17 ways to a healthier you

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Life is too short to sit on the sidelines and I think you were designed for more. I want you to live your life well and I can help you turn good intentions into effective actions to get you where you want to be.

The tagline of LiveBest is you must be present to win. That means showing up in your own life to live the life you want. Food nourishes you, but you can also feed your soul so that you set yourself up to have more of the good stuff. Get more healthy living tips and recipes withmy newsletter here.

Here are my top tips on how to get moving toward some healthier living.

1. A checkup

Grab the LiveBest Checkup. In just a few minutes you can see how youre doing and where you might need some tweaks.

2. Eat breakfast

Front-load your day with breakfast to stabilize hunger hormones. Protein and fiber at breakfast help you feel full longer and concentrate better. Carbohydrates fuel your brain and muscles to jump start the day. Here are are several delish and nutrish breakfast ideas.

Berry Banana Smoothie

Berry Banana Smoothie

3. Product placement

You are much more likely to eat what you see first in your pantry or refrigerator, so position healthier foods there. A clear container helps even more.Carrots and hummus, anyone?

4. Use a shopping list

The most overlooked tool in your medicine cabinet may be your fork. Use it to get the greatest bang for your buck with foods that move you forward. How you fill your fork depends on whats in your kitchen. Many of our nutrition decisions are made at the grocery store by what we put in our cart. Heres a LiveBest Shopping List to get those cupboards and fridge working for you. Plus ashopping list wastes less food, money, and time.

5. Produce power

Fruits and vegetables are superheroes! Fresh, frozen, canned, and dried all work. These should be on your fork daily, but if theyre not in your kitchen, theyll not be on your fork.

The plant compounds that protect the plants from their enemies in turn protect us from some of ours such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and brain deterioration.

The thousands of phytonutrients protect us from free radicals. Free radicals are oxygen fragments that we get from the air, foods we eat, and during normal metabolism. But they are a problem. A free radical is an unstable molecule that latches onto healthy cells making them unstable as well, creating a chain reaction that speed aging, increase stress, impact our memory and energy. More fruits and vegetables are the antidote.

Even more, eating fruits and vegetables improves happiness, life satisfaction, and well-being. People who ate more fruits and vegetables report greater life satisfaction than those who eat fewer. Who knew your happiness hinged on a sweet potato? OrSweet Potato Nachos!

bowl of shaved brussels sprout salad with cranberries and cheese

Brussel Sprouts Salad

6. Get cooking

Building your cooking chops may begin with pouring cereal, but its not too hard to ramp up your game. Even with limited skills and time, delicious food is just a few minutes away. Here is a 10-minute Peanut Asian Rice Bowl and a Strawberry Cucumber Salad. Try a One-Pot Baked Greek Chicken Stew or an easyvinaigrette.

Strawberry Cucumber Salad

Strawberry Cucumber Salad

The right tools makes cooking easier. Here is the LiveBest Kitchen Equipment List.

7. Go fish

Feeding your brain is worth thinking about. Enjoying a couple of servings of fish per week is a simple way to do that.

The Omega-3s that you get from eating salmon and other oily fish offer protection against heart attack, stroke, cancer, and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. It does this by thinning the blood and preventing it from sticking to your artery walls. That helps lower the risk for blocked arteries and heart attacks.

About 8-12 ounces per week is a good target. Instead of fried fish, bake, broil, or poach. Get started with Fish tacos with yogurt crema and Tuna piccata toast.

Add fish to a Seacuterie Board

8. Meal plan

Meal planning helps control the chaos, saves time and money, decreases the number of trips to the store and reduces wasted food. I know, youre thinking I dont have time to plan! But, seriously, its not that bad, The more you flex this planning muscle, the easier it gets. Here are three steps to get you going.


Before you grocery shop, survey your cupboards, fridge, and freezer to see whats available. Are there foods on hand you can use to start a recipe? Tomatoes (canned or fresh) can be simmered with olive oil and garlic to make a pasta sauce. If you have a can of olives, tuna or clams, add those. Do you have fruit or vegetables you can repurpose into a salad or salsa?


