24 Best and Coolest Cocktails With Ice | Ice Cube Molds & Tray



1. Ouddy
Ouddy Ice Cube Trays Set of 2, Large Size Silicone Flexible 6 Cavities Ice Cube Molds with Removable Lids, Reusable Silicone Ice Cube Trays with A Clip for Whiskey, Cocktails & Bourbon(Grey)

Ouddy - Stackable removable lid these ice cube tray for freezer with lid is easy stacking and it also can help keep ice cubes from absorbing freezer smell And it can save a lot of spaces in the refrigerator 100 money back guarantee if youre dissatisfied with purchasing our silicone ice cube tray with lid for whiskey about any reason just let us know for a replacement or refund Totally risk free buy with confidence now Perfect for craft cocktails this silicone ice cube tray with lid is perfect to make ice cubes for your cocktail whiskey iced coffee or infused fruit Our large ice cube mold makes slow melting ice cubes that produce the best chilled drinks

Nonstick material unlike other stiff plastic ice trays our large ice tray for freezer is made from food grade silicone soft and durable These flexible silicone ice cube tray with lid for freezer can be easily twisted or pushed from the bottom to remove ice cubes Large squareice cubes these silicone ice cube mold for whiskey can make large square ice cubes big ice slowly melting making your drink colder for a longer time and dilute your drink slower to maintain the taste of your drinks


2. Kootek
Kootek Ice Cube Trays 4 Pack – Silicone Ice Tray for Making 24 Pcs Large Ice Cubes, Easy Release Reusable Molds Maker with Removable Lids for Chilling Whiskey Wine Cocktail Beverages Juice (Grey)

Kootek - Food safe material made of food grade silicone Durable for doing it yourself any ice cube recipe Easy extraction nonstick silicone ice molds makes the ice cube remove out easily a simply push from behind with your fingers ice cubes will slide out like butter Dishwasher safe Multiple creative uses 4 set ice cube tray are great for making miniature desserts popsicles puddings fruit jellies chocolates cake or storing things like herbs or stock for easy use later on

Large size ice maker make large square ice gigantic ice cube makes a fun visual statement keeps your drink colder for a longer period of time and dilute your drink slower to maintain the taste of your drinks Removable silicone lid with 4 square removable lids which keep your square ice cube clean and far from freezer odors dust Allows you stack the ice trays and save space


3. OXO
OXO Good Grips Silicone Small Ice Cube Tray for Cocktails with Lid

OXO - Cover helps keep ice from absorbing freezer odors and allows for stacking multiple trays Fdagrade silicone is bpafree pvcfree and dishwasher safe Cocktail cube set contains two separate trays that make 48 small cubes 78 that are perfect for cocktails Flexible silicone ice tray makes uniform easytoremove ice cubes

To release cubes hold silicone tray upside down and twist pushing on each cube from the bottom of the tray Base supports silicone tray during filling transport and storage


4. Newdora
Newdora Ice Cube Tray, 3 Pack Silicone Ice Cube Trays with Lids, Sphere Square Honeycomb Ice Cube Mold, Flexible,Reusable, BPA Free Ice Trays for Whiske, DIY, Dishwasher Safe, Black

Newdora - Removable lids no 100 sealed to avoid ice cubes from diluting the flavor and getting dirty in the refrigerator we add removable lids which keep ice cubes from absorbing freezer odors During the freezing process the volume of water freezing will increase it might cause burst if sealed tight so the lids are not 100 sealedFilling tips fill to75 to ensure that the ice cubes do not connect and spill Easy to clean our silicone ice mold has a smooth silicone surface for easy cleaning Ice making tray is recommended to wash and thoroughly dry before first usage Our ice tray with cover can also be washed in the dishwasher You can toss them in the dishwasher for a good cleaning

Food grade silicone silicone ice cube trays are made of food grade silicone which is bpa freenontoxic odorless durable You can fill the ice cube mold with fruits ice cream soda and wine to customize your favorite flavor Its safe to touch food drink directly and effective at freezing liquids like fruit juice soup and even baby food

