7 Best Corded Trim Routers [2020 Reviews]

Standard wood routers can take on the toughest and thickest materials, but there are applications and materials when these powerful tools just won’t do. If you want to trim or chamfer thinner or more delicate workpieces, then you definitely need a trim router.

Trim routers (also known as laminate trimmers) are more compact, but that doesn’t mean they can’t perform just as well as standard wood routers when it comes to rounding edges, trimming, chamfering, and more. They can also be used for jointing, dovetailing, and cutting mortises and tenons. Woodworkers also use them to cut dados and grooves.

There are a lot of trim routers in the market, so it can be hard to look for the one that fits your budget and your needs. A high-end laminate trimmer that’s a favorite of experienced woodworkers might be too powerful for hobbyists. Or you might be a DIYer who occasionally has some projects at home, but you’re not sure if you want to splurge on an expensive tool because it might not be worth it in the long run.

Let’s take a look at some of the best corded trim routers available online, and see which one’s perfect for your home projects or your jobsite. We also have a buying guide so you’ll know what to look for when shopping online or at your favorite hardware store.

Bosch PR20EVSPK 5.6-Amp Colt Palm Grip 1-Horsepower Fixed and Plunge Base Variable-Speed Router Combo Kit
  • Contoured Soft Grip Area: Most ergonomic router in its Class for exceptional comfort
  • Variable-Speed Dial: for matching speed to work piece and task
  • Quick-Clamp System: Move motor from base to base without tools
  • Aluminum non-cantilevered fixed base: Durable, solid and precise
  • 7-Step adjustable depth stop turret plus micro fine adjustment on depth rod: for fast, accurate bit depth setting
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DEWALT Router, Fixed Base, 1-3/4-HP (DW616)
  • 1-3/4-hp, 11-amp motor provides the power to rout smoothly through the toughest hardwoods
  • Micro-fine depth adjustment ring provides precise depth adjustments in 1/64-inch increments
  • Adjustable, tool-free steel motor cam lock makes depth adjustment and base changes quick and solid-locking
  • Quick-release motor latches for fast and easy motor pack removal for bit and base changes
  • Sub-base concentricity gauge included to ensure bit concentricity for best-in-class accuracy
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PORTER-CABLE PCE6430 4.5-Amp Single Speed 1/4-Inch Laminate Trimmer, Router
  • 31,000 RPM, 4.5 amp motor
  • Precision-machined, cast-aluminum fixed base
  • Extra large locking clips allow for a quick motor release and/or course depth adjustment
  • Depth ring enables quick and accurate bit height adjustments
  • 31,000 RPM, 4.5 amp motor
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Bosch GKF125CEN Colt 1.25 HP (Max) Variable-Speed Palm Router Tool
  • Ease of use: Revolutionary new woodworking depth adjustment system for easy and precise depth adjustment
  • Power: Featuring a 1.25-Hp, 7.0 amp motor for compact versatility with speeds of 16,000-35,000 RPM
  • Convenience: Wide-bit capacity - fixed base accepts bits up to 1-5/16-in wide
  • Consistency: Constant response circuitry - monitors and maintains speed under load for consistent performance - provides overload protection and soft start for reduced start-up torque
  • Comfort: Palm-grip design with soft grip and finger support pockets - provides exceptional comfort and control
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Ridgid R2401 Laminate Trim Router
  • Round and Square Bases - for added versatility and convenience
  • Easy Access Micro Adjust Dial – for precise depth control
  • Flat Top – router sits upside down for easier bit changes
  • No Mar Top – Overmold on top of router prevents marring of work surface
  • Quick Release Lever – allows for easy removal of motor from base
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Grizzly Industrial T27139 - Laminate Trim Router with Plunge Base
  • 1 HP, 6.5A motor
  • Adjustable plunge depth
  • Micro-adjustable guide bearing
  • Fence
  • Fixed base
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HOTSTORE Palm Router, Laminate Trimmer Wood Router Joiner Tool Device 30000RPM 1/4'' 800W
  • RELIABLE: It features a robust speed palm router construction, advanced electronics, rugged base and proven ergonomics are reliable.
  • POWER DESIGN: The Input Power 800W, 30000RPM 1/4'', motor delivers abundant power for routing and trimming applications.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Transparent base, processing accuracy easily to be recognizable. External carbon brush, universal carbon brush easy to replace. The scale is clearly visible, easy to operate.
  • PRECISION: Dressing guide, roller running along the curve, ensuring cutting is exact; Straight guide, thicker models are stable and not deformed which makes straight processing easier.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION: Can be used for wooden processing, cabinet processing, handicraft production and DIY. Easy to wood trimming, grooving and drilling.
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  • It includes a fixed and plunge base.
  • This router has a variable speed setting.
  • The textured rubber overmold on the handles of both bases ensure that you’ll have a secure grip while you work.
  • It includes a straight-edge guide for greater precision.
  • The cord has an angled exit to get it out of the way as you work.