Think about what you have on hand, your calendar and schedule. Try planning just a couple for meals for the week. Use this weekly Meal Planner to get you going.


Set aside a meal-prep power hour to focus in the kitchen on foods to use through the week. Sunday works for me, but find the time best suited for your schedule. Sometimes I turn on some music. Sometimes I enjoy the quiet. Whatever your vibe, youllsave time and your sanity during the week. Learn more here.

9. Fiber focus

Fiber is a natural cleanse that helps keep your body trim. Women need 25 grams daily; men need 38. The average intake? Sixteen. Ive got a FREE 5 DayHigh Five Fiber Challengefor you right here, right now.

10. Snack smart

Make your snacks help you live stronger, longer. See if any of these appeal to you.

Coconut Seed clusters on parchment

Coconut Seed Clusters

11. Get moving

Regular exercise is a one-stop shop in preventing more than 25 health problems.

I wish I hadnt exercised, said no one. Ever. A good pair of sturdy shoes (with you in them) may be the secret to aging well.

hikers footsteps

get those shoes moving!

12. A good day starts the night before with sleep.

Because so many of us arent sleeping enough, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now consider insufficient sleep a public health epidemic.

Most adults need about seven to eight hours of sleep to feel alert and well rested. Sleep recharges and regulates hormones, while a lack of it weakens your immune systemincreasing your risk of chronic disease.

Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine. Brush and floss your teeth. Get your clothes ready for tomorrow. A warm bath or shower before bed can ease the transition into deeper sleep. Maybe you need to set an alarm to remind you to get ready for bed to maintain a regular bedtime and wake time schedule. The sleep-wake cycle is regulated by a circadian clock. A regular waking time in the morning strengthens the circadian clock which helps you fall asleep at night.

With all these rules, the point is to relax. Find the go-to happy place in your mind. Think of 3 good things that happened today or imagine a peaceful landscape like a beach or trickling stream.A book can distract your thoughts from things that may be worrying you.

13. Want to dig deeper to live stronger, healthier and happier?

Let me be your guide with my book,Your 6-week guide to LiveBest, simple solutions for fresh food and well-being.

You 6-week guide to LiveBest

Your 6-week guide to LiveBest

14.Feed your soul

Where do you draw your energy? What excites you? Lets have more of that! Remember: Fun stuff counts. Its Soul Food!

  • Enjoy what makes you feel light and open. Dont miss the moment, a sunset, great bite of food, compliment, or smile.
  • Notice the good thingslaughs, accomplishments, glimmers of hope, a cat on your lapwhatever. You can train your brain to become more skilled at noticing and focusing on the good things. When you write down 3 good things each day for a week, you could find youre happier.
  • Order calms you and feeds your soul. It is hard to feel settled when things are in disarray. Organize your spices, shoes, or desk.
  • Feed your soul with nature. Stress levels fall when youre outside. Go free-range to feel restored and contented.
  • Feel the sun on your face. Its not only good for creativity, its good for your health!

Scandinavian sunset

15. Social connections help you live stronger, longer.

Whether you meet for drinks or exercise, its harder to skip when youre meeting friends. Maybe call it Healthy Hour and meet your friends at the ballet barre instead of the wine bar!

16. Find the funny

Laughter is a huge energizer and mood lifter. It reduces stress by releasing feel-good endorphins, helps you connect with other people, cope with difficult situations, and improves your mood. Its hard to feel anxious, angry, or sad when youre laughing. Ask people: what was the funniest thing that happened to you this week?

17. Note to self

I give you permission to make your self a priority!

Give yourself the gift of #health. This may be the most important one of all: to take care of yourself. Check out the LiveBest 6-week webinar. Its ready when you are. What are you waiting for?

Let me know what you struggle with. In the meantime, heres to living even better!

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