Classic shape no deformation we create three classic shapes to meet your needs which are large cube shape 56 16 inch internal ice grid size 15 15 inch 6 ice cubes large spherical shape 60 16 inch ice block 2 inch in diameter 6 ice balls honeycomb shape 76 08 inch 37 cells The silicone ice cube tray is super flexible and durable that isnt deformed even if you vigorously pull them

Easy to releasenonstick unlike stiff plastic ice cube trays our flexible ice trays are made of durable silicone These flexible ice molds can be easily twisted or pushed from the bottom to remove ice cubes for an easy release


5. Duma Bellan
Ice Cube Tray Combination(8 Ice Cube And 8 Ice Ball), Large Food Grade Silicone Square Ice Cube Mold Spherical Ice Machine, Used For Cocktails And Bourbon Whiskey, Reusable And BPA Free(Black)

Duma Bellan - Nonstick and easy to release unlike traditional rigid plastic trays our big ice cube trays and round are made of durable silicone can be easily twisted or pushed in from the bottom to remove balls no more broken ice cubes add a perfect effect every drink making cocktails whiskey look beautiful enjoyable Easy to use and clean the whiskey ice ball mold has a leakproof buckle and which can maintain the integrity of the ballWe are equipped with a funnel and stopper for the round ice ball mold is very easy to fillwhen put in the refrigerator the ice cubes will not overflowThe soft silicone is easy clean and dishwasher safe

Multipurpose use heat resistance between 40 and 440f nonstick function makes this ice cube mold an excellent multifunction kitchen tool Why limit yourself You can also make cocktails whiskey popsicles candy molds chocolate molds etc

Oversized ice cubes and balls the newly upgraded 8 square ice cubes 19 inches and 8 ice balls for whiskey 18 inches are perfect for cooling your handmade cocktails whiskey iced cold coffee etc Slowly melting very suitable for keeping cold drinks for a long time Safety and hygiene our ice cube tray and ice ball tray is made of 100 food grade silicone and does not contain bpa ensure absolute food safety so please use it with confidence They can be enjoyed at parties restaurants bars at home and on board


TGJOR Ice Cube Trays, Easy Release 2.5” Ice Sphere Mold Tray with Lid, Reusable Ice Ball Maker for Whiskey, Cocktail or Homemade (Funnel Included) grey

TGJOR - Largest size practical design you dont have to wait too long to get six 25 inch big ice balls they will look cool in your glass Hard plastic tray makes it steady to move and take while full of water The ice molds with smaller water inlets and unique seals ensure that your ice ball are formed perfectly round without leaking Customer service we provide friendly customer services forever Buy with confidence If you have any concerns or questions about this product please feel free to contact us via amazon

Slowmelting ice ball spherical ice trays are perfect for summer delicacies such as whiskey concoctions drinks cocktail wine fruit juice iced coffee popsicles puddings and more Large slow melt ice spheres are perfect to keep your drinks cold Its really a must for cooling drinks Highquality material tgjor silicone ice trays made of high quality material you can rest assured to use the ice cube tray without any worries It can be used in the freezer microwave and dishwasher It doesnt make the ice taste weird Tgjor perfect stackable ice sphere trays that dont take up too much room

Effortless release filling a mini funnel makes filling easily without leaking Silicone ice trays wont crack or break like stiff plastic molds after freezing Soft silicone lid and quick open buckle design make release effortlessly you can get six integral big ice balls easily


7. Cusbus
Cusbus Large Ice Cube Trays for Whiskey, 2.5″ Flexible 4 Ice Balls Maker with Lids & 4 Bonus Funnels, BPA Free Round Silicone Ice Cube Molds, Reusable Sphere Ice Tray for Cocktail, Bourbon, Scotch

