester with quick-open buckles, your tools are easily at hand.
  • ELASTIC STRAP SECURES THE CONTENTS - An internal elastic strap helps secure your tools in place when you unfold the tool roll.
  • BACKED BY THE RUGGED TOOLS 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE If you are not satisfied with you Rugged Tools purchase for any reason, please contact us, and well make it right.
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WORKPRO 18-inch Close Top Wide Mouth Storage Tool Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Sturdy Bottom
  • Durable, hard wearing 600 x 600 denier fabric
  • Multiple tool compartments, internal tool loops
  • Handle area reinforced for maximum durability
  • Comfortable, heavy duty shoulder strap
  • Top-open design and large interior compartment allows for easy access to tools and parts
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McGuire-Nicholas 22015 15-Inch Collapsible Tote
  • The Ultimate open tool tote. 14 exterior pockets in various sizes. Tools shown in image are not included
  • Tapered pocket design for more room
  • 14 interior webbed loops to accommodate tools
  • Tubular steel, sturdy foam padded handle
  • From McGuire-Nicholas - the most recognized name in work wear products
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CLC Custom Leathercraft 1530 Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier, 43 Pocket
  • 43 POCKET TOOL CARRIER: This tool bag has pockets for drill bits and tips, cell phone, electrical tester, electrical tape strap, etc.
  • WINDOW POCKETS: Tool carrier features 2 window pockets for easy view of pocket contents, one removable and one stationary.
  • PREVENT TIPPING: The box-shaped design of this CLC tool carrier prevents tipping.
  • PLASTIC COMPARTMENT TRAY INCLUDED: 7 in. x 5.5 in. multi-compartment plastic tray included.
  • TOOL BAG DIMENSIONS: 23"L x 12"W x 15"H
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A Handy Guide To Choosing The Best All-Around Tool Bag

You might think its easy to buy a tool bag (youve bought a regular bag many times in your lifetime, how hard can it be?), but wait until youre presented with hundreds of choices. Overwhelming, isnt it? There are probably so many questions whirling in your head right now. These include:

What are the most important features you need to look into?

What are the best tool bag brands?

Who makes the best affordable tool bags?

Where do you even start?

Lets take a look at some of its most important features, so you can make an informed decision.


Just like regular bags, tool bag shells or exteriors are available in different types of materials. One of the most popular tool bag materials is polyester, which is a type of synthetic fabric derived from petroleum.

Polyester is lightweight and durable. They are also suitable for heavy-duty applications, that is why they are commonly used as tool bag shells, backpacks, jackets, and more. It dries faster than other fabrics and does not tear easily. If youre looking for the best heavy-duty tool bag, then look for one made of polyester.

Another type of fabric used as a tool bag shell is nylon. It is also durable and will not tear or wrinkle easily. It is elastic, flame-resistant, and does not absorb moisture easily. Nylon, however, is rarely used as a tool bag shell as polyester has overtaken it in popularity.

Canvas is another type of fabric used as a tool bag shell. This fabric is made of cotton, and sometimes, linen. Just like nylon and polyester, canvas fabric is durable and resilient. Cotton, in itself, absorbs moisture easily. But in recent years, scientists have blended cotton fiber with synthetic ones to ensure that the resulting fabric is water-resistant.

So, whats the best fabric for tool bags? In my opinion, polyester is the ideal fabric to be used as a tool bag shell thanks to its durability, resilience, and water-resistance.

Youve probably read about something called denier (de-nyr) when browsing through the features of tool bags. Youve seen figures like 600d and 500d, but you dont know what they mean.

You will know how thick the fiber or filament of a textile is by checking the denier. The stronger and heavier the fabric, the higher the denier. Hence, it is best to choose tool bags with denier as high as 600d or 500d (some can even go as high as 1680d).

Design, Portability, and Price

Consider the tool bags design, portability, and price before buying one.

The most common tool bag design is the duffel type. It looks like your regular gym bag, but the interior is large enough to accommodate different tools. This bag also has multiple pockets and compartments inside and outside.

A duffel-type tool bag can protect your tools from dust, debris, or moisture thanks to its zipper closure and water-resistant shell and lining.

Because of their basic design, these are typically the most affordable tool bags available right now.

Then there are tool bags that look like caddies and to a lesser extent, buckets. They have an open-top (which gives you easy access to your tools), multiple pockets, and sturdy handle(s).

There are multiple compartments inside, while other brands even have detachable compartments so you can customize it. The body of these types of tool bags are typically rigid so they can stand upright. These are more expensive than duffel-type tool bags.

