20+ Wall Storage Ideas For Your Garage

It’s time to take back your garage! With a proper plan and some simple storage solutions, you can turn your

custom garage

into an organizational oasis – and have plenty of space left over to park your car.

The key to creating a clutter-free garage is to take advantage of wall space. Generally speaking, you should have three walls (remember one side is the garage door) ready to serve as a blank canvas to build a functional storage space. Fortunately,

there are dozens of different ways to utilize that space in your garage:

Behind Closed Doors

Just Hang Out

Be A Good Sport

Specialized Storage Systems

Get Crafty

Keep reading for tips on how to tackle your tools, secure your sports equipment, and corral your cleaning supplies using the wall space in your garage.

Behind Closed Doors

The best way to keep your garage looking neat and clean is to hide the mess behind closed doors.

Garage cabinet systems

are sturdy, wall-mounted cabinets that can be configured to meet your storage needs, much like a custom kitchen or closet.

Just Hang Out


is another option for wall-mounted storage. These versatile panel systems are completely adjustable, allowing you to easily change the configuration depending on your current needs. Best of all, there is a wide assortment of accessories available ranging from









Specially designed hooks and brackets can hold everything from tools and ladders to bicycles and extension cords. A couple of carefully placed hooks can even hold up a goalie net, freeing up precious floor space in your garage.

Baskets and bins can be hung from Slatwall to store everything from cleaning supplies to gardening tools. They can also be tucked away inside of cabinets.

Here’s a helpful hint, if you are using plastic storage bins you might want to buy clear ones so you can easily see what’s inside. Or, better yet, why not buy a bunch of colored bins to add a few design elements to your garage? Just be sure to label your bins so you know what’s inside each one. You don’t want to have to search through six bins trying to find your holiday lights. 

Be A Good Sport

Sports equipment tends to overtake even the most spacious garage. From bulky bicycles and golf bags to balls ready to roll out the door or under your car, it can be overwhelming. The good news is that there are plenty of accessories expressly designed to corral the chaos. 


Bicycles can be hung on

horizontal bike racks

or from

rubber hooks

mounted on the ceiling. If you are an avid angler, you may want to invest in a

fishing rod holder

. If you prefer to spend your time on the links instead of the lake, a

golf equipment holder

is ideal for storing your golf bag, balls, and even towels all in one place. 

Balls may be the bane of existence for sports enthusiasts. A


hung from your Slatwall system will keep balls of all shapes and sizes out of the way but within easy access when it’s time to hit the field. Another clever option is to build a

bungee sports storage system

. The home design and remodeling gurus at HGTV came up with this DIY project that fits perfectly into the unused space in the corner next to the garage door. 

Basically, all you need are a couple of pieces of plywood and some bungee cords. You start by building the top and bottom and then attach the bungee cords. Balls can easily slip through the spaces yet stay securely in place.

Specialized Storage Systems

For many homeowners, the garage serves as a workshop as well. That’s why there are so many specialized storage systems just for tools including small

tool racks

for wrenches and pliers and


to hold bigger items such as rakes, mops, and brooms. You can keep commonly used items such as screwdrivers within easy reach with a

magnetic tool holder

attached to a Slatwall system -- or simply repurpose a

magnetic knife strip

from the kitchen and mount it to your garage wall. 

If you are using any type of magnetic strip, consider saving a few old soup cans. Wash them out and they’re the perfect size to store drill bits, small paintbrushes, and any other items you want to keep within easy reach.   

Metal buckets


paint cans

can also be repurposed for garage storage. Instead of purchasing a

hose rack

, why not mount a metal bucket to your wall and wrap a garden hose around it? Smaller paint cans can be used to store extension cords in the same fashion. Buckets hung from hooks are a fun way to store small, lightweight items like gardening gloves or electrical and packing tape. Here’s a cute idea – why not use a child’s sand pail to store sidewalk chalk?

Get Crafty

The garage is the perfect place to test your DIY skills. The possibilities for creative storage solutions are practically endless. One of the best tricks suggested by


is to recycle a

wooden shipping pallet

into a garden center. You can even use broken rake heads as hanging racks for spades and trowels. This homemade garden center is the perfect place to store shovels, rakes, and even seed packets.

An old coffee table can be repurposed as a

makeshift mudroom

in your garage. The top can be used to hold bins for scarves and hats while the bottom shelf is the perfect place to store dirty shoes and stinky sneakers. You can install a few hooks on the wall above it to hang jackets and coats. 

DIYers tend to collect a lot of spray paint cans. One clever way to store these is to attach a few

plastic window planters

to the wall. You can sort cans by color or project. Another simple solution is to use a

hanging shoe rack

– each section should be big enough to store one or two cans of spray paint -- which can be hung from a Slatwall panel or simply nailed to the wall.   


You can have your cake and eat it too – or in this case, organize and store all your stuff in the garage and have room to park your car. All you need to do is use the vertical space – your garage walls. From custom cabinets and Slatwall systems to sports-specific storage racks and even DIY devices, there are dozens of clever organizational options available.