Cusbus - 4 bonus funnels easy to fill up and clean the ice molds with smaller water inlets and unique bumping seals ensure that your whiskey ice are formed perfectly round without leaking also it is waterproof and dropproof 4 bonus funnels for you to conveniently fill up round ice mold with water To release ice balls after freezing simply pull the halves apart flip over the ice sphere mold and push on the bottom The balls should snap right out No residue after use so you can clean it easily We are here for you guides editor malarie gokey has two of these ice trays in her freezer and after about five years of use theyre still going strong Basically you are looking for ice ball tray that allows you to extract the ice easily and one that doesnt impart distasteful odors or freezerburn to the molds Youll also want a tray that let you pop out ice easily unlike those awful hard plastic ones from your youth Cusbus ice cube tray is your best choice

Enjoy a cold drink with cusbus ice cube trays designed specially with tight closure of the sphere ice mold so that you can get clear full balls Ideal for highball cocktail hurricane and old fashioned glasses Upgrade your bourbon alcoholic punch bowl cocktails wine gin and scotch beverage without watering it down Besides ice mold is also great for frozen ice coffee and various styles of summer drink

Slowmelting large ice balls perfect for cooling down drinks the oversized 25 inch ice balls melt slower and release less water into a drink That means the first sip will taste as good as the last Ten times longer than plain ice molds Fun bpafree silicone ice cube tray produce 4 perfectly uniform to make your whiskey look like it was made by a professional mixologist 100 safe ice tray mold you can fill up like juice milk and even baby food

Bpa free food grade safe the ice molds for whiskey features elastic silicone rubber and pp plastic design is safer than tradinational ice cube holder This kind of ice ball maker mold is certified bpafree to ensure toxins are not transferred into ice Temperature resistance within 104 to 428 the ball ice cube mold could be used in the freezer microwave only support silicone part and dishwasher The trays keep the smells of freezer burn away with lids


Spightdex Ice Cube Trays, Ice Tray with Lids Removable & Anti-overflow, 3 Pack, Silicone Ice Cube Tray Easy-Release, BPA Free, Flexible Ice Molds for Whiskey Cocktail Freezer Chilled Drinks

SPIGHTDEX - Removable antioverflow lidsthe three lids of ice tray are removable and can keep the ice water from overflowing in addition this ice cube trays with lids can also prevent from tainting freezer odor 3 pack with 108 ice cubes which is stackable and enough for using Easy to remove ices dishwasher safe this set of 3 ice cube molds are made of pliable silicone making its easy to release ices just by squeezing the bottom Cleaning of this ice mold is simple as well dishwasher applicable

Wide applicationideal for making ice cubes for whiskey cocktails as well as freezing coffee juice seasonings and fruitswhich makes it perfect for party With excellent heat cold resistance so its applicable for not only refrigerators but also microwaves and ovens Food grade and ecofriendlyice cube tray is made of ecofriendly materials bpafree silicone without worrying about quality and bad odor This silicone ice cube tray is flexible can recover quickly no matter how you twist it

12 monthswe provides 12months unconditional return and exchange please rest assured to buy If you have any questions please contact us spightdex customer team will absolutely give a satisfactory solution for you


Ice Cube Tray, TINANA 2.5inch Rose Ice Cube Trays, 4 Cavity Silicone Rose Ice Ball Maker, Easy Release Large Ice Cube Form for Chilling Cocktails, Whiskey, Bourbon & Homemade Juice

TINANA - Leakproof easy release upgrade connection edge slot between the bottom and the cover work great to prevent water from spilling Rose ice ball form comes with a tiny funnel to fill each rose section put it in freezer for 56 hours Easy to pull apart and take out the ices perfectly once frozen 4 large slowmelting rose ice cubes rose ice cube molds make 4 large rose ice balls at one time The diameter of each rose ice is 25 Longlasting rose ices makes your beverages cool longer prefect for cocktails iced coffee iced tea fruit juice whisky and bourbon Excellent for chilling your cocktail glass

