12 Ideas for Storing Tools in Your Garage

Magnetic Tool Strip

Are you constantly searching your garage for the tools you need? Garages often become a dumping ground for items you don’t have a spot for in your Deal, NJ home . As you sort through the clutter, you may feel like you are embarking on a scavenger hunt whenever you need to find your hammer or screwdriver. It’s time to bring order to your tool collection for easier access. Your custom garage is generally the best spot for centralizing all your tools. 

Below, you’ll learn how to effectively organize & store tools in your garage.

1. Take Inventory

Before you can organize your tools, you need an inventory to understand your storage needs. Separate them into three groups:

  1. Keep - Tools you use regularly. 
  2. Donate/Sell - Items still in good shape, but you no longer need or want.
  3. Discard - Broken tools

2. Create Tool Zones

The Spruce recommends dividing your tools into separate categories — hand tools, power tools, gardening tools, etc. Create zones by placing the grouped tools into different cabinets, drawers, or bins. Use labels to identify their locations.

Slatwall Garage Storage System

3. Go Vertical With a Slatwall System

Remember, always utilize available vertical space for storing your tools. A Slatwall system will provide the flexibility to easily access your tool collection. You can cover an entire wall or just a section. If your tool storage needs change, you can add or remove the panels. Keep your tools organized by hanging various accessories such as hooks, baskets, bins, and tool racks. 

4. Add a Workbench

If you enjoy working on do-it-yourself projects, add a workbench to your garage set-up. A workbench provides a flat surface for you to work on. Add drawers or cabinets for tool storage.

5. Roll With a Tool Cart

You’re working on your car, and remember that you need a specific tool. With a rolling tool cart, you’ll have the tools right at your fingertips because you can bring them with you as you work on different projects.

Magnetic Tool Strip

6. Use Magnetic Strips

Place magnetic strips to hang smaller tools and items such as paintbrushes, wrenches, screws, nails, and drill bits that may get lost in a cabinet or drawer.

7. Install Garage Cabinets

Cabinets help to maximize wall space while giving your garage a clean look and keeping your tools organized and out of view. You may want to get locked cabinets for keeping dangerous items such as power tools and saws away from children.

8. Hang Wall Hooks

Hooks are very versatile and help optimize vertical space. They come in a plethora of sizes and are great for smaller items and odd-shaped tools that may not fit anywhere else.

Slatwall Hooks

9. Consider a Tool Chest

If you have an extensive tool collection, a tool chest may be a suitable storage option. Look at investing in a chest with deep, extendable drawers for storing “bulky tools.”If the drawers aren't padded, you can purchase some liners at any hardware store. Tool organizers also offer additional options for keeping smaller tools in place.

10. Use Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins with lids are a terrific way to keep your tools organized. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Use stackable bins for space efficiency. Select clear or transparent bins so you can see what’s inside without removing the lid.

11. Opt for a Tool Box

If you only have a few essential tools, a toolbox may be a good choice, especially if you need to bring it into the house for making critical repairs. When shopping for a toolbox, look for ones made of lightweight plastic or steel.

Tool Storage

12. Establish Tool Storage Rules

If other members of your household use your tools, Woman’s Day recommends setting rules or guidelines to ensure your tool collection remains organized. Assign all tools a home and make sure that everyone knows where they belong. Otherwise, your tools will get lost or worse, contribute to future clutter in your garage. Post the rules, along with a tool map, either inside or close by your garage.


Your garage is the ideal spot for storing tools. Whether you have an extensive collection or just a few essential items, keeping your tools organized not only makes it easier to find what you need but also helps you work quicker and more efficiently. Use the ideas in this article to get your tool collection in order.