If you want greater portability, then backpack-type tool bags might just be the thing for you. They look like daypacks at first glance but open one and youll find a multitude of pockets and compartments that can accommodate your screwdrivers, wire strippers, and other tools. They are typically more expensive than duffel or caddy-type tool bags.

Last but not least are rolling tool bags. They look like your typical suitcases, but they are designed and made to accommodate tools and equipment. The interior of the bag is spacious and lined, and it has multi-sized pockets for certain types of tools.

If portability is important for you, then the rolling tool bags is ideal because they have wheels and a telescoping handle. These products, however, are some of the most expensive tool bags in the market right now.


When looking for the best all-around tool bags, make sure that it offers maximum water resistance. Tool bags with polyester and nylon shells offer greater water-resistance than their canvas counterparts. Before buying a tool bag, check its lining and make sure that it, too, is water-resistant or even waterproof.

Double-check the stitching and closures, too, before buying a tool bag.


  • This is a luggage-type rolling tool bag with durable wheels and adjustable-length telescoping handlebars.
  • The tool bag has hook-and-loop and side release buckle closures for easy access to tools.
  • It has multiple external pockets of varying sizes.
  • It has a very spacious interior with 14 pockets.


  • The wheels of the tool bag will definitely take a beating in harsh work environments and uneven surfaces.

Sebring Tip:

In my opinion, this is the best all-around tool bag on the list. The interior of the bag is spacious, so theres a lot of room for your hammer, pliers, wire strippers, screwdrivers, voltage tester, and a cordless drill. Theres enough room for your phone, notebook, or even a small lunchbox.

The exterior is made of durable and weather-resistant 600D polyester, while the interior is lined to reinforce its weather-resistant body. The designer of the bag has been generous with the pockets and extra compartments. It has 10 interior pockets, 9 external pockets, and even a tape holder.

Its biggest draw is its portability. If you have back or shoulder problems, youll be relieved to find that you dont have to lug a bulky and heavy tool bag around the job site. While its portable and spacious, keep in mind that the wheels will eventually wear out especially if your worksite has a rocky or muddy terrain. It is also more expensive than most tool bags.


  • This is the most portable tool bag on the list.
  • It has a durable and water-resistant 1680D polyester shell.
  • The backpack has an ergonomic design to ensure that your back and shoulders are supported even if youre carrying heavy tools.
  • It has 28 pockets inside to ensure that your tools are organized.
  • It can double as a daypack for when youre on leave.


  • You might find this bag a bit lacking when it comes to size.
  • The stitches are flimsy and sometimes unravel.

Sebring Tip:

If youre looking for a tool bag that is compact, portable, and versatile, then the Rugged Tools Tradesman Tool Backpack might be a good choice. The size is just right even for tools youre going to bring to major residential or commercial projects (electric drills, various screwdrivers, pliers, etc.).

It is designed to be compact and portable, which is ideal if you live in the city and you need to take a crowded train or bus to work. Its shoulder straps and back are padded to prevent shoulder and back pain after carrying it around for an hour or two. Plus, it comes with a sternum strap for a more equal distribution of weight.

This can easily be the best tool bag that also doubles as a backpack, but watch out for the stitching as there are instances when they unravel easily.


  • Its durable body is reinforced with a plastic Hardbody lining to ensure that it is rigid and can stand on its own.
  • It comes with multiple detachable dividers that allow you to modify the size of each compartment.
  • The bag and its dividers are sewn with 61 pockets and loops to accommodate tools of varying sizes.
  • It has an open-top design to ensure that all your tools are within reach.


  • Its not as big as other tool bags.

Sebring Tip:

The ToughBuilt 12 Modular Tote Tool Bag is a good starter tool bag thanks to its spacious interior and smart design. This is the first tool bag weve reviewed that allows you to customize the size of the compartments, as well as organize the tools properly.

Its main draw is its rigid and durable body. Plus, it has extra external pockets for added storage.

The size can be disappointing if youre expecting something akin to a duffel, but this is a 12-inch bag after all. You can always purchase the 18-inch and 30-inch versions if you want to.

There are instances when the tote would tip over because of its slightly rounded base (especially when the bag is overflowing with tools). A stable base would definitely improve the design. Despite the bags minor shortcoming, ToughBuilt is still considered one of the best tool bag brands.


  • This is a compact tool roll organizer.
  • It keeps your tools organized thanks to its 32 pockets.
  • The exterior fabric is made of 600 denier polyester so its durable.
  • It has side release buckles.