Safe durable silicone ice tray made of premium silicone ice cube maker is flexible and sturdy freezer microwave and dishwasher safe Safe and effective in freezing juice jellos homemade chocolates soaps candles etc Please remember to soak it in hot water before first using

Dress up your valentines drinks valentines day gifts for him her Rose and drinks are a must for a romantic date Most adorable rose ice cubes are perfect for cocktail night with your precious Amazing beautiful rose ices floating in drinks can create a more romantic atmosphere for your date Really a fantastic addition to drinks when you surprised your loved ones with a rose ice cube

Great for all occasions rose shapes ice cube tray is a fun way to make a cocktail party special Even if its only a drink with a friend Nice specialty ice cube tray would be a big hit at the drink night date night and party punch to win many compliments Great for home bars beaches office holiday events and holiday gift


OMORC Ice Cube Trays, Silicone Ice Ball Maker Easy Release Food Grade Flexible Stackable Safe Ice Cube Molds 6 Cavity for Whiskey, Cocktails, Baby Food, Reusable and BPA Free, Pack of 2

OMORC - Easy to clean bpa free these jumbo ice molds are made from 100 high quality food grade silicone and give no added taste or smell to your ice Your post party life cleanups will also be easy with these kitchen gadgets accessories just pop them in the dishwasher they are extremely durable and flexible utensils then fill them up again place in the refrigerator and freeze Create extralarge ice spheres and 2 inch jambo ice cubes keep your drinks cold up to ten times longer than plain old cubes the large volume allows the ice to melts slower giving you an exquisitely prime chilled beverage without the watery taste

The perfect gift with a multitude of uses ideal for highball cocktail whisky and hurricane glasses Upgrade your bourbon alcoholic punch bowl cocktails wine gin and scotch beverage without watering it down Great for frozen ice coffee and long lasting icetea Add fruits into each ice tray making endless variations lemon strawberry mint litchi or watermelon cubes use it to spoil the kids adding fruit juice making healthy lemonade popsicles keeping them away from high sugar snacks New superior design featuring inner channels for perfect ice balls these channels ensure tight closure of the sphere mold this new design along with the extra thick silicone mold also allows you to get the ice balls out easily without having them crack or chip while making 6 round ice balls at one go

Free 45 days 100 money back guarantee free eBook We provide two classic ice trays and a guarantee try it out risk free Click the add to cart button now


11. Adoric Life
Ice Cube Trays, Adoric Life Ice Tray Silicone Set of 2 with Funnel, Sphere Ice Ball Maker and Large Square Ice Cube Molds for Whiskey, Reusable and BPA Free

Adoric Life - Easier to fill the ice cube mold comes with a mini funnel to make filling a breeze without leaking or overfilling Hard plastic tray with balance design enhances its stability when full with water 100 safe reliable featuring premium foodgrade silicone and pp plastic ice cube tray is 100 safe and bpa free Rest assured to use it to freeze baby food Freezer microwave and dishwasher safe 6 cubes 4 spheres this set creates 6 giant square ice cubes 18 inch and 4 ice balls 24 inch once Large size for slower melting and less dilution Pick one freely to cool your whiskeys cocktails or bourbon

Nonstick design the flexible ice trays can be twisted or pushed from the bottom to release ice cubes easily while the nonstick surface of ice ball maker ensures ice balls pop out with perfect form Wide application the large ices are perfect to chill whiskey cordials liqueur tequila or vodka at christmas party You also can fill ice molds with sauces fruit yogurt soup to diy ice snacks


12. Colleta Home
Hammered Ice Bucket – Ice Bucket with Tongs – Insulated Ice Bucket with Lid – Double Wall Ice Bucket 3 Quarts – By Colleta Home

Colleta Home - This unique ice bucket is a great ontrend way to serve ice to the crowd Great quality and stylish look this small ice bucket measures inches tall and inches wide Holds oz Stainless steel ice bucket with lid and tongs makes a perfect gift for house warming parties showers christmas and so much more This is a 3 quart ice bucket with a unique hammered finish

