10 best ARKit apps 2020: Our pick of iOS augmented reality apps

Apple has its own an augmented reality (AR) platform. Known as ARKit, there are a bunch of ARKit-enabled apps you can use on your iOS device.

While virtual reality immerses you into a space, essentially replacing everything you see in a physical world, AR takes the world around you and adds virtual objects to it. With ARKit, you can place virtual furniture within your own room, for instance.
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You can also battle virtual enemies scuttling along your floor or even place a potential car purchase in your garage! If you want to know more about ARKit and how it enables developers to easily create new AR experiences, see our ARKit guide.

1. Ikea Place
Ikea's app enables you to visualise its products in your home, whether that be a kitchen cabinet or minimalist lamp. More than 2,000 Ikea products are currently available in the app, so you can hone your interior design skills without having to spend a cent.
Download Ikea Place

2. Overstock
US online retailer Overstock enables you to place 3D models of thousands of products into your home. You can then share pictures of the AR models add the Overstock items to your cart, and even pay for them via Apple Pay.
Download Overstock

3. Giphy World
If you love GIFs, check out the repository Giphy. Its latest app, Giphy World, lets you add AR-powered 3D GIFs to the world around you and you can record video, too. You then share your creations with friends who also have the app, enabling you to communicate in AR.
Download Giphy World

4. Housecraft
Housecraft is a furniture arrangement app with a range of items that can be resized to fit in your room. We consider this a planning app more than an app you'd use to shop, like you would with Ikea Place. It also has a fun disaster feature that lets you create havoc in a room.
Download Housecraft

5. MeasureKit
MeasureKit costs £4.99/$4.99. But that'd be money well spent, because with this app, you can measure almost anything using your iPhone or iPad camera, including angles and room dimensions. The ruler tool is free, but you'll need to upgrade for the others. 
Download MeasureKit

6. TapMeasure
TapMeasure is like other measurement apps, but it goes a step further, letting you create floor plans and 3D room models, which you can then export as CAD files. It's free to download and use, though some features, like the CAD file export one, cost extra.
Download TapMeasure

7. NightSky
Night Sky lets you identify stars, planets, constellations, and satellites. It has a "Grand Orrery" premium feature (costs £1.99/$1.99 a month) that lets you see the Solar System in your home. You can walk around it, zoom in on planets, and explore - all in AR.
Download Night Sky

8. Carrot Weather
This cheeky weather app has a new AR mode, thanks to ARKit, so you can get "hilariously snarky forecasts" in AR. The team behind the app, which costs £4.99/$4.99, also warns users not to poke the ocular sensor, which, now you know you totally will.
Download Carrot Weather

9. Edmunds
Looking to shop for a new or used car in the US? Check out this extensive vehicle database and you will be able to visualise a potential vehicle purchase by placing it in your garage or driveway. Edmunds said you can use this AR feature to confirm if a car will fit wherever you'll want to park it.
Download Edmunds

10. RoomScan Pro
RoomScan Pro is another great tool if you're thinking of doing some DIY or remodelling part of your house. It lets you quickly and easily measure the size of a room and the different surface areas of its walls, all using AR measurement. 
Download RoomScan Pro More ARKit-enabled AR apps to try Pcalc (£9.99/$9.99) Human Anatomy Atlas (£23.99/$24.99) Euclidean Lands (£3.99/$3.99) Splitter Critters (£2.99/$3.99) Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade Houzz Magicplan Wayfair – Shop All Things Home #Ar-vr

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