  • This is the priciest router on the list.

Sebring Tip:

The Bosch PR20EVSPK Palm Grip Router Combo Kit gives you more value for your money and versatility thanks to its interchangeable fixed and plunge bases. This versatile router will be your new best friend whether you are a new woodworker who is comfortable with fixed bases or an experienced one who prefers to create rounded edges with a plunge base.

It has a solid 1 HP motor with variable speed setting. It has a soft start but you can amp it up to 35,000 RPM. The variable-speed dial is located on top of the unit so you can easily reach it for easy adjustment. 

Ergonomics plays a large part in determining whether a router is something you’ll want to use or not. The good news is the unit is a little lighter than its rivals even when you add in the weight of the fixed and plunge base. It also fits into the hand nicely when you’re using the fixed base.

It’s easy to swap the fixed base to the plunge base with its tool-free clamp system. Plus, its bit-changing system allows you to remove and install the bits using a pair of wrenches or by adjusting its spindle lock with a single wrench.


  • It has a 1 3/4 maximum horsepower. Its powerful motor allows you to trim even the hardest materials easily.
  • It has solid handles with rubber overmold grip.
  • The power cord can be detached from the unit if it’s not in use.
  • It has a durable and transparent LEXAN polycarbonate base.
  • You can adjust the depth up to 1/64″ increments.


  • This is not a variable-speed router.

Sebring Tip:

Whether mortising inlays or profiling edges, the DEWALT DW616 Fixed Base Router can make those tasks look so easy. This compact router is equipped with a powerful 1 3/4 HP motor that can take on the toughest of laminates, plastics, and hardwoods. 

Dewalt has made depth adjustment very easy with this router. If you want to make large depth adjustments, you can just use the tool-less motor cam lock. This is also used to make base changes. But if you want to adjust the tool by increments, you can use the micro-fine adjustment ring.

The motor is encased in a durable nickel-plated and die-cast aluminum housing. The base, on the other hand, is lightweight thanks to its all-aluminum construction. The switch, which is dust-proofed for longevity, is located at the side so you can easily reach it.

This Dewalt router has a 3-year limited warranty, as well as 1 year of free service.


  • Changing the bit is easier thanks to its single-tool spindle lock.
  • The trim router has a built-in LED light and transparent sub-base. These features allow you to see your work surface clearly.
  • The cast aluminum fixed base is lightweight and durable.
  • It allows you to make fine adjustments thanks to its micro-set collar.


  • This is a single-speed trim router.

Sebring Tip:

The PORTER-CABLE PCE6430 Laminate Trimmer offers reliable and excellent performance whether you’re doing simple trims or carving intricate inlays. It only weighs 4.46 lbs, making it one of the most lightweight trim routers in the list.

This corded trim router has a powerful 4.5 amp motor that can produce up to 31,000 RPM. Keep in mind, however, that this is a single-speed router. If you’re going to work on delicate workpieces or if you want something more powerful and you want to adjust the speed, then this is not the laminate trimmer for you.