Even hours into the party your ice will remain cold and frozen This is a double walled ice bucket and is great for keeping your cocktails cold


13. FineDine
Double-Wall Stainless-Steel Insulated Ice Bucket With Lid and Ice Tong [3 Liter] Included Strainer Keeps Ice Cold & Dry, comfortable Carry Handle, Great for Home Bar, Chilling Beer, Champagne and wine

FineDine - Easy to clean the bucket is a breeze to clean Just rinse by hand with soap and warm water for gleam and sparkle Note never place the bucket in the dishwasher Convenient and handy equipped with a handle the bucket can be gracefully and elegantly carried Handle swings out of the way when not in use For ultimate convenience the tong and lid neatly latch onto the bucket Strainer and tong keep meltwater away from your ice with this advanced strainer Any water will drain leaving you with solid ice A handy tong is included with the bucket for easy gripping and serving

Premium stainless steel constructed of smudgeproof brushed stainless steel the ice bucket projects a sleek modern look to upgrade your event None of the harmful plastic toxins for this purely stainless bucket Keeps chilled the ice bucket is crafted of double wall stainless steel to keep your ice frozen solid Comes with a matching airtight lid the rubber seal effectively sealing in the temperature for maximum insulation


14. HomeBuddy
HomeBuddy Clear Ice Ball Maker – Silicone Ice Cube Maker, Ice Tray, Round Ice Mold for Sphere Crystal Clear 2.35 Inch Ice Balls – Enhance Your Whiskey, Cocktails, Lemonade

HomeBuddy - free long drink recipes find inspiring cocktail recipes in the bonus recipe ebook included in the purchase Impress friends with your new mixology skills refined flavors elegant clear ice cubes and set the tone for glamorous cocktail nights and dates stock up with bonus storage bag freeze and store up to 6 clear ice balls in advance in the standup leakproof baby grade bpafree eva plastic freezer bag that is included with your purchase Be ready for any occasion never run out of perfect ice

prolonged pleasure the round ice cube mold makes large and clear ice balls that melt slower than regular ice cubes Your favorite drink does not get diluted as fast allowing you to enjoy wellbalanced flavor at the right temperature and for much longer impeccable clarity shape ditch regular ice trays for these large flawlessly round clear ice balls for whisky glamorous cocktails Our ice ball makers sphere ice cube mold prevents unwanted freezer smells tastes providing 95 cleaner ice cubes

durable safe easy the high quality food grade bpafree nonstick ice ball silicone mold makes 2 large 235 in ice balls Just fill with warm tap water freeze for 1824 h Easy to remove clean the clear ice maker will outlast standard ice makers


YD YD XINHUA Ice Cube Trays with Lids 3 Pack, Silicone Ice Cube Trays Flexible Easy Release Small Square Ice Tray 111 Cavities Food Grade Stackable Ice Trays for Whiskey, Cocktails, Reusable

YD YD XINHUA - Great flexibility our honeycomb ice cubes are made of silicone material Silicone material is flexible and can restore immediately after being twisted The material is environmentfriendly it will not stick together with the ice cubes during the icing process and helps release the ice cube more easily Warm tips some buyers has reflected that it is difficult to take out ice cubes from the tray after freezing It is recommended leaving on for 12 minutes after taking out the ice cubes from the refrigerator When the ice cubes melt slightly doesnt affect the food serving quality at all then bend the ice tray towards the back side to remove the ice cubes Press the back of tray with your fingers if necessary it can help you take out all the mini ice cubes

Great performance in high and low temperature it stands 40 to 230 degrees celsius and is applicable to refrigerator and microwave It is mainly used in bars restaurants or households to produce spherical ice cubes The ice cubes can be directly put into whisky fruit juic and beer to chill the drinks instantly

Unique hexagon trays design 111 honeycomb cubes comes with lids it allows you to make nice cubes while spills and the freezing of excess water ice cubes from flavors in your freezer Ice cube tray can stack one on top of the other or nested inside each other to save cabinet refrigerator or freezer space