It is only suitable for small projects where you only need to bring a few tools.

Sebring Tip:

If you dont need your hammer or cordless drill for a minor project, then the Rugged Tools 32 Pocket Tool Roll Organizer will do. It has multiple pockets made especially for different wrenches, screwdrivers, hex keys, and similar tools.

You can easily press the side release buckles to open it, or roll it up and snap the buckles on to close it. If youre looking for something that is portable and can save you a lot of save at the job site, then this might be the perfect tool bag for you.

It is also one of the best affordable tool bags on the list. But keep in mind that this is not ideal for large projects where youre required to bring all the tools in your arsenal.


  • The exterior is made of thick and wear-resistant 500D denier polyester.
  • It has a comfortable handle and detachable shoulder strap.
  • There are multiple interior and exterior compartments for pliers, wrenches, and other tools.
  • It has a roomy interior leaves plenty of space for all your essential tools and then some. Plus, it has a water-resistant lining to protect your tools.
  • It has a secure double zip top that gives you easy access to your tools.


  • The pockets are sometimes unable to hold heavy tools.

Sebring Tip:

The Workpro 18-inch Close Top Wide Mouth Storage Tool Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap is easily one of the best affordable tool bags around. The design is basic, but if youre a gruff and no-frills type of person who needs something utilitarian, then I guess it will do.

Youll have plenty of space for all your tools here. It doesnt have a lot of compartments inside, but its very spacious and has a lot of depth.

The exterior fabric and the base are durable. It can hold its shape, but keep in mind that it is on the softer side. So if youre looking for something more rigid, then I guess its better to look somewhere else.


  • The open-top design allows easy access to your tools.
  • The multiple pockets are tailored for different types of tools.
  • It has a durable metal handle wrapped with rubber handgrip for additional comfort.
  • The bag is collapsible, so you can stow it away in a drawer or cabinet if youre not using it.
  • It is designed to be versatile.


  • The pockets are on the softer side, so dont overload them.

Sebring Tip:

The McGuire-Nicholas 22015 15-Inch Collapsible Totes main selling point is its versatility. It is manufactured by premier work gear manufacturer McGuire-Nicholas, but this tool bag is not only for electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters, and other tradesmen. This tool bag can also be used by hobbyists, gardeners, crafters, knitters, and more.

Its open-top design and multiple pockets ensure that your tools and other materials are easy to reach. The base is stable, and the sides are rigid.

This is the most affordable tool bag on the list, so its a good choice if youre on a budget.


  • It has 43 pockets. Each side (whether interior or exterior) is practically lined with pockets of different sizes.
  • Its open-top design allows easy access to your tools while youre working.
  • It has a comfortable padded handle, and an adjustable strap that you can detach or attach anytime.
  • The rigid side and stable bottom ensure that it will not tip over.
  • The interior is divided into three compartments.


  • It is not as wide or as deep as you expect it to be.

Sebring Tip:

If youre the uber-organized and everything-in-its-place type of person, then the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1530 Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier might be the best tool bag for you.

It has a record-breaking 43 pockets tailored specifically for certain types of tools and accessories. It has several pockets for pliers, screwdrivers, flashlights, and markers. Then there are larger pockets for plastic boxes, electrical tester, and more. There are even several pockets inside to secure your favorite tools.

But keep in mind that this tool bag is not as big as you expect it to be. Overall, however, this is a good tool bag.


And the best tool bag is XtremepowerUS Rolling Tool Bag Organizer.

So what makes XtremepowerUS Rolling Tool Bag Organizer the best all-around tool bag?

First, is its design. At first glance, it looks like your typical suitcase. But take a closer look inside and you will see that this is the ideal tool bag for your tools, whether youre an HVAC technician, plumber, electrician, and more.

The interior is spacious, allowing more space for boxes of nuts, screws, and bolts, as well as a hammer, electric drill, and other tools. Plus, there are pockets for a small flashlight, as well as an assortment of screwdrivers and pliers. The wider exterior pockets can accommodate paintbrushes, wire strippers, and other tools.

All your tools are secured from dust, debris, and moisture thanks to the bags hook and loop closure reinforced with double side release buckles.

This rolling tool bag is the clear winner when it comes to portability thanks to its wheels and adjustable telescoping handles. It is ideal for job sites where you need to bring a lot of tools but cant or unable to lug around multiple toolboxes or tool bags.

While it is expensive for a regular tool bag, it is one of the most affordable rolling tool bags available right now.

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