One of this Porter-Cable trim router’s highlights is its spindle lock. All you need is one wrench to change the bit, and you’re good to go.


  • This Bosch fixed base router offers a variable speed setting. The dial is located on top of the unit.
  • Its powerful motor delivers a maximum 1.25 horsepower and speed of up to 35,000 RPM
  • The router has a built-in LED light.
  • With macro and micro-fine adjustments.
  • The cord is equipped with a ball-joint swivel, allowing you to work without the hassle of tangled cords.


  • The tool’s vibration is too strong sometimes. Plus, the motor gets hot pretty easily.

Sebring Tip:

Laminate trimming, creating decorative edges, window cutouts, and more are easy to create when you have the Bosch GKF125CEN Colt Palm Router Tool. Bosch’s compact trimmer features a heavy-duty motor with 1.25 max HP and up to 35,000 RPM. Because it has variable speed control, you can set it to a lower RPM if you’re working on something delicate. Slowly bring it to the highest setting if you want more power or if you’re working on a tougher piece of hardwood.

It has a flat compact top and a contoured middle to make sure that handling it while you work is hassle-free. The on-off switch is located at the front, while the speed dial is located on top for easy adjustment.

One of the best things about this tool is its built-in LED light and transparent sub-base. Apart from the tool itself and its fixed base, you’ll also get a self-releasing collet and a wrench for easy bit installation.


  • You don’t have to squint or raise the router to see if you’re on the right track as it has a built-in LED light.
  • The micro-depth adjustment dial is located at the front of the tool.
  • The model includes round and square bases, guide bars, and collet wrenches. An edge guide and a tool bag are also included.
  • It has a variable speed setting with the dial located on top of the router.


  • The unit becomes too hot to hold when used for too long. You have to take a break once in a while to cool it down.
  • Changing the bit can be a challenge as the opening near the base is too small to accommodate the wrenches.

Sebring Tip:

Rounding over wood edges or creating inlays can be easy when you have the right tool, such as this Ridgid R2401 Laminate Trim Router. It features a good and reliable motor that can deliver a maximum of 30,000 RPM. It has variable speed control, and you can adjust it using the dial on top of the tool.

It has a fixed base, but its quick-release lever allows you to adjust the depth of the cut easily. You can also adjust the micro-depth using the dial located at the front.

Its flat top and rubber overmolded rear make the tool easy to handle and maneuver as you work. It has a 3-year limited warranty, as well as a lifetime service agreement. The problem, however, is that Ridgid is not exactly known for its good customer service, so it might take a while before your tool is serviced in case it breaks down.


  • This is one of the most affordable trim routers in the market.
  • It has a variable speed setting with an easy-to-reach dial on top.
  • It has ergonomic and textured rubber overmolded handles.
  • It also comes with a fixed base.
  • This router includes a transparent fence and a collet wrench.


  • It doesn’t have an LED light or a storage bag.

Sebring Tip:

If you want a reliable yet robust laminate trimmer but you’re not willing to spend a lot of money for it, then the Grizzly Industrial T27139 Laminate Trim Router just might be the tool you’re looking for. This plunge base router performed well, producing trims, mortises, and inlays with the ease that mimics its pricier counterparts.

The variable speed dial is conveniently located on the top of the unit, but the size and positioning at the side of the on/off switch leave much to be desired. It has a default plunge base, but you can remove the motor from the plunge base to transfer it to a fixed base.

Adjusting the depth is easy with its depth stop. You can also adjust by increments with the fine adjustment knob.

This corded trim router costs less than $100, making it one of the most affordable models on the list. If you’re new to woodworking and don’t want to splurge, then this might be the best tool for you.


  • This Hotstore Palm Router is the most affordable unit in the review.
  • It has a large and easy to reach on/off switch at the top.
  • The handle is wrapped in textured overmold.
  • It has a transparent base that allows you to see your work surface.
  • The package includes a couple of wrenches, a trimmer guide, and a straight guide.


  • The router overheats pretty quickly, so it’s hard to work continuously with it.
  • The manufacturer does not sell replacement parts.