Wash easyour silicone ice tray stakable have a smooth silicone surface for washing Ice making tray is recommended to wash before first usage Our ice tray with cover can also be washed in the dishwasher convenience


16. Ayestar
Ice Cube Trays with Spill-Resistant Removable Lid Silicone Ice Maker Easy-release Stackable for Whiskey Cocktails Chilled Drinks 48 Ice Cubes (2 Packs)

Ayestar - Perfect diy tool excellent tool for chilled drinks such as whiskey cocktails and so on Besides water these molds can be applied to 104 45040 240 without releasing any harmful chemicals thus you are free to make chocolates cakes sugar and any other delicious food as you like Your reassured choice our 2 packs of ice cube molds with 48 nicesized cubes are made of prior foodgrade silicone chemical free and nontoxic Just using them for chilled drinks baby food or delicious dessert without worry and enjoy

Easy to mold release please clean the durable ice trays and lid every time before use fill the block with water then cover the lid on after freezing take it out of the refrigerator for about 35 minutes and then you can easily push from the bottom Flexible tray removable lid soft rubber ice cubes will not break after freezing for a long time with a removable hard plastic lid it can prevent ice from absorbing other food air or freezer odors in the refrigerator and spills Besides they can be easily and neatly stacked in the refrigerator to save space and not sticking to each other

Free guaranteed quality guarantee and 100 customer service If you are not 100 completely satisfied with your ice cube tray with lid simply let us know and you will be offered a full refund or replacement


17. LittleStar
Ice Cube Trays LittleStar 2 in 1 Portable Ice Ball Maker Kettle With 17 Grids Flat Body Lid Cooling Ice Pop/Cube Molds For Hockey,Cocktail,Coffee,Whiskey,Champagne,Beer,Juice,Water

LittleStar - safe and durable the ice maker kettle is made of tritan material which is the optimal material of baby bottleDurable and flexible to use nontoxic and no odd smell wont crack or break easy to fill remove and clean good material can serve you for long time conventional drink method put the ice hockey puck into a cup with a drink the full ice hockey puck will instantly bring you a cold experience

unique drink method fill drink into this ice ball maker kettle which with iced balls shake it for a few seconds then pour it into the cup you will find the drink is just like it taken out of from the refrigerator novel drink method pour drinks into this ice cube trayskettle shake it for a few seconds drink it directly and enjoy the original iced drink

unique 2in1 ice cube maker its not only a ice cube trays Also a kettle that you can have any drinks directlyEasy to making 17 full ice balls at a time convenient to use and clean with sealed bottle cap to prevent odor Compared with traditional ice tray it can prevent the hockey puck from being scattered supports novel 3 differents usage methods bpafree you can enjoy the coolness at home anytime


Ice Cube Trays – CASELAND 2 Pack Large Silicone Ice Trays with Lid for Whiskey and Cocktails, Large Square Ice Cube Molds Reusable and BPA Free (5.9 x 3.93 x 1.96 inches)

CASELAND - Stackable removable lid the ice cube molds come with removable lids for easy stacking leakproof evaporation or contamination Large size square ice cube trays size is 59 x 393 x 196 inches Big ices are perfect to chill cocktails whiskey tequila vodka and more uses for other homemade for soup or flower ice Safe and reliable the silicone ice cube trays can be used from 104 45040 240 It can use in the oven dishwasher and microwave Not only to chill cocktails liqueur whiskeys drinks also pefect for make icelolly puddings chocolates and cakes etc

Easy to use caseland flexible silicone and separate flat cube compartment which makes it easy to release ice cubes from the bottom Please place the trays for a while until the ice melting a little after being taken out from the refrigerator Then will be easier to release the ice cubes Foodgrade safety material these 2 pack ice cube trays adopted 100 food grade silicone Safe and durable bpafree which can be used for adult baby food Each tray makes 6 large cubes for a total of 12


