Summertime is prime time to plan a weekend away. Whether you're driving up the coast or hopping on a cross-country flight, having a perfectly curated lineup of self-care products can make or break that free-spirited summer travel vibe.

Slimming down your daily beauty routine for the sake of easy travel doesn't have to be a painful, restrictive experience. These non-toxic picks form The Detox Market cover all the bases for a weekend away beauty routine, head to toe -- and will fit flawlessly into your most cramped carryon or weekend tote. Embrace the energy of summer travel and take this streamlined selection of multi-tasking beauty on your next weekend away...

Suntegrity impeccable skin spf 30 | Meet the literal foundation of your weekend away beauty routine. This tinted SPF evens out skin tone while moisturizing and protecting it. It also allows you to take a few items off your packing list, like foundation and day cream. Slather some on in the morning before you go exploring to look and feel your best.  CHECK OUT

One Love Organics Botanical B Cleansing Oil | This luscious cleansing balm works overtime as a facewash, a makeup remover and a moisturizer. It smells amazing and won't spill in your bag like liquid cleansers could. CHECK OUT

ilia Color haze multi Pigment | The key to a flawless weekend away beauty routine is to rely on adaptable products to do more than one thing. This muti-stick is made with nourishing botanical ingredients and works both as lip color and blush. Dap a little on your lids for a natural tone that ties the look together. CHECK OUT

Detox Mode Altogether Oil | When it comes to keeping your skin and hair perfectly hydrated, we love an oil that does it all. This nourishing body oil from The Detox market's in-house brand, Detox Mode, is made of a weekend away beauty routine. Pack a bottle and apply it all over, head to toe. CHECK OUT

Port + Polish Supplement Organizer and Mirror | If you're like us, your daily supplement routine is a big deal for your sense of balance. Once you've determined the perfect lineup of travel supplements -- here are our top picks -- keep it all organized in this chic little box. Not only does it look cute but it comes with a mirror so you can reapply that multi-stick wherever. CHECK OUT

Gemstone Facial roller | We know you want to streamline your weekend away beauty routine, but this tool isn't one to skip. Throw it into your bag and then into the mini-fridge and you'll be so happy you did. Use your cooled roller to depuff sleepy morning eyes or refresh your face after a day of al fresco adventuring. CHECK OUT

Hum Nutrition Flatter ME Digestive Enzyme | Digestion is beauty too! Having a well-balanced gut is key to having a well-balanced complexion. We always bring along a bottle of digestive enzymes for a weekend away to help with bloating and general digestive discomfort, allowing us to look and feel our best. Having these on hand means you don't have to worry about the consequences of eating something unusual or overindulging.  CHECK OUT

Discover more genius hacks for your weekend away beauty routine here.

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