Sebring Tip:

The HOTSTORE Palm Router is one of the newest products to enter the power tools market. This compact router has a single speed setting that can reach a maximum of 30,000 RPM. It can produce mortises, trims, and inlays with ease, but its aluminum housing heats up easily. 

This fixed base router is one of the lightest tools we have on the list. It’s not too tiring to hold, but you have to wonder about the quality of the materials used and the unit’s longevity.

Trim Router Buyers’ Guide

A trim router can round out edges, clean veneers, cut joinery, and even carve out signs. It can also be used to cut hinge mortises, drill holes, and cut inlays. They might not have the brute force of standard wood routers, but trim routers have a special place in any workshop. It can do what a standard wood router can do, albeit with a little more finesse.

Fixed Base Vs Plunge Base

A fixed base trim router is commonly used for rounding out edges, shaping, and other general routing applications. This compact tool is lightweight, and many first-time users find it easier to maneuver compared to plunge routers.

A trim router with a plunge base, on the other hand, is commonly used for dovetailing, engraving, and cutting grooves. If you want greater versatility when it comes to adjusting depth or you want to make thorough cuts, then a plunge base router is ideal for you. If you’re new to woodworking, it might take a lot of practice before you can master this particular power tool.

In recent years, engineers have developed trim routers with motors that can be attached to a fixed base and plunge base. While these laminate trimmers are more expensive at the outset, the good news is that they will prove to be more cost-effective in the long run because of their interchangeable design.

Trim Router Power

Trim router motors typically produce 1 HP or less, but there are some that can deliver up to 1 3/4 horsepower. If you only work on light projects, then a starter trim router with 1 HP or less will suffice. But if you’re going to use it from 9 to 5, then it’s best to get a tool with a higher HP rating.

Horsepower is not the only important indicator of a tool’s performance. Revolutions per minute (RPM) under different load conditions and amp ratings are still the best indicators of a trim router’s power. Look for a laminate trimmer with a higher amp rating and RPM to get the most out of the tool.

Variable Speed

A trim router with a variable speed lets you control the tool’s operating speed. Adjusting the feed rate is important, especially if you’re using a larger bit size or if you’re working on plastic, acrylic, and thinner/delicate workpieces. Running the router at a lower feed rate will not only extend the lifespan of your bit but also prevent the router from damaging the workpiece. Dialing it down a notch is better for your ears, too.

Soft Start

Routers are powerful machines that can be difficult to control if you’re new to woodworking. A trim router without a soft start can jolt in your hands the moment you turn it on, and that can be startling.

With a soft start laminate trimmer, the machine starts with a momentary pause before slowly accelerating to the desired speed. There’s no unpleasant jerk that can damage your workpiece or startle you the moment you turn it on. 

Bit Change System

With some routers, changing the bit can take some time because you need two wrenches to remove a bit and install another. One wrench is used to hold the shaft, while the other is used to loosen or tighten the collet.

Routers with spindle lock, on the other hand, only require one wrench. This wrench is used to hold and tighten the collet after you push the bit into it. Check out this video for a quick demo on how to change a router’s bit.

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The Bosch PR20EVSPK Palm Grip Router Combo Kit is our choice for the best corded trim router in the market. Here are some of the features that make this compact tool the best in class.

Other trim routers are set on either a fixed base or a plunge base. Not with the Bosch PR20EVSPK Palm Grip Router Combo Kit. It comes with both a fixed base and plunge base, so you have the added flexibility of interchangeable bases. The inclusion of the fixed and plunge bases makes it more expensive. But it’s two for the price of one so you’re going to save a lot of money in the long run.

This laminate trimmer is one of the models that has a variable speed control. Plus, making macro and micro-fine depth adjustments on both the fixed and plunge bases is a piece of cake.

The tool is compact enough that it’s easy to maneuver. It is not equipped with a soft start mechanism, but its variable speed control makes up for it.

Overall, this Bosch laminate trimmer is ideal for professional woodworkers and DIYers alike.

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