19. Noeler
Ice Buckets with Stainless Steel Ice Tongs,Double Wall Ice Bucket with Lid,Silver Ice Wine Chiller for Bar Paties,Ice Buckets for Camping

Noeler - Comes with lidshandle and tongs the lid is solidand the handle is fitted and adjustable making it easy to move from place to place the ice tongs fitting inside the lid is an added bonusyou can have the tongs tweezersin the lid when not in usetongs for easy ice removal Ideal good capacity up to 1200ml great when having friends roundfits one full size bottle or 2 to 3 small bottles depending on how much ice is in the bucketIt is easy to carry and perfect for homesmall gatheringsbbqspicnicpartiesbarsclubsrestaurant and some outdoor activities

Good quality and nicelooking item it is compact and well made with stainless steel material and chrome finishwhich is more durable decent shape and colourattractive design that looks good it isnt dull colored either and looks beautiful under the lightAn ideal gift

Easy to clean it is dishwasher safea good complement with cocktail shaker Notice the handle required you to adjust it in correct position If there any questions or are not satisfied with our ice bucket please contact us

Double walled and insulated bucket pail 98 high with lid by 55 wide Ice stays frozen for hourswhich keeps your drinks wine or champagneand fruits refreshingly coolThe ice container is a perfect addition to any social event


YD YD XINHUA Large Square Ice Cube Trays 2-Inch Large Size Silicone Ice Mold Trays Flexible 8 Cavity Ice Maker For Whiskey & Cocktails, Keep Drinks Chilled – Reusable and BPA Free (2 pack)

YD YD XINHUA - Large square ice cube trays these square ice cube freezer trays create 8 giant ice cubes each one more than a novelty they meltdilute more slowly the large volume allows the ice to melts slower giving you an exquisitely prime chilled beverage Great for whiskey cocktails making popsicle icing your coffee or infusing fruitTry infusing mint for that perfect strawberries for that delicious lemonade Food grade safety material dishwasher safe get 2 in 1 package You will receive 2 large square ice cube modes each one can create 8 giant ice cubes Made of food grade silicone our ice cube trays are 100 bpa free keep your ice safe for drinking Our ice cubes guarantee safety and durability which can be used for adult baby food After using you can easily put them in your dishwasher

Big square ice cubes our jumbo square molds creates 8 giant ice cubes at just under 2 inches each More than a novelty big ice meltsdilutes more slowly making them ideal for your old fashioned scotch bourbon or blended whiskey

Warm tips some buyers has reflected that it is difficult to take out ice cubes from the tray after freezing It is recommended leaving on for 12 minutes after taking out the ice cubes from the refrigerator When the ice cubes melt slightly doesnt affect the food serving quality at all then bend the ice tray towards the back side to remove the ice cubes Press the back of tray with your fingers if necessary It can help you take out all the mini ice cubes Great flexibility our large ice cubes molds are made of silicone material Silicone material is flexible and can restore immediately after being twisted It will not stick together with the ice cubes during the icing process and helps release the ice cube more easily


21. Bellemain
Bellemain 3 Liter Insulated Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Bonus Ice Tongs

Bellemain - Stainless steel perfect for any party in any décor its the details that matter Bellemain presents an ice bucket that is designed beautiful enough to sit at any tablesized for convenience and made with powerful stainless steel to prevent rusting Because impressing people is fun Bonus bartenders no mess precision ice tongs pick up these smooth classically designed stainless steel ice tongs to your bar equipment absolutely free It is our gift to you and your partygoers so you can easily transfer cubes to cocktails and other iced drinks with no mess

Protect your table from wet messes we were tired of ice buckets that create condensation on the outside creating rings of moisture on the bottom that can damage floors and tables Constructed with highquality engineering our ice bucket prevents condensation on the outside so you can truly take it anywhere

Fits everything you need 3litre capacity this classic design is big enough to hold your favorite drinks and portable enough to go where you go Just grab its quickgrab handles and youre off to the party

Extralong chill time 6 full frosty hours double wall insulation keeps your wine champagne and beer at the optimum drinking temperature Ice buckets that create pools of cool water after only an hour just cant compete


22. tifanso
Tifanso 3D Skull Silicone Ice Cube Tray Mold with Lid for Freezer Ice Cube Molds with Funnel for Cocktail, Whiskey, Bourbon, Chilled Drinks Black

tifanso - Come with funnel our reusable skull ice cube mold come with a funnel to help fill up the ice cube tray each skull is about 085oz25ml with funnel After freezing twist open remove your ice cubes Novelty idea special ice cube trays design easy to make 4 pcs skull ice ball at the same time Realisticlooking four skull shape ice cubes 11 x 15 make your drinks look fun and joyful Awesome addition to your halloween christmas summer pool parties home bars restaurants beaches holiday events and holiday gifts For most drinks these skull ice cubes melt much slowly leaving but a hint of water in your drinks and keep your drinks cooler for longer Best for cocktail whiskey bourbon chilled drinks It can also use for iced tea coffee soda drink fresh juice fruit punch and even iced water

More than a ice mold this is not just a ice cube maker it also for cooking projects homemade chocolates jellos soaps and so on Fun to make its definitely worth jumpscaring your guests at your next house party

Food grade silicone our skull ice cube tray molds are made of flexible highgrade silicone Nonstick materials easy to make full skull ice and easy to get out the ice cubes Well sealing to resist spilling during freezing Silicone ice cube trays for freezer wont crack or break like plastic ice cube mold Safe to use in refrigerator dishwasher oven and microwave


3D Skull Ice Mold-2Pack,Easy Release Silicone Mold,8 Cute and Funny Ice Skull for Whiskey,Cocktails and Juice Beverages,Black

CHIYAN - Funny add it on these ice cubes are realistically skullshaped slowly melting and fun to makeMake your party more wonderful with such funny skulls You can drink beverage with these skulls in it and enjoy your happy time with your friends satisfaction guarantee every order is backed by a money back guarantee for 100 customer satisfactionWe focus on providing high quality costeffective products and services 2 pack ice mold eight giant skull shape ice cubes 2 x 25 make your drink look awesome Great for parties bars restaurants summer holiday events and holiday gifts

Reliable material food grade silicone Nontoxic100 safe to use Nonstick materials Easy to make a full skull iceThis durable and flexible silicone ice tray wont crack or break like plastic ice tray easy to fill remove and clean Multiple use it can also be used as mousse mold sugar mold chocolate ice cream soap making tools And it is fantastic to be used in various occasions like parties beaches wine party and holiday events etc


24. Vremi
Vremi Large Silicone Ice Cube Trays – 2 Pack 8 Square Cubes per Tray Ideal for Whiskey, Cocktails, Soups, Baby Food and Frozen Treats – Flexible and BPA Free and Includes Covers for Easy Stacking

Vremi - Each large silicone ice cube tray measures 825 x 45 x 2 inches and comes in cute red and turquoise colors Its compact size allows this space saving storage set to fit nicely in any home refrigerator rv or dorm minifridge Whatever your situation our trays can help big cubes come in small packages Our rectangular shaped ice cube trays make perfect ice cubes easy the trays come with clear removable hard plastic lids for easy stacking The lids also help prevent spills evaporation or overfreezing or contamination Thats also why our ice cube trays are nontoxic and made with bpafree silicone

This set includes 2 premium silicone ice trays with 8 large ice cubes per tray Each cube measures 175 square perfect for whiskey tequila or other mixed drinks Our big ice cubes melt slower and cool your alcohol drinks fast without watering them down

Our durable icecube trays are strong and flexible making them perfect for baby food iced coffee popsicles or any other lifehack treat Simply push up the bottom of the tray for easy treat access Remember to handwash the reusable ice cube tray and plastic lid tops the first time you use them Use some warm soapy water and dry thoroughly after use After that theyre dishwasher safe top rack only
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